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Dogecoin: Become A Millionaire

dogecoin image

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency featuring a likeness of Shiba Inu dog from the ‘Doge’ internet name as its logo. As an open source peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency featured by Shiba Inu worldwide, Dogecoin enables you to become a millionaire, easily send money online, receive money and exchange coins for other coins.

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How to edit Google plus profile

how to edit google  profile
There’s always a default profile made provision for new Google plus users should they not be able to edit their Google plus profile and cover photos, and in this post, I'll walk you through how to edit your entire Google+ profile information

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Why You Shouldn’t Have More Than 10 Plugins In Your Wordpress Site.

This is a guest post compiled by Edikan Victor, a co-owner of Brainnews NG. A Graduate of Chemistry & A Pedantic Web programmer. Follow Him On Facebook. Phone: +234 806 366 8067


Plugins are very good for website functionality and of all Custom Management Websites (CMS) applications; WordPress has the largest plugin repository because so many super-functional WordPress plugins are free and have more documentation than any other platform like Blogger and Drupal.

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Join the Fastest Growing Network and Get ₦1,000 Sign- up Bonus FREE

Join the Fastest Growing Network and Get ₦1,000 Sign- up Bonus FREE - You can be making ₦1,000 - ₦5,000 daily if you take action and put this to the test now. 

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Enabling Google+ Commenting System in Blogger

Enabling google plus comment in Blogger
Unlike the default Blogger Commenting system that’s well accustomed with Blogspot and Blogger users when compared to Wordpress and other CSM commenting system, or even the third party commenting services like Disqus, IntenseDebate etc, there’s this build-in-commenting-system (BICS) integrated by Google to officially serve Blogspot or Blogger users, and that’s Google+ commenting system.
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Switch or revert profile from Google+ to Blogger

Revert profile from Google  to Blogger
 In our previous post, we discussed switching profile from Blogger to Google+ which overwrites your already existing Blogger profile. In case you didn’t like it, you can change it by switching or reverting profile from Google+ to Blogger. 

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Switching profile from Blogger to Google+

Switching profile from Blogger to Google
Hence we’ve earlier discussed how to show and edit Blogger profile, switching profile from Blogger to Google+ means that you are currently using Blogger profile and that’s why you want to switch to Google+ profile. However, which ever profile you’re using means that you’ve earlier displayed profile (Blogger or Google+) in your blog header, footer or sidebar, but sidebar most recommended.

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Why Starting an Online Business in Nigeria Now Is a Great Idea

This is a guest post from Zakari Iliya a certified digital marketer, network marketer and he blogs at Powpedia.com

Today we will be looking at several reasons why starting an online business is an excellent idea for anybody in Nigeria that wants to have significantly more freedom and wealth. Checkout below is five amazing explanations why I encourage business owners to start an online business in Nigeria and end the current economic recession.
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How to show and edit Blogger profile

Formally, we discussed how to display profile in Blogspot or Blogger blog. These profiles usually consist of Blogger profile and Google+ profile that can be added to any section of your blog like header, sidebar, footer etc using Blogger Gadget. This doesn’t mean that the author’s profile job for Blogspot or Blogger blog is all done since you have to tweak and edit them to your choice.

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How to connect your Google+ with Blogger

How to connect your Google  with Blogger
Connecting Google+ with Blogger is quite different from displaying profile in Blogspot or Blogger blog that is usually done using Blogger Gadgets. Blogger Gadget displays Google+ Badge as your Google+ profile, and default Blogger image as your Blogger profile depending on which (Google+ or Blogger) default profile is selected. Though, these can be edited but Blogger profile (Blogger badge) cannot be changed.

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Display your profile on Blogspot or Blogger blog

Display your profile on Blogspot or Blogger blog
Google is an American multinational technology company specializes on related service and products, which includes online advertising technologies, search, clued programming, software, and hardware – Wikipedia

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Turn 50 cents ($0.50) into $8256.30 a month

Turn 50 cents ($0.05) into $8256.30 a month
Here is the biggest pre-launch in 2017, where earning a monthly income is EASY with 50 Cent Freedom LAUNCH – 12AM EST 6 August 2017.
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Full SEO Plugin Pack for Blogspot and Blogger Blog

Full SEO Plugin Pack for Blogspot and Blogger Blog
Wordpress as the largest Content Managing Service (CMS) on the web has a special plugin for search engine, and that’s All In One SEO Pack for optimizing Wordpress site for SEO; that’s indifference when it comes to Blogger that also offers Full SEO Plugin Pack for Blogspot and Blogger users.

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Affiliate Coaching Can have You Earning Commissions very fast

Affiliate Coaching

Free web coaching will never come along on a daily basis however, you have enable you to learn all about Internet marketing. Because it is important to be taken by way of the hand and be taught the comprehensive affiliate formula to produce at at a minimum $1000 just about every month selling high converting products for for nothing. With a lot of people looking to uncover something to do from this comfort or capability of there property then this should be right up at this time there alley. It is simple to replace and supplement an income once you have the skills in place to become an internet marketer.
And should you be a beginner, you will need to learn:
* Precisely what is affiliate marketing
* Why it is a dream company
* And most importantly, how you can make Big money online marketing my high quality products…
And permit say you will be an intermediate or advance marketer people would still like to sign up for 100 % free affiliate mentoring, then you can start earning today when you promote good quality products which will easily allow you to be huge sales. We may also work together to make a special offer to your customers, subscribers and visitors to maximize ones own conversions and profits. You can see these three following reasons are all very important parts of becoming online marketer
1. You certainly will Promote Good quality Products
* A giant reason so why affiliate are certainly not making every significant profit online is that they are not promoting quality items – By means of my affiliate marketing program, you’re positive to only deliver TOP QUALITY material that visitors together with subscribers require.
2. You may Make PASSIVE Affiliate Revenue
* You certainly will receive most of the promotion tools you might want to make greater expense with that less amount of effort possible – In fact, whenever everyone send some sort of lead my way, my autoresponder follow-up sequence might close that sale for your needs.
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