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Friday, 13 January 2017

TBC Web Wallet: 2017 new wallet

2017 TBC Web Wallet

There is a new development in TBC Community earlier in January 2017, and that's the 2017 new web wallet for TBCians, as a final solution to TBC Technical Wallet Issue (TBCoins showing $0.00 kringle whereas you have some TBCoins in real sense). This is a confirmation to the word of the TBC leader mr. Jon Tetreault, who severally reported that TBC Admins were constantly working to get the TBC Technical Wallet Issue ratified. 

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Friday, 6 January 2017

How to Send, Receive and Confirm TBCoins Transaction

TBC (The Billion Coin) as the first abundance based cryptocurrency is actually driving me financially crazy. This is a personal testimony and a confirmation to the word of Branson Richard that cryptocurrency has come to eliminate poverty in a sense that, ever since I delved into TBC (The Billion Coin) philosophy and orientation as payment network and open source users currency by becoming a TBCian, I have personally earned huge and unexpected income in a very short while; and that is why I would like to encourage everyone out there who knows little or nothing about TBC (The Billion Coin) to go learn about TBCoins and possibly give it a trial by investing into this life change opportunity.

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Saturday, 31 December 2016

How to stop TBCoin wallet from displaying $0.00 balance

You can only stop your TBCoin  (THE BILLION COIN) Wallet Account from showing $0.00 if truly you made a successful transaction, or have some number of TBCoins in your TBC wallet.
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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Creating TBC (The Billion Coin) Wallet

In the same segmented niche category I discussed What is TBC – The Billion Coin, why TBC the real digital coin, and why TBC came to end poverty. So, if you’re still new to the term TBC or know little about it, I suggest you head straight to reading and learning all you need to know about TBC – THE BILLION COIN; and as the first abundance based cryptocurrency, why you need it and why it’s the way forward.

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Saturday, 24 December 2016

iCharity club: Earn Unlimited Income With $20 One Time Investment

iCharity is an American christian organization that was created to help the poor and average people improve their lives financially, and iCharity has truly come to stay because, it is strong, viable, dependable and in all, iCharity pays, helps, liberates, and set people on journey to financial freedom, and you can join iCharity irrespective of any country, provided you have your internet connection and PC or smart phone.

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

What is TBC – The Billion Coin?

TBC could mean different thing to different people, but the most outranking TBC especially regarding business, transaction and currency, is simply TheBillionCoin; and TBC is the abbreviation of TheBillionCoin or TBCoin.  

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Understanding What is Website Cloning

This is a guest post by Abijah Johnnie Bamanja. He is a Webmaster based on Wapka/SMF (Simple Machines Forum). He start blogging in 2014 and you can reach him  AfricanpointSite.

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Thursday, 15 December 2016

How to turn 0.005BTC into unlimited BTC

In this post ‘how to turn 0.005BTC ($4) into unlimited BTC, I’m rightly leading you through a complete system for accumulating residual income, considering the market value of Bitcoin you’re about earning in this system, you have no reason than joining my Bitsplan team.

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Monday, 12 December 2016

How MMM Interest Rate Is Funded By MMM

This is a guest post by Edikan Victor, a co-owner of Brainnews NG. A Graduate of Chemistry & A Pedantic Web programmer. Follow Him On Facebook. Phone: +234 806 366 8067

There have been many speculations about MMM being a scam in Nigeria by some Nigerians who claims to be very careful and enlightened even when many had made fortune from MMM.

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Sunday, 11 December 2016

What is Bitcoin?

Maybe you’ve heard of Bitcoin or maybe you’re not, and those who know little or more of Bitcoin can agree with me that Bitcoin is a game changer with an increasing value competing with real gold. 

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

How to Earn free Bitcoin viewing Btcclicks Ads

Who wouldn't want to earn free Bitcoins (BTC) for just clicking on ads and getting paid in bitcoin doing so, when we all knows how valuable is Bitcoin now more than dollar? 1BTC is now over $740 and you could start earning free bitcoin just be viewing ads and almost free, directly into your Bitcoin wallet with Btcclicks.

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

How to Add Popular Posts Widget in Blogger

Popular posts widget in Blogger when added to your blogger blog, performs function quite different from related post widget, latest post widget, random post widget etc; and, while other Blogger widgets may performs their respective function, popular post widget as it rightly sound, displays most popular blog posts (most read blog topics) in Blogger blog, based on number of most popular posts allowed in the most read blog content hierarchy.

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Monday, 5 December 2016

How to track online users in Blogger

There’s this great online users tracking tools you can use to track and monitor number of visitors online reading your website at a point in time, and thus, worth integrating into your blogger blog or any other content marketing services or self hosted site on the web. 
By appropriately tracking number of visitors or online users rightly on your site reading your content, you have an insight of your blog traffic flow, and what work and what does not of your blog readership. 
The most problem regarding integrating an up to date workable user’s online counter script, is stumbling on a trusted and reliable platform offering such services with the accuracy of exact number of users on your website or blog. 
This is out of personal experience because, I’ve practically tested different user’s online tracking tool by integrating two or more different scripts from different platforms into my blog. Guess what? All I got was a different result. No one corresponded as to exact number of users rightly on my blog at a point in time. 
As those differences in result continue, I had no option than using the script that gave me the highest number result not until I stumbled on another two different scripts that almost corresponded with the same number of users on blog. Hence, they were both from different platforms and that’s why I trusted their result and felt like sharing with you. 
With user’s online script on your blog especially, when you have huge daily and monthly number of traffic, new visitors will trust you, esteem you high, and be willing to subscribe to your mailing list, bookmark your site, and even buy from you. Why? Because, increasing displayed numbers of readers on your site will create and instill visitors trust, and new and returned visitors will think like you’ve made it and already attain success with huge number of audience.  
That’s Nevertheless, user’s online tracking tool can add to your blog beautification, stylishness and more of advanced and professional looking blog. However, in-spite users online tracking tool and it blogging proficiency, it become a rarely used and neglected blogging analytic and converting tool, used by most bloggers and webmasters. 
If you’re one of those bloggers or webmaster who had for long neglected users online tracking tool due to imperfection or reason best known to you, and would like to get the appropriate and dependable script into your blog, in this post therefore, I will walk you through an exact and reliable tool script or widget for tracking total number of users on your website or blog at a point in time. 
Tracking your Blog Users Online.
Like I said, there are many and inappropriate user’s online tracking tools on the web. The most important thing is to use the most accurate and appropriate user online tracking tool, which is testing and comparing for more that gives the most similar result. In this post therefore, you don’t need to go about performing all the test comparison because, I’ve already taken the time to do that on your behalf, by coming out with the most concise and reliable users online tracking tool, script and widget that gives real result. 
You don’t even needs to register; all that you do need is to visit the platform and click on any of the users tracking format, where you will be redirected to a page you are required to copy and paste a certain pop up script code into your blog source page, and somewhere on your blog you would like the user counter to be displayed, like your blog header or sidebar, using your blogger blog HTML/Javascript gadget. 
Here are practical steps for generating and adding users online tracking tools into your blogger blog. In my tested workable platforms, you can use but in this post, am basically concentrating on using which covers services like Online Users Counter, Text Hit Counter, Graphic Hit Counter, Tumblr Counter / Tracker, Display date, Animated Clock, Web Translator, Count Down etc depending on what you may be interested in. Hence, in this article, we are basically interested in “Online Users Counter”. 
So, with Online Users Counter, here is it features:  
  •  No need to open an account or register.
  •  You have unlimited number of counter per a user.
  •  It automatically takes on the textual styles of your site or blog.
  •  It offers real time stats, no need to wait for data to update.
  •  You see what country your visitors are coming fromand their location on a map.
  •  You see what your maximum and minimum visitors per each hour has been like.
  •  You see which visitors are online and on what page they’re on.
  •  You see what browser and operating system are being used on your blog or site.
  •  And so much more. So, let begin.
1. Go to you don’t need to register. 

2. Click on “Online Users Counter” as appeared on top left of the site.  

3. At this point, all you need to do is to choose the format at which you want the online users to appear on your site. You can tick the “Text’ format or the “Tumblr” format. You can also choose to enable or disable “map maker” such that it displays the location from which your visitors come from.  

4. When you’re through setting up how you want your online users counter to display, your can click on “generate the html code” for a pop up generated code to appear. See the image below.

5. When you copied the html code, all you have to do is to login to your Blogger dashboard and click on “Layout”. On specific area you want the users counter to appear, click on Add a Gadget”.

6. From the pop up window of ‘Add a gadget’ contains various Blogger gadgets. Click on “HTML/Javascript” gadget. Thereafter, paste the generated online users code in the empty pop up box of the next window that will appear.

7. Finally, click on save in the same pop up box.

In conclusion, online users counter with is simple to do, and when done right, the script will immediately start tracking number of readers on your site at a point in time. I hope this article has been of help to you regarding integrating appropriate online users on your website or blog? If yes, kindly comment and share on social media.
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