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Optimizing Blogger Labels for better SEO

Did I hear you say Google hate Blogger Label (categories in Wordpress) and regard labels as spam? Well, that might be true but invariably, Blogger Labels surely impacted search engine optimization SEO when properly optimized.

Blogger labels are important SEO feature especially when optimized because they act as a tag signal to both readers and the search engines spiders and robots.

You may have heard that Labels are for readers and not for search engines, that’s the myth behind the Blogger labels and SEO. So, in my opinion, Blogger labels affect SEO and that’s why you need optimizing blogger labels for better SEO

For instant, deploying wrong labels, categories or tags to represent your segmented niche market and for all content marketing will not only hinder user experience, but search engines optimization since labels are keywords that are used to filter and streamlined content.

Why optimizing Blogger Label for better SEO?

You are optimizing blogger labels for escaping Google Pander punishment because, search engines spider and bot regard labels as spam. By default, search engine spider crawl and index every page and links including labels. But it becomes confusing and then regarded as spam by robots to access a single label with multiple urls like Archive, Label and post url.

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This was the major reasons why emphasis was laid by Google for all Labels and Archive should be tag as nofollow and noindex in custom robots.txt and Disallow:/search in custom header robots header tag. This practice doesn’t necessarily mean Labels do not impact search engine, but to simply avoid sending robots over and over to the same label page with multiple urls. The fact is, proper use of Labels or Categories can lead to increasing blog search engines optimization, especially when optimized.
For improving search engines and avoiding confusing search robots, you have to optimize blogger labels for improving search engines optimization. This is simply done by change label to tag. Reason because search robot has gone advanced, and can now determine the tag and the actual url.

Optimizing Blogger Label for better SEO

Hence search spider now see and determine tags, you should optimize your blog label into tags, to crawling and indexing in search engines for better blog search engine optimization. The following process should guide you:

1.     Login to your Blogger or Blogsopt dashboard.

2.     Click on Template >>Edit HTML.

3.     Edit Html will open Template Editor containing numerous HTML Codes. Place your cursor inside the code and press CTRL + F for a search box to open.

4.     In the opened search box, enter the follow code to search by hitting Enter key.

<a expr: href='data

5.     When you find the above code (it will display in highlighted form), simply replace it the below code.

<a expr: href='data
label.url' rel='tag'

6.     Now, click on Save Template.

At this time, your Blogger label has been fully optimized. Should in case you find the rel='tag' while searching for the code, it means your blogger labels have already been optimized, so you should discard the change, or otherwise, you should ensure you optimized your blogger labels into tags, for crawling and indexing, and easy blending of content for search engine.

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Here comes to the end of today's article on Optimizing Blogger Labels for better SEO. If for sure, you found my article resourceful, you should kindly share on social media, and as well comment if you deem it necessary.


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