Making money online is real, and it is my pleasure to write on how to make money online or through the internet. You quite know that money is very important in our daily lives activities because, money is what you need to buy food, cloths, car, build a house, take care of your family etc. Most of our life and existence revolves around money in a sense that without money, you could be down in abject poverty. But the question is, how easy is it to build and acquire the money in question so you could use and attend to whatever bothering you?

There are many ways to make money in order to meet our financial needs and goals, and that why I’m here to details out specifically, how you can make money online consistently and legitimately. It no doubt, many are realizing the huge opportunity of internet age and the earning possibilities, and it is a pity at the same time, that most are still doubting the fact that some people are making the money using the power of the internet. The fact remains that people are making money online and the high time you start thinking that way, the better for you because, the era of go to school, have a good grade,  secure  a well paid job and wait for retirement is gone and a past idea.

Did you know recent surveys of workers and retirees show more than 25% of workers and retirees says they have less than $1,000 saved for their ‘golden years’? What does this mean to you?  Thinking of the disparity of your chances of becoming your own boss while earning into online residual and leverage stream of income with the possibly low current retirement plan is a sure motivational aid to take an action securing your financial future.

Also, look at the depression in the Wall Street Economy. The typical example is in the Nigerian economy with the sudden cut down of the crude oil price per barrel from 100+ to less than 70 naira per barrel, couple with the constant raise in the price of dollar per naira. What does this mean to you as a business leader and entrepreneur? That is why we need to breed up savvy and young entrepreneurs because, entrepreneurs  are free thinkers, they would had more values to are economy, they make things out of nothing, entrepreneurs are creative men, they don’t wait for the government for their better lives; they use their individual talent, skills, knowledge and experience to create lasting monetary breakthrough.

For you to start making money online there are certain things you’ll need. However, it is indifference from an offline experience because, take for example, you go to the open market, before you think of making money online which (that making is within the profit gain and satisfaction derived in goods or services) economically, there must be demand for a product and supply for the products. The differences between the demand and supply are what determine the level of profit and the satisfaction derived from any goods or services rendered. So, there must be practically goods and services in exchange for profits and satisfaction in any transaction or make money online. Below, I shall mention them according to their order of priorities.

The Right Mindset: The right mindset in making money online is inevitable in a sense that, without TRM, you’ll EASILY get  overwhelmed, discouraged and even quit in the game eventually the instant gratified expected money is not coming maybe in your first one year, two years or more. The right mindset come in to play that come what may, you’ll stick to it and do all it requires, no matter how long to ensure that you start making the money online is very important in starting an online business. 

TRM comprehends diligence, patience, persistence and perseverance upon the hard hitting information you will come across on your way to internet marketing industry. We all have different motivational factors that keep us inspired when it comes to The Right Mindset with respect to having your own online business. It is essential to create a list of reasons why you want to succeed online, and read this list every morning and evening. Such list dream like: being able to work at home and quit your job (as one of the dream many online marketers have and achieved, being a strong motivational factor), to be able to get to point where it now easy for you to pay off your monthly bills, to buy off a house (a primary residence for you and your family or a vacation home), providing something nice for your children ( you also may want to put money aside for their college education), making a trip to Caribbean or some other exotic part of the world would be a great idea, donating money regularly to charities is a dream many people have, have the time to work less and get leisure with your friends and families, investing in your Internet earnings and retire while you are young etc. 

Reading through your make money online dream lists in the morning and evening is at a time with your subconscious mind is at its peak ability to absorb material. You are literally programming it on what you want it to achieve. As you do so, your right mindset and the dream of making money online can quickly be intended into reality.

Ability to Learn: Starting an online or internet marketing business requires work. That is why most people failed in their online money making or internet marketing journey because of the information overload. They’re actually doing the wrong thing hoping they’re doing the right thing. You must be ready to work hard to comprehend the huge information in an internet marking arena. How can you start a brick and mortar business without first sit down counting the cost, the feasibility study, location and other things that matters to the success of your business? So, it’s indifference with an online business. You’ll get to start learning what it actually takes to make the money online. 

Without the inherent knowledge of making money online, you cannot make the money for sure.  You’ll need to clearly identify the dos and don’t and the natty gritty requirement of making money online, which is why most people failed. Hence, there is so much to learn about in an internet marketing industry such as traffic generation, websites designing, conversion, CPA, auto responder, products creation, customer service, branding,  webinar etc, and you can only sluggish your learning track when you go about learning it all yourself. The short cut to this is to identify a mentor or coach who can put you through in most difficulty you might encounter along the way. The simple, free and secret mentor in learning internet or network marketing as a newbie, or even as an intermediary or pro is to subscribe to newsletters.

Affiliate Marketing: After you must have grab a cohesive mindset about your business of making money online, and you’ve broke even of the information overload, you’ll have to start as an affiliate marketer even as a beginner. Be you a newbie or an intermediary internet/network marketer, you’ll need affiliate marketing as the first or one of the most recommended ways to start making money online because, you don’t need all the heck of creating products, creating website, traffics and all the most as a pro or top guru. All you do need is your unique identification (affiliate link), which is given to you by signing up in a merchant website. 

You can promote it on Social Medias free or any form of advertising you want do, and each time someone click on that link and get to buy the merchant products, you become a referrer or sponsor and earns an agreed commissions. Sometime, 5%, 25%, 45% up to 100% commissions as the case maybe, depending on the percentage of commissions offered by the merchant. Before you promote a merchant product, there are certain questions you’ll need to consider such as; the quality of the products? Are there products people really in search or want now? What is the percentage of the products offered by the merchant? How do I receive my commissions? Etc. However, in our membership platform – Wealth Formular Concept, we offer 45% free affiliate referrers commissions and 100% paid affiliate referrer’s commissions. Our product too is one in a million.

A Winning Product: When I say a winning product, I’m not only referring to what you compiled and have to offer in different format. Your skills, knowledge and experience could be your winning products. When you hear the word freelancer, they don’t have physical products such as pdf, audio, video, e-courses, software etc. they used their knowledge, skills and experience as their products, and in other word, they are offering other products in form of services to the market. Take for example, when you go to some popular freelance site like, etc, this site and freelancers offers services like creating a website for you, writing a converting sales letter for you, designating your business card and more you could ever think about an online business. Freelancers do render these services to people in return, get paid for their services. So, to make money online, you actually need a winning products or services currently as a solution to people’s problems, wants and needs in the market place. Whatever products or services you are offering in the market, you’ll need a convincing one. Many people don’t make the money online because they are promoting products or services that people don’t really in search or look up to.

List: I’ve you ever heard that money is in the list? That statement is empirically acceptable. Your list is you’re your power house when it comes to an internet or network marketing business. That is where the real money is.  If you don't have an auto responder, you will not be able to build and maintain a list of any significant size that pay you daily, weekly, monthly and yearly income. 

Auto responders are a great ways to keep in contact with your clients. In addition, using an auto responder service to build a list of qualified leads is one of the fattest ways to grow your business because; you are planning to create an opt-in list of customer or subscribers and would need to communicate with those people in the future. A good auto responder service will allow you to create a series of landing pages and emails to start sending your subscribers immediately. This is useful to create an e-course or to set up a series of emails that will allow you to automatically sell your own or affiliate products over time. Using an auto responder, you only do the work once and have it keep on going. 

You can set up email marketing campaign and it will run automatically, reminding everyone on your list of your services and products, potentially for years without you writing another word. Emails go out on schedule without you having to click send. You can create and manage newsletters, send out a one -a time broadcast about a special event or offers and even conducts surveys with your subscribers. You can even create a series of pre-written emails that converts your new leads into clients. . Even if you do not own your own product, you can still be an affiliate or Joint Venture for other people’s products, and send constant newsletter to your list, and they made positive response (buy the merchant products), you get paid. 

Having your own mailing list gives you the opportunity to first prove your credibility to your subscribers through what you have to share with them in your E-zine! A system is quite simply a step-by-step process that your prospects will go through. Some people call it a sales funnel. The purpose of the system is to turn prospects into leads into customers. It's really that simple.

Website: Your website is just like a location to your offline business. That is where you are referring people to. When I started out as a newbie, I heard of terms html, CSS and more. I thought there are names in star WAR. So, I couldn’t build a website of my own because I was just a beginner and had no single clue about it, but I had to pay someone to design it for me. In this case, hence, you need a website or blog. If you cannot build it yourself, then, you can pay a professional to setup one for you or you simply go get the free one like the one you’re reading on now from or, To succeed at your online business (whether you are selling your own product/services or you’re selling for other merchant as an affiliate), you need a website created just for that - a simple, focused. Your website should be easy to build, maintenance-free, low cost, credible, and a powerful traffic builder and customer converter if you really want to be successful with your online business or making money online.

By getting your own website, you’ll improve your credibility (brand yourself) as an Internet marketer and make your online presence known, which gives you a unique personality on the Internet and sets you apart from the millions of others out there. Gives you the freedom to present and emphasize the information you want the way you want it. You can send e-mail using your chosen domain name. Make your training information and tips easily available to your affiliates. Allow you to set up a blog on your site.  CPanel hosting makes it a 5-minute tasks using Fantastico on CPanel to auto-install a wordpress blog on your website. 

Adding your own content on a regular and continued basis also will likely get you noticed by the search engines. You can set up a page to attractively frame your favorite gateways. Allow you to offer more training options for your team or affiliates with ebooks, software, and special reports in downloadable form. You can host a site for your ‘technology challenged’ affiliates. It could be as simple as just another page within your main website. Providing an RSS feed from your site can let you deliver your sales or training massages without needing someone’s e-mail address, thereby expanding your reach to prospective customers. 

Setting up a form on your web page allows you to collect visitors name and email addresses. Set the form to post the information to your auto responder or database on your site. With your own website, you could then join Traffic Swarm or Easyhits4u and other traffic exchanges for some free traffic. You can install your own auto responder on your web server to automate your e-mail follow up tasks. By this, you won’t have to pay monthly fees for separate auto responder service. By copy/paste some code, you can setup a web page to redirect to another page, letting you ‘hide’ long, awkward links with affiliate numbers that are often rejected by many search engines and advertising places.  

You can provide helpful FAQs for your team members and customers, providing a simple page in which to direct your new affiliates for question. Adding audio, video, and other multimedia content can improve the attractiveness and effectiveness of your offer. Creating and maintaining you own website allows you to learn more about and become more comfortable with today’s technology. As you learn more about setting up an online business and website, you can then sell your skill in the form of content for others site.

Create in-line of products: Creating in-line of products is a huge business advantage of creating multiple streams of income. Your list subscribers will get fed up with you and your product when you continue promoting a single product. You need a continuous line of products filling each of several price points. By providing multiple lines of products, you provide or satisfy your customers with request for more information and tools to help improve their skills. You need to provide products in different format including audio, video, ebooks, and possibly printed materials. 
The reason is because different people learn in different forms. You need all options so you could sell to everyone in your field. Take for example, auditory – tape. Visual – video. Read – paper. Search feature – eBooks. However, it may take some time to build all the products in your funnel. Like video and audio needs a lot of production coordination and timing. You can build initial selected products line by creating report, become affiliate and licensing products from others. By creating inline of products will build your credibility before your subscribers. It will tell them that really, you have a wide range of in information, knowledge, skill and experience in your field, and make you standout of the crowd before your competitors.

Traffics: Traffics is the awareness of your products and services in the market place. Without traffics, the knowledge of the existence of your products and services offered is almost 0% and you may not make a dime. No matter how beautify is your website, without traffics, you’re off in the market place. So, there must be an eye ball or visitors to whatever you are selling or ready to offer in exchange for cash and values. There are both free and paid several strategies to draw lasting, quality and targeted traffics to your business. 

The most recommended of free traffic generation is the Search Engine Optimization (anchoring keyword rich, meta tags, disc tags, title tags, heading tags,), Pay Per Clicks (Google AdWord, Bing, Yahoo), Link Building (building sustainable inbound links, outbound links, back link, etc with site of the similar niche), Web Directory Submission (web listing like Google, Bing and Yahoo listing etc), Guest Posting ( posting in other people’s blog and article submission like,, and usually left at the footer a signature referring people to author’s website), Solo Ads (trading banners ), List (build a huge continuous list of targeted subscriber and constantly sell to them on newsletters with links referring them to your website). 

Merchant Account: A merchant account would make the whole point of sales POS easy. It is simply an integration of online cash generating pipeline. A merchant account also includes entering into an agreement with a member bank that has a processing relationship with visa and master card. A merchant account is a bank account established by a business to allow the business to accept payments from- customers by credit card , debit card or sometime, through PayPal. To establish an e-commerce business, you need a website, Internet merchant account, and virtual shopping chart and payment gateways. An internet merchant account enables you to run web-initiated transactions online in real time. Having a merchant account is the most cost effective way of accepting payment by card.

It’s simple, once you have a merchant account (and a company who will authorize the payment online), you will be able to accept credit card numbers on your site, and then receive any payments due to you. It’s simple as that. Getting the money from your customer’s credit card and into your account involves several stages. The first is actually approving the sale and tracking the customer’s credit card details on your 
website. Next, the card has to be verified and approved, to check that it’s not stolen, or has expired. 

 Establishing a merchant account and executing a merchant processing agreement are the first steps to get you started with credit card processing. Before you open a merchant account, it’s important to know which account is right for you, and how the right payment processing solutions can help you manage and grow your business. So, you’ll be requiring entering into an agreement with an authorized agent of the member bank, such as an independent sales organization or member service provider (ISO/MSP).

The agreement means that your business agrees to abide by the operating regulations established by the card credit brands. What to Expect when applying for a Merchant Account is that underwriting is necessary, but if you have some guidance, it’s pretty straightforward.
You need a business bank account. The different types of payment acceptance may require separate merchant account also.

Those are the core determinants of making money online or through the internet. If you have others most requirements to making MONEY online, you are free to share them by commenting below.

Thank you

To Your Online Money Making Successes.

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