How to create facebook hyperlink as a mobile user

It strange to most facebook mobile users, smart phones and PC's web surfers to see a post or comment with a clickable link on facebook. A link not actually a website link, but a person’s direct profile’s link or page url’s link; and they begins to get wondered how the heck is that get done.

Accessing Facebook more especially as a Savvy internet or business entrepreneur would help improve your credibility, build relationship, gain marketing control and set you out of the crowd, when you learn and mastered more of facebook marketing tricks associating with facebook hyperlink. However, it’s far easier for desktop and laptop users and some smart phones users too.

To simply make a Facebook hyperlink on a post update or comment post for specifically mobile users, below procedures are what you’ll need to follow:

(i.)                     Get a facebook graph url for the person profile or page you want to hyperlink so as to determine the person’s or page facebook link identification number (fb link id) that you want to create hyperlink. For example, as a facebook mobile user, you want to link me in a post or comment, what you simply need is to search for my id, using my username in facebook graph search such as  or

(ii.)                   You will have the link page or profile id results in this form…

"id": "100003223921028",
"first_name": "Okon",
"gender": "male",
"last_name": "George",
"link": "",
"locale": "en_US",
"name": "Okon George",
"username": ""

(iii.)                  By figuring out the page or profile id, here is what next to do, which is to input the following @(a page or person’s generated id, followed by :0), for example @[100003223921028:0] and the click send. The person’s link profile or page profile is automatically hyper-linked.

 Try it and see. it works greatly when it's done right.

To your success.

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