Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

Affiliate Marketing if done right is indeed a good starting point for a beginner whose aim is to make some quick bucks of cash online, and even a powerful income earning tools for an advanced internet marketers.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest way to make money online among other tough but reliable ways to generate legitimate steady incomes form the internet.

Affiliate marketing is simply selling of a merchant products by an affiliate, through a unified gateway (affiliate link), and getting paid by the merchant a certain agreed percentage (as commission) of the products sold.

Affiliate marketing is a business of referrers. I mean that kind of a business that pays its original customers as a result of a sale made by the referred customer.

Primarily, to make money online as a beginner using affiliate marketing, the newbie doesn't need to worry about creating a website - the merchant website is already provided; he doesn't needs to bother about creating a product(s) - the merchant product(s) are variously numerous and subject for promotion for sales and commissions. He also doesn't need a converting sale copy – that’s already been pre-written by the merchant in the sale page.

After you've signed up to promote a merchant product, you are provided with a unified referrer’s link (your affiliate link), as a gateway for promoting and referring people to buy the merchant products - so you can get paid. So, all the newbie does need is to promote or drive traffic to his or her unique affiliate links, provided by the merchant after registration.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

There are mainly two types of affiliate marketing. These are:

1.     Free affiliate marketing. Free affiliate marketing just as it is called, is a free to join affiliation marketing system, though, have it own terms and conditions for the free members. Thousands of merchants offer their affiliate members a free products promotional role. This means that you could sign up immediately by registration, and start referring potential customers so you could make the immediate sales commissions.

2. Paid affiliate marketing. Paid affiliate marketing is a premium affiliation-ship. Some merchant offers their members a monthly and annually paid affiliation-ship so they could be position to promote their products for commissions. This is often applicable in most successful top notch multi-level marketing businesses with top rated products. Most of these top premium merchants paid 100% affiliate referrals commissions to their members. Few examples are,

Choosing the right affiliate program.

In order to avoid the beginner’s pit fall, what are some of the most important thing an online business newbie needs to put into consideration to ensure he or she attain success with affiliate marketing?

1.     The type of affiliate program – As a smart online business starter, venturing into promoting any affiliate marketing program you came across wouldn’t be the best aid. You’ll need to clearly understand the type of affiliate program and products you’re to promote for commissions.

There are free and paid affiliate programs and all offering different features, concepts and benefits. It would be up to you to decide if the free affiliate program is right for you or the premium. You’ll need to understand how the said program operates. Is it a kind of affiliate program with a set of products specifically builds to a separate website, or is it an affiliate program with genealogy?

2.     Commission percentage level – For your own interest as a beginner, it is not all the products you see online you should promote. Come to think of it, how much money do you think you could make promoting a product with only 5% affiliate referrer’s commission? Not as much as to be compared to a products with 45% to 70% or even 100% affiliate referrals commission. I know the price of the products has to be considered in this aspect, but generally, a low percentage for earned commissions often drives away potential affiliate members.

3.      Promote products people need - How much sales do you think you’ll make out of your advertising and promotion efforts with an outdated products people do not want or aren’t eager to pay for? Absolutely, you would be wasting your precious time, effort and money promoting products that doesn’t solve a need. So, the best thing is to promote products you’re sure that people WANT, I mean, products that actually solve a problem.

4.     Merchant credibility - Don't promote products you know the owner or the company won’t be able to pay you instant commissions as earlier promised or stated. There are many scam website out there displaying huge figures of commissions they have paid to their customers or affiliates. There are also some of them with huge bunch testimonial of what people says about their products and services, of which when looked closely, you discovered they’re typical liars and scammers.

Ensure scrutinizing each program, opportunity, or products before delving into any, to avoid business set or regret.

5.     Payment factor - Check for merchant that is able to pay you commissions immediately and the means by which you will collect your commissions as applicable in your own area, region or country. This is one of the factors you should consider why venturing into promoting any merchant products in any affiliate program. A typical example is PAYPAL which was not acceptable for Nigerians, except now with the only development of making payment, but not withdrawing.

Beginners tips for promoting affiliate link.
You can advertise or promote your affiliate link products in different forms and workable strategies, to mostly generate referrers and when sales is made, generate you huge commissions.

There are simply yet no cost free means of promoting affiliate link products as a beginner, and in turn makes tons buying referrers. Some of these power lead generating platform offers both free and paid services, and it up to you what to do and how to go about them. Such platform includes:

1.     Social media site Facebook is a good place to start your affiliate marketing campaign as a beginner if truly you want some quick bucks. This is because, you can join free, post free on your timeline, friends timelines, groups and pages, and in turn generate buying referrer’s to your affiliate offer.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc are as well good starting points for you when done right because, there are good sources of traffic and would surely generate huge number of hits to your affiliate offer.

2.     Free classified ads site - Takes advantage of a top free classified ad posting and advertising website like,,,,,,, , etc by posting your affiliate products and generate massive free visitors to your affiliate link.

There is actually huge number of free classified website on the internet where you could post your affiliate marketing link, advertising your products and services and which you can in turn, generate hundreds of hit (visitors) daily to your merchant products. Do your personal findings.

3.     Blogging You can start blogging today, be it with a free or premium blogging platform. You can make a simply copy writing about your affiliate program, stating its most features and benefits and why it stand out of other programs, and finally make it a stick post.

This is a clue, in that, whenever a new blog post is made; what is first seen in your blog would be your sticky affiliate program post before other blog posts. This would have massive turn out advantage on your behave regarding generating referrers. In this respect, it is better to serve your audience first than to serve your affiliate products.

4.     Auto-responder list - Being able to successfully set-up email marketing course as newbie concern has never been easy unless especially with the technicality associated, but you can get coach and guided by a top mentor to ensure automating and systematizing your start from scratch must succeed business kick started. 

Learning about how to grow a great responsive list of active subscribers, building relationship and gradually trying to sell them your personal or affiliate products isn’t that easy, though, it’s a great way of how to making money online with affiliate program.

I decided adding auto-responder’s list or email marketing because, some time, you can freely come up with some affiliate products, referring them to your lists. When having reasonable huge mailing lists, you can be rest assured of make some reasonable percentage of sales.


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