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To come up constantly with a fresh blog content ideas is one of the toughest parts of building a personable and successful blogging business.

Becoming a writer’s machine so you could enjoy online business success is the secret behind producing a great continuous blogging content.
Just as search engine likes a blog with fresh and up to date content, so are readers when discovered new and magnificent information they could use or act upon.

Among the following are great ways you could continuously come up with fresh, unique and quality content for your blog without getting stuck:

1.           Personal KnowledgeWe are all unique individual in our unique different ways. There’s certainly something you know much better that others do not know. 

Writing on your knowledge in your chosen industry or niche would make your writing shine out. You’ve figured out how to do something new in your niche market that others may not know about? Why not write them down and make your next blog post? You’ve discovered some problems and feel like providing solutions? Write on these things and let your readers discover from you new and magnificent information they can act upon.

2.           Personal Mistakes, Success and Experience – Writing on the personal mistakes you’ve encountered would interest the readers. Your success stories and life experience are what readers are so much engaged. People love hearing stories such as your failure, success stories and experience you gain in life. We can all learn from people’s mistakes, success and personal life experience.

3.           Pin Point Your Ideas – Here is a tip of what I do most at time; I often go with biro and jotter anywhere I go so I may not forget any form of ideas that shout out. Ensure keeping and going with a notebook and jotter so you can always jot down your inspirited ideas whenever they strike. This will help you not to miss out every single pop out ideas that come your way, and let you remember them exactly as they came. Those ideas could be limelight to others path ways and a diamond in a rough.

4.           Shake off Laziness and Instill Discipline - Some blogger are corporate employees. I’m a typical example. Working the 5-9 days job and at the same time blogging outside their official work time is something awesome and what only few can meet up with. Non employees or full time bloggers however, may find it overwhelm and consumed by lack of effort and unwillingness to work on their blogging goal. 

Instilling discipline and be motivated to creating continuous blogging content is something every must succeed blogger needs to do. Discipline will help you not to be overshadowed with laziness even when you feel less of energy, and this would motivate you to stand up and work, even when you do not know what to write next.

5.           Ask Question – Ask questions or take a poll. Ask your subscribers, fans, clients, customers, partners etc questions no one in your industry is asking or unable to provide answers and write about the answers you got.  By asking them what’s their current and biggest problem or challenges they may be facing, you’ll be able to grab the insight of what to write about. Also, providing answers to these questions is a sure fact that will magnetically attract more readers to keep coming back.  Or, answer a question from a comment, email etc and write a post about it.

6.            Introducing a Guest Blogging – Guest blogging a simple blog content generating idea you can employ for your blogging platform. Some time, bloggers get stuck with writer’s block, and coming up with one or more content idea for your next blog become hard and almost impossible. Introducing guest posting for your blog would ease you’re the time, energy and stress of wiling on what next to write about.

7.           Outsource Your Content – It is imminent outsourcing for your blog content especially when have no idea or even knowledge of exact what next to write to refresh your blog. Figure out the topic you'll want to write about. Sometime, you may not know anything about the topic. 

So, make some serious research trying different keywords related to the topic you have in mind and pin point some provable documentary facts. This should be achieved using Google, Bing and other search engines. By reading other blogs or outsourcing, you can use the generated ideas or point for your own blog post. It should be noted as most necessary that you don’t have to copy, but to be inspired.

8.           Niche Forum – Every industry or niche marketing other there has a forum you could get insight of what to write about. Search on Google for forum related to your market, and I believe you’ll have thousand of them in the search result. By so doing, you’ll see new update, questions ask by users and equally, answers to those questions you could learn some valuable tips and insight of what next to write about. 

Generally, you could take advantage top questions and answers platforms like Yahoo Answer, Quora,, Ask Google  etc, to see what questions are being ask and answers, so you could learn and grab content ideas for your blog.

9.           Social Media groups – Top social media like Facebook, Linkedin etc are great places to generate quality rich content ideas. In social media and groups, people discuss industries, interest and topics. They also ask questions and some, answers are given as well. With this, you are sure of gaining ideas on topics to write about for your next blog post.

10.      Youtube Videos – Youtube videos relating to your niche are also a great source of generating ideas on what to write about. I basically learn so much from youtube how to’s videos, trending videos and new ones as well. Looking for videos in you chosen niche market with highest views, comments, and other engagement, and for sure, you’ll have new discoveries of what you never knew, and that is enough to see what to write about for your content marketing.

11.      Devices Voice Recorder – I goes with my voice recorder always, so any time I'm inspirited, I simple take out and start talking as if I'm talking to people; recording all what I say fresh and clean. Or, after gotten my point to write about, I start doing same talking as if I'm in the press conference or a seminar talking to people based on the generated point on ground. With this, the whole work is easier for me because, I can reproduce them and publish them.

12.            Website FAQ – Your website should have Frequent Asked Questions so you could think on how to expand questions into content. If not, looking for your competitors Frequent Asked Question (FAQ) page would be a great deal so as to ensure that screen through questions they’re getting and make sure you answers those questions your own ways. With this, you can convert some reasonable questions and your answers to great content.

13.         Attend Conference and Seminar – Attending conference and seminar related to your niche are yet another great ways of learning and discovering new interesting and important information for your blogging business goal. Attending conference and seminar in your niche would help you gain knowledge and inspiration from topic discussed by an experts, questions asked and as well, answers to those questions..

14.            Webmaster Tools – Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex etc Webmaster Tools gives you general view of your site statistical details. There are great tools to see what keywords are ranking high from the Google search queries. You can also see how visitors find your site and the source. With those displayed statistical data of your site, you can gain ideas on which keywords to concentrate your content marketing effort to gain even more visitors to your site.

You have more of ways to come up with great content for a blog post? We’ll love to hear from you by commenting. Thanks

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