Business automation and systematization

The business automation or systematization concept is an attempt to avoid time wasted, stress and tensions manually associating in building and managing business into reliable growth and sustainable profits. 

While the primary mantra of automating business is about optimization, all business processes like answering emails, fulfilling orders, updating your subscribers list, branding, marketing etc, are all essential parts and secrets to growing a business, and at the same time have it running to higher growth and profitability.

The level of success of everyday operations and your business put together is influenced on how well task are executed. Business automation concept and systematization is empirically employed as a KEY and essential to foster general business activities, save time and stress, generate more of sales, growth and higher profits.

Automating business can happen without you lifting a finger, and can perform it goals and functions, make you rich while asleep if perform correctly. 

Automating your business is the only shortcut way to competing with the big boys or brands out there. This is because, it’s bulking, cumbersome, time consuming, and most expensive to handle manually all the hurdles associating with your required business activities such as, lot of paper form work, inability to track process, time wasted and human errors,  etc.  

Lack of business automation contributed largely to 90% people who got caught up in running their businesses, and failed as a start-ups, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Automation helps provides a concise solutions to providing updates, great customer services, time based promotions, branding etc; thereby, spacing you the time energy and resources to plan, strategies and the insight needed to move your business to the next level. It helps building business relationship, conversion, drive traffic, and increase engagement.

Auto piloting is a business tool. It’s like plugging into a business suites and key applications specifically developed to perform required tasks and achieve great business goals. It can fasten the rate of your business activities.

Ordinarily, the business automation tools when purchased, cannot fix all of your business laxities on itself. It expedient to ensures that all the processes of a business automation system are streamlined or simplified before implementing any automation ship for efficient results. 

Automating your business means systematizing your business. It is a mantra of a business system, which all boiled down to a methods, procedure and process that’s used as delivery mechanism for providing specific good and services to customers. The more effective and efficient your business processes, the bigger your results will be. 

One hurdle most small business owners face when it comes to automation is lack of standardize optimized and systematized marketing strategies. Simplifying and streamlining the process of your business activities is the KEY to being successful, attaining growth and higher profits with automation. The better your strategies, the better your results will be.

What to decide before automating business.

There are three critical questions to answer, when thinking about automating or systematizing a business.

1.     Your choice of tools: Finding the best marketing automation software can be challenging. It is supposed to make it easier to run your business, but too often it is a source of frustration and expenses. My advice is – what work for A may not work for B. So, look down to see if the software is in line with what you want, like checking to see if the software has features like email marketing, reporting, sms marketing, special media feeds, survey etc. You must decide which business automation tool is good for your company, and is to be deployed for appropriate, efficient and optimum results.

2.     How to automate: Lack of appropriate knowledge of the technical processes associating with automation such as setting up lead capturing pages, streamlining fellow up campaigns, fulfilling orders, integrating social media buttons and handling customers are all problem associating with how to automating business. Your marketing plan is a map to guide you toward that goal with minimum stress and maximum efficiency. No system, no matter how complicated and no team, no matter how talented, will ever achieve the business goals unless there is a clear plan. You must ensure you have at hand how to systematize your business to accelerate reliable growth and sustainable profits.

3.     Budget limit: This is where most small business owners have a big struggle. Paying minimum $15 to $20 monthly automation software to keep the business up and running is a big financial expense, and only few of these automation tools companies can tolerate business 90 days of using their software services without payment, and is often resulted in termination of the account. Ensuring your budget limit is in line with the automation tools monthly or annual payment policies, is a good aid of maintaining a smooth running of the business and instilling company’s a good company culture.

Why automating business?

1.     Target potential customer across multiple channels: One of the best advantages of automating your business is the fact that it gives you access to reach your potential customers in more personalized way across various offline and online channel. Some marketing automation software like Ontraport and Infusionsoft have more optin and advertising options with multi-channel targeting, which includes email, postcard, test massage, tweet, phone calls etc.     It allows you to manage all your social media campaigns from one dashboard, and also post to various accounts in one click.

2.     Edge advantage over competitors: It’s a certain framework because, it involves integrated set of actions designed to help small businesses, companies and establishments gain sustainable advantage over competitors in more accelerated mode for example, when employed automation software, one employee can compete with 50-person marketing and sales department, by setting up lead nurturing marketing campaigns that might be sending out thousands of personalized emails each day on autopilot.

3.     Least cost large scale: Business automation and systematization help entrepreneurs and companies standardize, optimize and accelerate the business key processes and operations, and help them automate cross-sells, up-sells, and customer follow-ups, which accelerate increase in customer lifetime value and better ROI, and thereby, instilled efficiency and fasten the business to operate at a large scale with a least fixed monthly budget.

4.     Stress, time and tension free: Integrating system and automation-ship into your business will elevate you the timely errors associating with manual or documentary processes of running and managing business. Replacing a manual repetitive work with automated rules and campaigns, you naturally free up yourself or staff the time to focus on more creative tasks ahead.

5.     In-depth data analysis and accountability: Most advanced business automation tools comes with deeply segmented data analysis applications for measuring, managing and building more business proficiency. It makes it very clear to identify business bottlenecks and eye view report of your business or company’s pipeline.

      Business automation tools.

The concept of automation and systematizing has to do with special software or tools; as catalyze for fastening the rate of business processes, growths and successes. These special tools are numerous, but the most popular are:

1.                 Email Marketing Tools: This is a special tool and software for automating business. The best of it kind include Awaber, Getresponse, mailchimp, iContact etc that allows you to setup webform, autoresponder’s massages, trace emails and marketing reports such as open rate, click through rate etc.

The webforms allow you to collect potential customer’s details for further contact and important update. Auto-responder helps you with multiple time based delivery pre-written massages such as promotions, follow up massages and offers.

The basic email marketing report assists you in analyzing internal data, response and measure growth.

2.     Marketing Automation Tools: Hence the best way to grow a business is to market it, and the secret to grow your business into higher profits is to automate it, marketing automation tools like Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Ontraport, Marketo etc therefore, does everything email marketing does for you and at the same time, gives businesses or companies access to setting up dynamic rules for certain action or behavior occurring in the follow up email marketing processes. 

They also entail ability to regulate contacts dynamically and automatically while channeling marketing effort to implementing automated deliverability campaign.

3.     Contact Relationship Management Tool: This is an instrumental tool for storing prospects or customer’s data, managing workflows, and sales processes. Just like email marketing solution tool, CRM typically have flexible API interface as well so you can get integrated with other platform such as shopping cart solution tool. This type of automation tool includes Hatchbuck, ZOHO, Batchbook etc.

4.     Shopping Cart Tool: This is a set of business automation tool mostly for eCommerce. Such tools include Shopify, Walmart, Samcart, Big commerce etc. These automation tools works with a store front on a website, and is use to accept payment for products and services; but comes with utmost encryption and security.

5.     All in One Solution: The two main all in one solution software and tools in the market today happen to be Infusionsoft and Ontraport.

Ensuring business automation processes.

1.     Streamline guidelines and protocol: This including all necessary operations and processes of your business such as client acquisition process, marketing strategies, sales processes etc. Since communication is the lifeblood of a business, healthy communication will instill trust; improve relationship with your employees, drive traffic, higher engagement and generated more sales.

2.     Create Mentorship Relationship: Creating a mentor relationship start immediate after opt-in, with multiple follow-ups massages and promotions. It include all the freeware, tutorials and others top programs you are trying to provides, in order for your client to learn, buy and to help improve their lives.

3.     Measure: Measure your results to see if you are improving, and this will give you the opportunity to re-strategize your business process and operation, and continue tweaking them accordingly for optimum growth and profits.

4.     Establish Company culture: Instilling a trusted company’s culture will go a long way in projecting your business brand.


At the core of marketing automation is the idea that you have a predetermined set of actions that go live whenever the action is triggered. 

The easiest entry way to marketing automation is the automated follow up. Take for instance, someone completes your webforms and automated email is send immediately thanking and welcoming them with a free gift. Whenever they open the email from you and click on a link, they receive the gift. After downloading the gift, they receive a text massage, and later on follow-up tutorial and promotional offers. This helps shorten the sales cycle, uncover new selling opportunities, and maximize the lifetime value of every customer.

Once you’ve integrated automation-ship and its running, you can always go back to refer to it and look for ways to optimize it, test new tactics and actions, adding more features and exploring the reporting tools.

Business Automation Metaphor

The above image is corns and beans grinding engine. I hope it exist in your area? Lols. It’s the metaphor of automating business system. It tries to convey, analyze, and to equate in a lay man understanding, the concept of automating business system with a metaphor of grinding food products with engines, instead of pounding them locally.

Now, take for example, you needed to start a small AKAMU and AKARA business, wouldn’t  everyone prefers paying a dime each time he or she want his or her products grind for production, which safe time, energy, and quality instead of going about pounding the products (corns and beans) in a mutter which for sure, would waste time, energy, and quality and efficiency of the about to produced business products? Same is applicable to integrating automation-ship in running an online business for optimum growth and maximum profits.

It comprises of four major important aspect of automating business, which include:

1.     Optimization – SEO, Streamlined Processes.

2.     Funnel – Squeeze pages, Opt in, free offer.

3.     Follow up – Tutorials, Promotion, Relationship, Conversion.

4.     Sales – Inline of products, front-end products, back-end products.

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