How To Start Blogging

How to start blogging is simple, easy, and fun. So, you want to start blogging too?

Blogging isn’t for everyone; neither blogging is meant for anyone. However, it is what we all can do; but the question is:

Are you ready to come out of your comfort zone by joining and competing with the list of Bloggers in the blogosphere? 

Are you ready with a mindset as hard as a core of dealing with any uncomfortable blogging situation you might come across? 

Are you going to blog with a purpose, or, do you just want to have a glimpse, so at last you said you tried?

Your YES or NO is the different between why most among thousands daily created blogs never exceeded their first six months, and the reasons why only few are able to build and maintain their blogging goals with content marketing into monetization.

No one was born a pro blogger. It is a learn-able skill. When I first started, I thought html, css and java scripts are names in start WAR. I couldn't build it, so I paid someone to build my first website. However, My keen desire and endless passion for the industry and the multiple stream of income was what kept the fire burning to keep mining at the course of learning as a newbie, from the free blogging platform to a premium blogging platform as advance intermediary. 

Blogging was, and till date, a means of communication; a medium of spreading information. The huge transition of industrialization into computerization breeds forth the onset of blogging.

Thousands numbers of blogs are created each day. Upon that, large number of bloggers and webmasters are unable build, maintain and retain their blogging goal due to various beginners’ mistakes. Also, a blog created without content and traffic is as good as not in existence. 

You too can setup a free or premium weblog for yourself; though, this might seem overwhelming to a beginner but that’s what I will work you through in this article. 

What matters most after creating a blog include drawing targeted huge number of traffics to your blog, overcoming a writer’s block by feeding your blog with rich niche related content, and monetizing the blog. These are what differentiate a pro-blogger from the wannabe. 

Remember that I’m here to help. So, should in case you encounter any difficulties about creating a free weblog or premium weblog, you can contact me instantly to setup one for you, and have your business website live, up and running.

Two best blogging platforms.

There are various blogging platforms you can immediately choose where to set up your blog and start blogging which I’ll like to write about in my upcoming posts. But for today’s article, I’m basically going to relying on two top most recommended blogging platforms on the internet today. 

1. or – I’m choosing Wordpress first because, Wordpress to me is considered the best blogging platform because, it’s an open source software, a biggest blogging platform in the world, comes with lot of build-in plugins, widgets, and other large range of functionalities when compared to Blogspot or Blogger.

Wordpress is considered best because, when hosted on Blogspot you have limited control, and Google has the right to access your content and information; and also has the right to shut down your website.

2.     Blogspot or Blogger – Blogspot or Blogger is owned by Google. You stand a chance of leveraging every Google suits and offerings by 90%.  Why I so much love Google is the ability to link all accounts with just one username and password, and it wide range of usability suits.

It Is possible that you can open an email address with Google mail ( being the best email delivery system in the world compare to yahoo mail, hotmail etc) and link the same email account details with other Google account like Google+, YouTube, Google Map, Google store, Google Search Console, Google Free Blogging Platform like et al. 

You make like - how to setup a blog

Blogspot is a Google Free Hosting Service for beginners. I mean something like which has been pointed to It’s has it own limitations when compared to Google Premium Hosting Services –

Free or Premium Hosting?

Here comes down to your personal decision. You need to decide whether to pay for your blog or run it for free.

Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly et al all offer free blogging platform for anyone. But the fact is anything free isn’t always worth of value. However, free blogging platforms are good choice for those of us who are new in the blogging community. But it does have limitation against your blogging goals such as:

1.     You can’t fully monetize your blog.

I believe monetizing your blog isn’t far beyond number one or two reasons why you want to start blogging, or started blogging in a first place. When relied on a free blogging platform, it is impossible to upload plugins, widgets and themes. Also, you cannot run Google adsense, or any other adverts on your site as it’s against Wordpress, Blogger et al

2.     It doesn’t show professionalism.

Free blogging platform lack wide range of functionalities and the blog urls are ugly and portray unprofessionalism. Relying on a free blogging suit makes you appear as good a beginner. 

3.     You don’t have your own domain name.
When hosted your blog on a free blog, you won’t have access to your own unique domain name and your weblog address (blog url) will be ugly and something like:

There are 85% chances of attaining sustainable blogging success either Google or Wordpress, when build on a premium blogging platform like or Though, I heard of a lady (an early bird) from Nigeria, Linda Ikeja by name, and a pro blogger who attended the top of blogging career by popularity, banding and monetization, hosting on Google Free Blogging Platform before she saw the reasons for upgrading to, other than which was parked by another person, and she was said to pay millions of naira to acquire the domain name. 

I’m using her as a point of reference because she relied on free blogging platform, became successful, and finally saw the reasons of upgrading to premium level.
The point is, it is possible to build a blog on free blogging site and attain success, but the success chances are often very low with lots blog monetization limitations for both and Blogspot users. The option is only recommended if you believed you know your onion and that’s the best option for you.

After creating a blog, what next?

Do you realize how important creating a website to showcase your products and services, lurking ideas and potential could lead to more success in your work? If yes, then, the question is, after creating your own free or premium weblog which is to your online business what a location is to an offline business, what next need to be done? Among most, you’ll need:

·        Content – When it comes to creating website for blogging, content come first before traffic. No matter amount of visitors and page views a website may received on daily bases, without content on it, the website is as good as non in existence.

There is no successful website without a good amount of contents list website pages for viewers like ‘contact us’, ‘about us’, ‘products’, disclaimer el al. Content also goes a long way to explaining features and benefits for products and services.

Its aid your entire content marketing system with niche related post, and brings the web search close to you through organic search results.

·        Traffic – Traffic simply means the unique number of eyeball visiting or viewing your website at point in time. I may also state that traffic is a twin sister of advertising; an impression of your brand, products, and services upon in demand. 

Without traffic or people knowledge about your products offerings, you’ll never make a sell. This concept apply to both online and offline. Remember, you can own the most beautiful website in the world and the most gigantic business office complex, without people knowing about you, brand, products and services, that you may not make a sale. That’s reason why traffics is considered as a life blood of every must succeed online business.

·        Monetization – There are various ways to monetizing your blog. But, you cannot monetize a blog without content and traffics. These are the essential factors that bring about monetization. You’ll need a Google adsense so you can be earning some bucks each time someone clicks and on Google ads on your site.

You’ll need to offer advert services and get paid advertising others people website or products on your site. You need also to sell your own products and services right on your site either with an integrated merchant account for online payment gateways.   

So, with this, you are sure of starting blogging all away to the top. Lastly, these are all you need to know about how to start blogging.  

Now, head straight away to reading how to setup a blog, and let me know what you think by commenting below.

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