How to submit blogger site to Bing and yahoo webmaster

In order to submit and verify website with Bing Webmaster Tool, you must have to open a Microsoft account – (hotmail in Doing this will help your blog gain huge amount of traffic from Bing and yahoo as one of the major search engines.

I guess you know that Microsoft own; and Yahoo explorer have been merge into Bing Webmaster Tool? That’s just a tip anyway but, if you most successfully submit and get your website verified with Bing and Yahoo, you’ll need to follow the bellows steps by steps instruction and procedures with screenshots as guides.

1.                Go to and sign into your Bing account. You can open a new Bing account if you’re yet have an account with them. When that is done, simply go

     2.      When you type in your blog url and the spam verification code as seem in the image above, you would be taken to a next page that shows that your site or request was successfully submitted to Bing. The image would be as seen below.

3.                Type into the search box as seen in the above screenshot - “submit site to yahoo” and that would take you to Bing search results as seen in the image below. Then, click on the black circle search results area as seen in the image or screenshot below. Or, you can simply visit

4.                The next action would take you to a yahoo site submission page, where you are set to submit your site. See the screen shot below.

5.                When you click the black circle area that says “submit your site for free”, you’ll be taken to the next page which is this url, and where you are require to sign into   your Bing account. See below screenshot below.

6.                Click on the sign in button to get into your Bing sign in page in order to provide your Bing login account details to get into your Bing account home page. The url would be like this one ; See the image below.

When you finally sign into your Bing Webmaster account, your Bing home page should look similar to the one in the screenshot below:

At this juncture, you are expected to type in your site url and click “ADD” as seen at the top left side of the above screenshot. Then, you’ll be taken to a next page that requires you to adding your “sitemap” before submitting or clicking “ADD” tab, but that’s not mandatory. Check the screenshot below to see what I’m trying to say. Also, read how to submit Blogger sitemap Google Webmaster Tool.

After you’ve added your sitemap or decided keeping it blank, you’ll need to click the “ADD” tab button. Then, finally you are provided in a next page with Bing Webmaster Site Verification Options. 
There are two options for verifying ownership in Bing in Bing Webmaster Area. We are choosing the options 2, which is copying and pasting the generated Bing <meta> tag in your default webpage. Refer to screenshot below.

At this time when you get the generated Bing verification meta codes, simply copy it and then, go to your blogger dashboard, click on TEMPLATE>> Edit HTML>>

Now, when you click on Edit HTML, a default webpage will open for you to pastes the generated meta tag authentication code at the immediate  <head> section of your webpage before the closing head section </head>. See the screenshot below.

 After you’ve pasted the code, click on “Save Template” and go back to Bing site verification and click “Verify”. See the screenshot below.

Lastly, you are taken to the next page with your site ‘pending’ verification status as seen below.

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