How to add contact form in bloggers blog

How do you feel when you stumble on a website, navigated it all round without any link or page that could lead you to contacting the merchant or seller on a specific products or services you found interesting? That’s one of the big mistake webmasters and site owners trying to sell information, products, or services are still making till today.
Initially, when I created this blog, hence there was, and still no Blogger integrated “Contact Form” for blogspot or Bloggers users to communicate with the webmasters or the products sellers, except the one provide and is workable for only sidebar.  I only had to make contextual hyperlinks in bold to displays my residential address, social media profile links, and phone number in my contact me page. I refused including my email to avoid hackers and spam mails. 

Adding contact me page or form provide your website visitors clear information about your business and services but also offer them an easy way to contact you, inquire about your services, and ordering services.

You can create a basic contact form asking for email address, name, or create a customized web form asking for clients’ phone, address and asking about their needs and background, with free text, or a list of predefined options. Every contact form request will be sent to your email or phone.

Recently, I stumbled on magnificent information that enabled me to add “Contact Form” anywhere in my blog and on any page to give users additional way of contacting me. I had no reasons to hide the information rather, but to share the information with you.

I was surprised when you realized that My Contact Page received the highest page view among all pages and blog posts.

Advantages of Adding Contact Form

There are various important reasons you should add contact me form to your website or blog. 

The following are reasons why you should add contact me form to you website or page If you are running a business weblog:

  •       Build trust – people will trust you and be willing to do business with you.
  •        Eliminate fear – Contact form integration will eliminate the fear in the people’s mind since they believed they can always find you if things get wrong in the business.
  •          Customers’ feedback, suggestion and compliant – Any business website without contact me page or support page to enable potential and targeted users reach to you regarding your business, products and services is sure bound to fail.

Integrating Contact Form in Blogger

There two ways to integrate contact me form into your blogger or blogspot site. It isn’t quite different in wordpress too. All you have to do is to link your blogspot or blogger site with a third party site offering this service.

The third party platform offering this service, whom I’m equally using is FoxyForm. All you have to do is to visit and you don’t even need to register with them.

Right on the page you will see an option for the form you need - such as title, subject, massage, street address etc. Whichever option you choose is what would appear in your contact form. 

Thereafter, scroll down and click on “get code” for a pop up window to generate a code you’ll need copy and paste anywhere you want your form to appear in your website.

Two steps of adding contact form

There are two methods of adding Contact Form in blogger using FoxyForm. One step is to add the code anywhere in your web content but must be pasted using the html function instead of custom. The second option is to make it appear with your site home page or the sidebar.

First Step – In your blogger dashboard, click on ‘Pages’>> under the specific ‘contact me’ page you want to paste the generated codes, click on ‘edit’ to edit the page. When the page open, at the top left of the pop up page there is ‘Custom/html’. Click the html and paste the code where you want it to appear. Normally, it should be at the bottom of the page before or after </div> tag and click ‘update’.

Second Step – In your blogger dashboard, click on ‘Layout’>> in the new layout page, click on ‘get gadget’. In a new window, click on the ‘rich text’ to feature ‘html text’ if the html is not already seen there. In the html window, paste the generated foxy form code and click update.

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