How to change background image in blogspot.

In my last post, I discussed how to run a profitable online business. In today’s article, I’m rightly going to talk about how to add or change a background image in BlogSpot or Blogger’s blog, which is fast, easy, and simple thing to do; but however, often at times, I wondered if it appears difficult to most blogspot bloggers because, I haven’t seeing them doing it.

Personally, I love changing a background image of my blogger’s blog from time to time; though, some bloggers may want to advice keeping a static background image in order to keep returning visitors acquainted with the site.

Some years back, Blogspot which is another name for Google’s blogger blogging services came up with a new template designer as a solution to solving bloggers the stress of adding certain codes into the customized template for changing blog background images. 

The new template designer provided by Google blogger is a default template designer with verities of background images you can choose from; and it covers the fact that you can now insert your personal background image, if decided not choose from the default image options provides in your template customization panel. 

With default template designer, it is very fast, easy and simple to add or change background image in blogspot or blogger; and that’s what I’ll walk you through in this article.

Adding background image in blogspot.


Using blogger or blogspot template designer, the few step by step guidelines to adding or changing background image are as follows:

1.     Open your web browser and visit or depending on which platform you are using. Thereafter, log into your account dashboard with your login credentials through the sign-in tab. 

2.     In order to get into your blog template designer, click on the arrow at the right of the ‘post list’ icon and click “Template” appearing in the drop-down menu list.

3.     At the template page, click on “customize” button so you should get into Blogger Template Designer menu. 

After that, at the top left of the page among the task items that appears, click on “Background” so it should take you to your blog default background image position dialog. To add your background image, click on the little pointed-down arrow just by the right of the appeared image panel.


At this time, the entire background image dialog will open so you now have varieties of image options to choose from the pre-built background images offered by Blogger. The images is arranged in a categories of folders (like – business, art, etc), and vertically or descending manner. 

After choosing your preferred background image from the image categories folder, simply click on “Apply to blog” as appeared at the top right of the template customization panel so you can successfully see your background image added your blog.

Uploading your own Blogger background image. 


Be informed however that, you can upload your personal designed image, or third party image as your blog background image form your personal set of photo graphic. The rule is that, such image must be large to fit the screen size of your blog.

In order to do that, right on top of the image categories folders is the personal provided option of adding your image, or third party image. It appears as “upload image”. Simply click on it and your computer upload browser files selection will appear. Choose your image by clicking ‘browse’ of the pop up computer window and click ‘upload’.  After that, click on the orange tab - “done”.

You can repeat this process should in case you don’t like the image by choosing another image.

Setting your image alignment.


When you’ve uploaded your personal or third party image and clicked the orange tab ‘done’, it would take you back to blogger image menu. At this juncture, you can set the properties of your image by clicking “title”, which help you decide either to align image setting to the left, right, top, down or center. The recommended setting is aligning image to the center so it’s titled the image to the large screen, while turned off the scroll with page so background image can stay fixed as users scroll through your blog.  After that, finally, hit “apply to blog” to get it working.

I hope this article as this helped you figured how to add or change your blogspot background image in Blogspot or Blogger blog? If sincerely yes, I’ll love you comment below.

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