How to grow your salary as employee

The term "salary" is often associated with 9-5 day time jobs. It is simply refers to an employee's take home pay as a reward for a job well done. It could be weekly or monthly paid.

The two top employee’s financial problems include building the monthly take home pays into huge salary base capital, and recreating them for projected business and investment ventures.

The fact remains that most low and high levels employees unfortunately worked round the job circles without actually attaining acceptable level of successes and satisfactions in their jobs. The results isn't necessarily caused by their perceived low pay, but by the lack of adequate planning and the inability to grow and build their monthly incomes for the purpose of re-channeling them into a reliable and sustainable business or investment venture.

As an employee, relying yearly only on your monthly take home pay (wages or salary) without acute planning of running a side business to supplement your job is simply setting yourself and career for a doom. Though, planning alone isn’t enough but with cogent action plan of ensuring your constant monthly flows are not left at the detriment of expenses alone; but is protected, recreated, and channeled for other business and investment future purposes.

Business are of grades, and so is Job. A low key employee with grade 3 level can never be compared to a top level employees with let's say grade level 16. 

Relying on a single source of income like I said, irrespective of your job or business is just setting up yourself to be broke over on over again. It is therefore pertinent and economic wise not only be dependent on a single source of income either from 9-to-5 days job or from your established small scale business. 

Whether you believe that your JOB is better than your BUSINESS or your BUSINESS is better than your JOB, I want to state vividly clear that "your job is your job and your business your own business". It is therefore important taking on your job to serve as a power aid for your small scale slide business with the aim of using it to scale up your desired and projected financial in-dependency through creating a reliable, profitable and sustainable business venture for yourself.

Now, let look at most of those determinant factors that keep most employees trapped in remaining financially struggled for almost their entire lives, thus, leaving the JOB career with a stigmatized tag name like - ‘the rat race’.

Causes of employee’s financial failures.

Here are simple resultants causes of employees working round the job circle without achieving reasonable and acceptable successes:

  • Lack of vision.
  •  Lack of plan for the future.
  • Lack of appropriate utilization of fund.
  •  Lack of monthly cash flow management.
  • Excessive living as income increases.
  • Love of liabilities instead of assets.
  •  Poor saving and investment habit.
  •  Ignorance.

Strategies for growing salaries as an employee

Minding the strategies of raising passive and residual income as an employee? I’m quite aware that thousands of employees are unable to build substantial amount of capital base out of their paid salaries for others viable and sustainable ventures like starting a business or investment.

Among ways employees can raise, build and recreate reliable and sustainable income as a foundation for better life and for the rainy days are assumed as follows:  

1.     10% monthly salary saves a must – To many people, it’s quite a bulging and unattainable tasks to reserve at least 10% of their perceived little amount of salary as saving; but the truth is, every must succeed government, company or private business job workers (employees) must endeavor to save at least 10% of his or her monthly salaries to aid greater goals actualization or meet unexpected financial expenses and crises that might arise in the future. Accepting such financial responsibility could seems difficult but worth implementing because it does pay off and easily adapting.

2.      Building assets – Yes; it is possible to build assets as an employee. Asset is simply anything that brings or put money into your pocket. It could be anything but must have the capacity of creating or recreating you money. 

From your weekly or monthly take home pay savings, it is possible to build yourself a huge asset based that could simply duplicate your passive income, and thus, help put a stop to those bulging and lurking financial burden of relying only on a single stream of income from job. 

Honestly, there are thousands of assets you can rely on that have the capacity of creating passive and residual income for as a financial boost and for improving better standard of living.

3.     Embrace market trading instrument – You may say delving into government and others financial institutions like buying shares and trading other market instruments like stocks, bonds, mutual funding and insurance is risky. The fact is, where the risk is, that’s where the money is. 

However, what you do not know is greater than you. It appear risky because you had not tried; neither had you devoted time and energy to learn the concept; only to get concluded in joining others people opinions that bank business and market economic trading and investment is risky. 

Take the time to learn and invest in most of the above mentioned financial and money market instruments because, there have a huge capacity of helping you build and grow a solid financial capital foundation for yourself.

4.     Start a petty business The most financial mistakes most employees do make is relying only on their paid job’s incomes for day to days, year to years affairs of lives

Starting a small scale business to supplement your job as an employee, bearing in mind of building and growing it to a large scale business venture is a smart and worthy entrepreneur’s zeal of any must succeed and advanced employee.

Taking time to start up a business that aligned with your 9-to-5 day’s time job could be stressful, inconvenient, and challenging. Instituting someone to manage your business while you oversee the general activities of your business could be a smart and best option for you.

With today’s ICT world, you and the internet entails so much you could do with it. As a mobile internet age is growing wide and more and more businesses driven online could be a face lift for any business mastermind employee because, an online business eliminates the business burdens and bottlenecks associated with running a traditional form of businesses; and you could simply automate or systematize your business to save you time, energy and tension of running manual form of businesses.

5.           Increase savings as income increases – I’m practically an example of saving more as my salaries increases. Although, that requires a large range of determination and discipline to make alternative forgone. It’s an opportunity to save more but one must have to reduce his or her living standard to the levels of the remaining salary. It is burdensome and luring especially when you see your colleagues enjoying full scale of salary but worth embarking for your own future financial good.

I’m a typical example of building and growing salary, and as much as I hate boasting, 32% of my monthly salary is cut off and save into a cooperative account even before I receive Salary Payment Alert. This way, it is more secured because; I do not direct access of saving it myself, of which I wouldn’t even been consistence just like others.

6.           Sharpen your skills Enrolling in continuing education is simply sharpening of skills and acquisition of more knowledge. For sure, I would have been far backward today if not for the fact that I choose to came out of my comfort zone in-spite securing a government job by enrolling into Ebonyi state university under Work And Study Program (WASP).

Readers are leader they say. If you start your career with SSCE as applicable in Nigeria, chances are that you’ll dramatically increase your salary potential by adding a Bachelor’s of science to your shelve. Same goes to a Bachelor’s of science degree holders who can also increases their salaries potential by adding a master’s or doctorate degree in their shelve of educational achievements.

Like in most organization, salaries are negotiable. Working on improving your skills and lurking potentials provide you with a better chances of capitalizing on any unexpected opportunities. Few wise salaries earners don’t just secure a job and then relax; they worked on their jobs, takes on new courses, sharpen and upgraded their skills by acquiring more knowledge for better prospective career advancement and achievements. 

Sharpening and acquiring more skills will make you stand of the crowd and differentiate you from your colleagues. It would set you apart and create more opportunities for you.

7.           It’s up to you – It takes discipline to successfully grow income base from monthly salaries. One quality that most philosophers, teachers, and experts all agree on is the important of self discipline. I’m referring to a core discipline that encompasses determination, creativity, persistence, patient and perseverance, and that's what you need to resist the lure of excuses and excessive expenses pertaining to job, career, business, and investment.

You have to start taking total control of your personal finances. Perhaps, success is possible only when you can master your own emotions, appetites, passions and inclinations. The question is, have you discovered yourself? Are you ready and willing to discipline yourself to stay up to tasks and commitments of fulfilling your projected and desired financial dream life?

Stay upgraded with self denial and delayed gratification regarding falling easy to pleasures and temptations that lead many astray, and instead, discipline yourself to do only those things you know are most rightly with your incomes for the bases of long term greater rewards; remember that if it must be, it’s up to you.

In conclusion, taking hold of the above 7 steps and strategies of growing your salaries base capital as an employee would be a face lift for you, and like a diamond in a rough. 

Do you have more of the clues on how employees can basically build their monthly salaries less regarding perceived bulging and lurking expenses? If so, Please, don’t hesitate contributing using the comment box below. 

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