How to run a profitable online business

Running a profitable online business is the sole aim you ventured into starting an online business in a first place. Severally, I’m asked by my friends, precisely on Facebook, of “how they can make money using their websites”. Though, I often tried providing them with possible reliable answers, but I realized that so many people out there would be having the same problem and thus, decided coming up with a new blog post on this topic.

Running your business, or simply monetizing you website or blog is your sole responsibility; and often I see huge number of people delving into the online business world with the aim of making a reliable legitimate bucks of cash. I see also a lot of unrealistic niche marketers trying flood their websites with all kinds of unrelated niche content, all at the aim of someday, getting approved of Google adsense; believing that’s the short and simple way to earn big online, specifically from their websites.

In-spite integrating approved adsense into your online business website, there is no guarantee that you’ll make money from it, especially these days when even a newbie can integrate infiltrated adsense elsewhere into his or her unmerited adsense policies website.
Secondly, if your website lacks authority and quality consistent fresh content to get the visitors interested and keep returning to read your stuffs, I really wonder how you can make anything cash from it.

  Determinants of running a profitable website.

In order to run a profitable business website, there are certain critical factors you should consider and ensure, you meet up with them. Below I shall mention those criteria as follows:

1.     Identify your niche market – No matter what you’re involve in today’s online business world, chances are that you can establish for yourself a particular niche   website that helps you provide another passive stream of incomes to boast your financial status.

Most problems inducing some people from really attaining a profitable status in their online business website is being a Jack of all trade. They often tries to generate all kinds of niche content into a single website. For example, you’ll see them promoting relationship, finance, health, self help, livestock, spirituality, and such the likes of other niches in the market you could think of.

Identifying a specific niche focus for your business should go in line with what you know best, and have inclination for. A niche business website is actually a targeted, focused website on specific or correlated matters, often which the author has an experience, expertise, and knowledge in learning and developing.

To be truly successful, such niche website must be rich in such specific and correlated niche content such that it continuously engages the reader’s interest, and cause them to keep coming back to read more. In such doing, you’ll gradually build for yourself authority and brand, making your voice to shine out and set you above most of your competitors.

2.     Define your target audience – Now that you’ve figured out a specific interested niche marketing business you want concentrate your time and effort on, the next factor of running a successful and profitable web business should be defining and identifying your personal targeted audience.

The internet marketing mistakes of trying to appeal everyone shouldn’t be your mantra because; generalists don’t make money like special does. So, you should make sure you defined and identified a specific portion of the market you are trying to capture by concentrating your information, products, and services toward it, so your offers can get into the hands those that actually need them.

The reasons knowing your target market in and out would gives you a direction on how to best channel your products and services in solving their most impressing problems, of which otherwise, you would be like captaining a ship right on the high see without a navigation map; which often resulted in some marketers working off their ass, spending time and money and yet, without a clearly potential level of good rate of return (ROI).

So, how do you identify your target audience in order to match your products and services in their hands? You must inevitably figure out by understanding your audience demographic profile; by forming a detail picture and explanation of their variables. You must put yourself in their shoes by finding out what keep them awake at night; what are their most pressing need and issues; what motivation them, that are their desire, and their buying patterns. These are all possible considerable factors to figure out your target portion of you potential market.

3.     Know your Products – There’s know how you can attain online business profitability without having a products. In the same vein, a good product sells itself. However, having a full knowledge of your products isn’t only essential sales skills, but also a profitable offline and online business skill.

A clearly understanding of your products features and benefits enables you to appropriately analyze your products and services confidently and persuasively. When you know your products in and out, you are likely going to be such a dominating salesman, feel with the confident in yourself and for your products.

Your products could be those you personally create or an affiliate product. It could be physical products or digital. But the question is, how do know the in and out of your products, especially those products you’re selling for commissions? Therefore, you can get to know more of your products by using the under listed strategies:

  •        Personal experience.
  •       Feedback from customers.
  •       Internal sales record.
  •       Online forums.
  •       Contacting the manufacturer.
  •       Team members.
  •       Competitor’s information.
  •       Etc.
Ensure being honest to your customers about your products shortcomings if there’s any. This can go along way in instilling customers trust, retaining them, and building more of your credibility. Simply tell them what is, and what is not of your products and services. Also, work smart by turning your products features and it entire information into more of benefits for your potential customers.

4.     Build huge consistent traffic – ‘Traffic is a life blood of a business’ I guess you’ve heard that before? That’s an empirical statement and inevitable factor of any must succeed online business website. The truth is, without huge and consistent amount of traffic pointing to your website, you may not make any sale. 

No matter how gigantic your brick and mortar business office look, or, no matter how beautiful your website is, without people viewing your website or know your business exist, running a profitable offline or online business become impossible, and your business is surely bound to suffer.

In order to leverage the traffic flowing to your site, you’ll need to acquire them through strategy of business least cost, which is pertinent to optimizing your website with a great search engines volumes of acquiring natural traffic, such that it is easy to convert those traffic into revenues through several possible monetization methods.

You’ll need to ensure a core SEO principle, by taking chances of your On-Page SEO, which means more to your natural traffic and entire business, as a result of the new Google Panda update. You have to optimize your content marketing with a rich keyword density of 3-5% in your article, by integrating those keywords at least five times in every 500 words blog post with relevant LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing).

To gain more of traffic with less expenses, ensure submitting your website and it sitemap to search engines webmaster tools. Also, make sure you take advantage of web submission directories. What about sharing quality and useful content on top social media platforms, build links with page rank sites, and more of other free strategies to gaining traffic? There are you’ll need to do to generate lesser targeted number of traffics to your website if you must be successful.

Read the follow articles for traffic:

Other than these, you’ll have to go for paid traffic.

5.     Provide Fresh and unique contents - When it comes to running a profitable business website, content is KING. No matter amount of daily visitors and page views your website may receive, without a good amount interested niche related unique content on it, no visitor would like to bookmark it, neither coming back for revisit.  

Just as search engine likes a blog with fresh and up to date content, so are readers when discovered new and magnificent information they could use or act upon. This means that without new, original, and desirable content that pique the interest and the attention of your readers, who may later be interested in your products and services, any media venture is likely to fail due to lack of appealing content, regardless of other design or considerable factors.

Fresh content keeps your weblog live, up and running. But the truth is, coming up with a continuous fresh and unique blog content ideas for your website is one of the toughest parts of building a personable and successful blogging business, and it’s often associated with the terms – WRITER’S BLOCK.
However, content also goes a long way to explaining features and benefits for products and services. Its aid your entire content marketing system with niche related post, and brings the web search close to you through organic search results. 

Try writing articles that provide tips, guides and how to’s for your entire audience new and old. Writing article that provide good services and knowledge to others, would provide necessary mileage your traffic flows need, and turn them into retain-able buying customers.
It is imminent outsourcing for your blog content especially when you have no idea of what to write next to write about. Learn to become a writer’s machine so you could enjoy the online business success you so desired.

No website without a good amount of contents with a list of web pages like ‘about us’, ‘contact us’, ‘products’, disclaimer that give the arriving visitors more of information about you and your business will attain success.

6.     Earn their trust How do you ensure that your visitors are being retained, returned to read your stuffs, and are gaining more of your trust in order to create an easy sale’s pipelines and buying customers?
In order to make your voice heard and stand out of the large crowd, especially the overcrowded social media with huge competitions by ensuring your products and services get into the hands of your targeted audience, how do you demonstrate that you are competent, credible and trustworthy? That’s a different topic entirely on building trust, but the following point I’ll be listing below would give you a brief of general strategies of building trust and making your potential audience love you, stick around and be willing to do more business with you. 

  • Give your audience options to contact you. Ever visited a website without a about page, contact page and such the likes of other pages that supposed to give the visitor a wide range of information about you and the entire business? If you made such a mistake, how then do you think your audience will trust you and would like to do more of business with you, like buying more of your products and services?
In such cases, it would create fear and suspicion should in-case anything goes wrong with the products itself. therefore, give them option of reaching you and communicating with you, like providing your phone number, email address, social media profiles and pages. This will boast their confidence that you are not a fake, and would be willing to trust and do more business with you.
  1.  Prove to be an expert in your field. It would build trust love, trust, credibility, loyal  customers. Although, you don’t necessarily need to be an expert at first. Therefore, avoid faking and being sensitive to what everyone wants. Keep constant in learning and putting your own spin.
Keep working hard to become the expert in your field of interest by reading, learning and continuously mining to discover top secrets and such technicalities associating within the field your business career; for the purpose of achieving your online business goals.
  • Ensure building relationship with your audience, list, and social media presence by proving that you are different from the wide range of other competitors. Keep a standard by developing your own voice and having your own opinion.
Be resourceful to create, share and to solve other people’s problems. Stop pitching people around trying to sale a product. From time to time, try to give out some free stuff.
Finally, the six listed core point above covers a comprehensives strategies of running a profitable website. Have any additional ideas of running a profitable website? Please, don’t hesitate to add your view using the comment box below.

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