Shun the free stuff mentality

Stop being cheap by escaping the 'free stuff mentality' and avoid business stagnation.

In actual business senses and arena, the idea of “free” do not really come to play because, the business transaction formula for buying and selling requires that you’ll have to either “pay” to receive products or services, or “offer” products or services of which you are paid for.

It is only when there is exchange of payment for goods or satisfaction derive for services rendered, you could said there was any certified business transaction.

But, isn’t it a surprise that the free stuff mentality as eating deep the online business mantra, and a customer has to be enticed with incentives like “buy 2 get 1 free”, 65% off product prices, discount et al, that it’s even impossible to find any online business personnel out there without any form of freeware in his or her entire business circle?

The free stuff trend is now like, without, people stop buying and that could send any online or brick and mortar business park.

A lot of free stuffs such as eBook, audio course, video course, software, free masterminds and sessions are all good choices. I love them too. It’s no doubt that you could gain great information using free giveaways; but I bet you, they’re not as good as paid stuffs.

There is really a high price for not paying for quality products and services, or top notch information at when the opportunity surfaced.

The tired free seeking mentality is going to cost you much more a fortune in the long run, time, money, effectiveness and efficiency such as;

  •   If you are looking for a FREE stocks broker services.
  •  If you are looking for FREE coaching and mentoring services.
  •  If you are looking for set of FREE information to help you grow your business.
  •  If you are looking for free products, services or even programs to make money online.
  •  If you are looking for FREE tools, software, and strategies of build your business.
If all these sound like you, then, certainly your business is pretty going nowhere.

Free stuffs are good anyway, I offer them too. But most of those freebies and freeware offered by site editors and webmasters are just a skeletal or samples of the innermost whole.

FREE as a tool, is dangerous and powerful. The way you use it can make or mar your business. I’ve seen courses and programs overblown with bonuses and freebies to entice the sale. They are so overblown with bonuses that the customer has even forgotten what the main value proposition is.

Freebies Habit, Driven by greed?

Are you one of the types who do not believe in investing his or her money, or buying courses, programs, products and top notch info gems because you feel that you deserve everything for free? Is your chasing after freebies habit driven by lack of satisfaction of what you have a feeling of wanting for more? Isn’t this possible that you are driven by greed?

People who do not invest in what they get for free do not really make most of it. They got it for free and simply do not read or make most of it – all, they didn’t deserve it. The reality is that nobody really values something that’s free. People don’t value free.
I’m quite aware of a marketer who wrote a book, and soles it on Amazon free for entire week. It isn’t that he was a free dad master, but to simply get himself listed as one of the Amazon best seller.

Personally and severally, I received freeware from my up-lines. Often as I stumble on a new website, I am given a free takeaway by the website owners as an incentive for giving out my email for further update. Most info you find in free stuffs are incomplete. That’s what authors and entrepreneurs do when they simply offers you a skeletal aspect of their products (sample), holding back the vital breakthrough aspect.
I actually took and derived joy buying digital product offers online for sales. And when I do, sometimes, I'm given some additional bonuses as a thank you gift for buying their product. Often at time, the values of the paid products are worth more than their prices – WHY? Because, offering for sales motivate the seller to over deliver.

As much as I hate boasting, I'd purchased various eBooks online. Some at $10, $17, and even $27 price tags. Frankly speaking, most of those paid products (example IM Revolution etc) have helped me widen my online coast and financial education that ordinarily, free products would have not. And as I love buying digital products, I had fed my hard drive with over 200 valuable digital products in different topics and niches. Truly, those products in my hard drive receiving cyber dust are actually, a million dollars waiting to be made or converted.

Reasons for charging people and not free. 

If you’ve made money just as you claimed, “why charging people and not give them for free? This was one of the questions asked by a client during a warm marketing of my business seminar. The fact is if impact is what you’re after, there are good reasons why you should accept charges people for your products and services even when you don’t need the money.

Every responsible man top priority is to provide for his family – but there comes a point where you don’t need any more food, brighter light or bigger home. That’s when you have the opportunity to do so much more. 

The fact is, if you are an entrepreneur; giving everything to your audience for free, you’d actually be doing them a disservice. Do you know why? The reasons are:

1.     The more people pay, the more they take away. The truth is, people rarely make use of the products that they got free.

2.     The more money you make in your business, the more you can help others in return.

3.     If you’re dashing your products for free or cheap, people tend to give you and the products as such.

4.     The reality is that nobody really values something that’s free. People like free things but they don’t value it.

5.     The more money you make, the more you can invest. If you’re creating products to serve real needs, this is a no brainier. The bigger your budget, the higher quality products you can create for your audience – and the greater influence you can have in their life.

6.     Let face it: life is expensive. The more successful you are, the more quality customer you tend to attract to yourself again and gain.

7.     Giving is good act, but dashing out to all and sundry create a wrong culture of entitlement.

8.     It doesn’t allow individuals to start identifying what they can do to improve their situations.

9.      Not buying creates bad culture and neglect of taking responsibility and stewardship for your life and what you want.


Why you should charge even more.

Pricing is crucial in business. What you charge will make or break your business. I’m not saying you should over charge people for your products and services. But it makes more sense to go top shelf than bargain basement. Here are the reasons why.

1.     Higher prices increase customer’s focus – when you charge more, your customers pay attention. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a products, services or even information. Topping your prices rate increases customer’s concentration and perceived value.

2.     Big transaction will ignite your motivation – being exposed to higher products and services payment would help entrepreneurs more in products and skill development, and force them to move outside the comfort zone and try an alternative best and better approaches offering products and services.

3.     Being expensive cultivates an aura of expert and elite status – Producing high price products, services and info gems catapult and project you beyond your competitors. It makes people assume you’re the bees-knees, and helps you be known as the place for to notch and top end. The truth is, offering top notch and top end products and services and doing so at insanely cheap prices would rather tarnish you’re your image as cheap, and would never get you the reputation you deserve.

4.     You’ll make more money by doing less – margin is everything. The perceived marginal value preposition of your products and services when put right would make you more money working less with top prices.

5.     Big figures attract big spenders – some groups of buyers of top notch products in top prices would definitely be willing to pay more for the little extra in value, and would intuitively gravitate toward good customer services, style and speed. In other word, they want the best and want it now.

6.     The higher the price, the lower the customer’s complaint – the higher the value of the products and services, the higher the care and attention the customer would pay for them. When the prices goes up, the customer’s issues and complaint goes down. The customers who make the decision to shell out for your pricier products will take it upon themselves to be better educated about what you offer. They’ll be more committed and offer fewer objection.

7.     Big rate motivate you to over deliver – When you over deliver, the customers will thank you for it. When you start charging more, you’ll quickly understand that you need to deliver more. Maybe by adding little extras and going far mile to most better your products and services. Do you think your customers will notice it? Yes of course. They’ll love it. 

Here come to the conclusion of this article, but I’ll like to ask. Are you ready to shun the free stuff mentality by actually ready to go buy some real, valuable and life changes stuff (digital products) out there? Still driven by the greed that you deserve everything online for free? As a business owner, I’ve you seen the reasons why you should stop being cheap but to add values in rate and even charge more? Tell me what you think by commenting.

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