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What does the internet mean to you?

We are undoubtedly living in the ICT world; the age of the internet, information age (also known as computer age), a digital age or media age. It is a period in human history characterized by the shift from traditional industry (that’s the industrial revolution brought through industrialization) to an economy based on information computerization.

The onset of information age is associated with digital revolution, just like the industrialization age marked the onset of industrial revolution. It is a connected world where people are ever more dependent on the internet for information, making business transactions and living their everyday lives.

But today’s world is more than just the age of the internet. It is the age of online business, with people all over the world building virtual businesses and earning money from essential nothing but a PC (desktop & laptop), Smartphone and an internet connection; one which can be carried out anywhere in the world, be it in home, cave and you name it.

A brief history of the Internet

The internet originated in the late 1960s when the United State Defense Department developed ARPANet (Advanced Research Project Network), an experimental network of computers designed to withstand partial outages such as bomb attack. The agency sought to create a year of computer that could continue to communicate with each other.

In the mid 1980s, computer work station became increasingly popular; organization wanted connecting their local area network (LAN) ARPANet. If computer could link together and share resources, everyone would benefit.

Between 1986 to 87, National Science Foundation (NSF) established super computer center and also signed a cooperative agreement to manage NSFnet backbone with Merit Network, inc;  and in 1990, ARPAnet had been face off. NSFnet continue to grow.

The year 1991 is known as the big year of the internet; base on it public attraction and interest in which the use of World Wide Web exploded. Up till date, the internet is in continuous growth of a mass data driven, making the whole live and human existence more and more fun and easier.

What does the Internet mean to you?

You and I are living in the internet age, and this certainly means lots of things to all of us. For some people, it means they never have to live without friends. The internet can always help them socialize. For others, it means that they can buy things from the comfort of their home.

For some others, it means they can download movies, music; games etc for free and get themselves entertained wherever they are. For still some others, it is a means to make themselves popular all over the world.

There are so many different manifestation of the internet age that the industrialization could not afford that is enough to make our head spin, just thinking about what we can do with it.

And then, they are people for whom the internet is a means for business and money, a means for planting and growing income trees - And that's the categories of people we are, and what this write up is pointing to.

The opportunity of making money using the internet is simply enormous and as well, diamond in a rough; considering the great transition of computerize, digital, media and information age, where the whole economy is now data driven, or computer wise, comes with a huge and massive earning possibilities.

We could be in a cave or anywhere, connecting the world with your products and services. You now have massive instant access to communication, information, transaction, transferring, uploading, downloading, configuring, surfing, generating, computing, programming, sponsoring, affiliating and etc of what you could ever think of doing with the internet as a business person.

Now, let me ask you, would you doubt me if I tell you that so many financially successful people out there (internet or network marketers) once quit their 5 – 9 days jobs to become their own bosses, thereby, making more money, enjoying the time and living the life of their terms?

Would you doubt it if I tell you that some people earned over 7 figure streams of income consistently and legitimately using nothing but their laptops and the internet connection? This is absolutely real, tested and proven.

You and I know about a man called Bill Gate as one of the richest person in the world, and here is what he said, “if I was to start it afresh, I would choose network marketing”. What does that statement mean to you?

You know about the multibillion dollar guru – the owner of Facebook by name Mark Zuckerberg? What do you think is the source of his wealth? He is simply generating his huge income through Facebook, being the number one social media site right now, and second to Google as most visited website in the world.

Whether you believe me or not, the fact is, people from all works of lives are now making a living, or growing and accruing second income through the knowledge of internet and information super-highway.

It’s high time to start thinking digital wise and develops a computer friendly mentality to seize today’s early opportunity that abound and thus, be at the top, raking in the millions before massive people troops into this secret and either get the market saturated with those you might be left behind to face obscurity.

Why you need the internet for business.

There are so many advantages of using the internet for business.

The onset of information age is associated with digital revolution, just like the industrialization age marked the onset of industrial revolution. What does this mean to you? It’s simple that we’ve left the industrialization of analog, to a digital age of computerization area. People are ever more concern and dependent of connecting the internet for information, making business transactions and living their everyday lives affaires just because, there are so much you could do with it, and the fact that it’s fun, easy and simple.

Considering the worsening economy and increasing unemployment rate, a diligent fellow must think on diversifying his or her cash flow and general stream of income and breaking through the poverty line.

The fact remains that, relying on a single source of income has a higher potential of making you broke over and over again. There is a need for multiple stream of income if you must break off financial stagnation by increasing your earning figures and reaching your financial goals.

The internet revolution brought so many help to us even at this stage of threatening economy with its wide range of utility other than just using for business.

The advent of internet leveled the playing ground that even small businesses kickoff from scratch, gain visibility, revenue and made their ways to a large scale business platforms of even competing with the big corporations.

It offers the opportunities of showcasing your talents, potentials, products and services, and even turning them to a profitable reliable and sustainable business right inside your home.

Watch out for my upcoming posts for a comprehensive reason why you need to start an online business.

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