Why your job is better than your business

In my previous article, I discussed how to change background image in blogspot. In today article however, I’m rightly talking about why your job is better than your business.  

Don’t be fooled by personal development gurus and the acclimated self made millionaires, who fallaciously goes about telling people to quit their Jobs and have their own businesses instead. Such advice is simple fallacious and myopic.

Telling people that it is always better to have their own BUSINESSES than to have a job is simply BAD ADVICE pure and simple. Frankly speaking, running your own business isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t have the temperament to do it. 

But wait! If I may ask, are these fly by night self development gurus up for something? Are they all doing these businesses and achieving best results? That kind of advice is condescending and insulting to those who find contentment in their jobs, and irresponsible for those who do not have the means and temperament to run a business.

The truth is, business is not for everyone and so is job. Job has a dimension and so is business. There are certain jobs that are far more rewarding than what you called a business. Also, there are certain businesses that are far better than jobs. Therefore, it isn’t one cap fit all as some people think or claimed. Such advice of quitting job for business gives people a romantic notion of having a business that does do square with reality.
Starting a business either offline/online is not a child’s play. It’s difficult than being employed”- says Victor Edikan. Starting a business might seem easy but maintaining the business to yield profits and also maintain that profits can most time be hell – Says Noah Ansa.  No wonder 85% of every start-up business fails. 

Remember, when talking about having your very own business, I am not referring to all this fake fly-by-night get-rich-quick businesses. Also, I do not take or consider any MLM business to be a real business. Why? Because, any MLM business you are not the CEO or the co founder means that you are simply working a job to attain better commission check, compensation plan, and top ranking position in the company’s executive hierarchy. 

Secondly, most MLM business fails, fold, and goes bankrupt leaving you stranded. The typical is what happened to Record also shows that over 90% people who started MLM failed and never reached the end of the tunnel not talk about seeing the light.
Now, whether you choose to have a job in place of a business, or you choose to run a business over job, it all depends on stages, conditions and proximities of where you are, what you see, what you love to do that brings you the most peace of mind, satisfaction, and happiness. Moreover, wouldn’t it even better when you have a job, and at the same time run a business for yourself? That’s what I’ll be looking into in my up-coming post.
Before we analyze more on why your job is better than your business, let look at some of the wrong mindset people have about having a jobs and their effect.  

The wrong mindset people have about job

Considering all these misconception by fly by night gurus that having a business is better than a job without inherent investigation, research and analysis, let see how this gradually caused people to think bad about having a jobs.

1.     You are brain washed – The good for nothing only to sell you their products or program gurus makes those misleading declarations and notion they cannot expatiate to square with reality. Some of them criticize job and uses such word like insecurity, broke, slavery, trapped, 5-9 et al.

My question is: If starting business and becoming rich was that easy, why is everyone not doing it? Why do we still have such a huge number of unemployed youth in our society? Don’t be brain washed. Hold fast your job, and even go for better paid once if opportunity strikes.

2.     You become oh yes member – Let’s do it because others are doing it. Most of the ‘oh yes’ members do not have the time to sit down, ask questions, investigate, compare and contrast the differences, similarities, merit and demerit of the job and the business, and how that best resonate with them, so as to make the best choice regarding their personal life.

3.     Quit your boss and be your own boss – It isn’t bad to quit your boss and become the boss yourself, but most people do not think about the marginality of quitting their job for the business. They do not square the short term decision with a long term effect. For instance, they may start making let says $50 per month in their businesses, they thought they’ve arrived and hoped to continue like that or earn more; next is to quit their jobs, and a couple of months, things turn out downside and regret is the outcome.

Why your job is better than your business

Now, let us look briefly how and why we consider your business better than your job.

1.     Job ensured security – Job security in general sense embraced a future secured. A job is more secured than a business, but all you hear these days by acclaimed self made success makers is that there’s nothing like job security. However, I am quite aware that in a dwindling economy or economic recession, it’s certain that some job workers could face retrenchment at a point in time, but does that means a business is more secured than a job? No. Why? Because, most businesses hardly survived their first 3 years. Most jobs have a wider range of survival, assurance, and confidence of retaining people longer than 5 years. 

Secondly, the perks of losing your job and getting another one is easier when compared to losing a business to restart from scratch, which can sometime be hell. JOB gives you a sense of safety, security and stability of monthly pay check, unlike a business which is a lot more difficult, challenges, and competition and likely to face tough terrain sunny and rainy days. So, in a nutshell, job empirically, provides better security than business.

2.     Job gives you steady flow of income – By you having a job, you have assured steady inflow of income, unlike in a real business where you may not make dime due to location, products, competitor, and others related factors. Job gives you assurance and the confidence regarding your weekly or monthly constant cash flow from salaries or wages.

Most commissioned -based businesses I know through personal experience do not offer the stability of monthly salary, and their income payout is unpredictable. Whether you will make the gain or not depends on how far you are ready and willing to work.

Knowing that you have that pay-check at the end of each month can be reassurance and offers you the stability to be able to budget and plan ahead, unlike in the business where income fluctuates each month, and some months less or no profit to reckon with.

With a steady flow of income, running your own business is easy and gives you an edge advantage over others because, you can raise the capital for your business from your paid job and effectively boast and project your business to the next expected level.

3.     Job offers fringe benefits – Fringe benefit is another benefits of having a job that a business man or woman do not have. Fringe benefits are often offered by the employers of labors and are varies from company and institutions. Such benefits include health insurance, transfer allowance, paid annual leave, dental insurance, furniture allowance, company paid holidays, seasonal and yearly incentive et al.

These additionally boast workers moral and create supplementary sources of income to their steady flow of income from wages or salaries. All these fringe benefits in terms of extra incomes are not found in running a business, and you as a business owner will have to settle all their health-care and other related expenses on your own, which can be quite costly and bulking if you have a family.

4.     You work less hours – Ever heard from some of these business owners boasting that they rather work 24hours a day just for the privilege of not working 12hours a day someone else? Though, personal development gurus and fly by night instant cash makers would tell you how they work fewer hours a week and just sit back watch their cash rake in. The real truth is, if you have a business, you work all the time. 

Unlike in a business where you may have to work every day, the different is the case with job with notion of skipping weekends, public holidays and special seasons like Esther and Christmas. You will need to put in as many hours as a business owner as necessary in order to accomplish your desired business success; and the time you are expected to devote to your business is inherently unpredictable unlike a job you simply work few hours a day.

5.     The risk is less – Irrespective of what the self-help gurus tells you (such as having a job is risky), it is far better and less risky to path on with a job than to start a business you either have to save big (from which source?) or borrow capital to start. Secondly, choosing a business over a job may even be a bigger risk. For instance, unfortunately, your business turned out downside and you could lose all your hard to build start up saving, or get trapped in a big time debt if the startup capital was borrowed. This is not same with a job.  When you lose your job, you do not lose your already paid incomes.

There are other factors that equally differentiate the important of owning a job rather than running a business. With your job, you do not bear the risk of natural disasters like fire outbreak, bankrupt and others unforeseen cost – your employer is responsible to handle all the lost; unlike in a business you’ll have to bear the lost yourself. You do not bother about seasonal factors such as demand and supply affecting some products in a business when working a day job. However, it takes lesser risk working a job and higher financial risk to start a business.

6.     Most people feel Contented – There is an inverse correlation between contentedness and drive. So many employees find contentment in their jobs. But, if I may ask, why misleading people by all these self made gurus to quit their jobs whom they love and find happiness working, compare to businesses they lack marketing skills, drives and temperament to run? They often came up with words like - your job is stressful, slavery, risky, working for others is bad and all other misleading statement about having a job. The important thing about these statements should be their authenticity.

People don’t work just to fulfill the purpose of employers. They work to fulfill their own purposes which are typically to care for themselves and their families. A person’s purposes will evolve as they age, and they will change their job anytime they believe that their purposes are not being fulfilled.

Most people are content with their status quo. They have shared set goals and values and if they achieved those in their society – they achieve the sense of belonging and pride that breed contentedness.

7.     Pensions and gratuity – Whether you believe that pensions and gratuities for retirees’ is death, whereby, you feel unsecured about your money, job and the future; the fact is, having the perks to work and successfully retired is priceless and worth celebrating. Attaining retirement age showcase your constitutional right or an employer’s obligation to either pay you off or pay your pension and subsequent monthly gratuity.

With your gratuity which is normally paid to you according to your rank and salary scale at the completion of your retirement year, you could achieve more you were unable to achieve during your working days since it usually a huge sum of money far beyond 5 to 7 times of your annual income put together.

With the sense of receiving pension, you will also have an unweaving assurance over the old age, and be rest assured of relaxing and enjoying your pension (monthly payment after retirement) throughout your lifetime on the strength you gave out during your working days. This golden opportunity related to owning job is never seen, neither available in a business.

In conclusion, since job is not for everyone, neither a business jack of all trade, it is better to look closely to make your personal decision on what best suitable for you. However, remember that working a job and at the same time running a business is the best idea for any most attain financial stability and independence; but it must be a job and businesses that best resonate with your time.

Seem like you want to oppose the motion that your job is better than your business? Or, you want to confirm the motion by supporting the author? Pleas, use the  comment box below.

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