7 secrets of a successful blogging exposed

What are the empirical derivatives of a successful blogger? Well, if that may sound mind bulging, I’ll like to put it straightly that the acceptable condition of a successful blogger is the ability to transform the lives of his or her blog readers while making money through the very blog at the same time.

It doesn’t necessarily matters how much money you’ve made, but how many lives you’ve been able to help in one way or the other through your blog. This is because the more people you help through your blog, the greater the chances you’ll make money or more through the blog.

Nevertheless, the act of meeting up by providing your blog audiences and readers solution to their problems while making money from the said blog most times are daunting. Only few are really able to blog to reader’s needs and want, and at the same time, able to squeeze the juice from their blog or from the blog users.

The reason isn’t far fetch as there are many reasons most bloggers aren’t successful in spite how much time, energy and resources they have investing into their blogging businesses. Among such detrimental and unsuccessful blogging factors includes blogging the wrong way, huge number of competition, the wrong mindset, writer’s block and others unimaginable factors that could hold and keep unsuccessful bloggers stuck in a dust.

So if truly you've determined being in the list of successful or must succeed bloggers out there, you’ll definitely have to stick to it, learn more, work hard, create a blogging alliance, all would fasten the track and present you and your blogging goals as a solution to other people’s problem at will. This is only when a successful blogging feasibly and gradually can emerged.

In spite the right mindset, determination, hard work, blogging know how, and being of help to many others out there who might need them, there are others critical and most vital characteristics of blogging all the ways to the top. Below are the 7 secrets of a successful blogging:

1.    Well optimized and responsive blog – As a savvy blogger who wishes to become a pro, solves more readers problems, monetize his or her blog and become successful, you must have a well optimized and responsive weblog that load very fast or else, you'll be leaving money on a table.

Since your blog pushes your stored information from the blog database through Templates, that in turn generate web pages and blog posts urls accessible on the web, optimizing YOUR website loading time will have a lot of positive impact on your traffic, readers, returning visitors, CTR and sales.

Your first goal of becoming a successful blogger should be optimizing your website so that it's becomes very responsive, fast and well navigated, which will help readers stay long on your site, read more of stuffs, and easily navigate from one page to the other to find more of the your information they could act upon.

A well navigated website helps search engines and readers through shortcut sub-pages, home to redirected lost or confused reader, hyperlink etc, and largely contributed to determining site traffic, page-views, time on site, bounce back rate, and page rank and general site ranking by the search engines.

You need to optimized your high quality content by leveraging keywords through On-page Off-page SEO strategies; and ensure you have a responsive weblog that is well designed, good looking, easy to scroll, and mobile friendly for all phone devices compatibility.

Such are options and criteria that users are mindful of your high degree of professionalism, all which would help you gain more trust, credibility, loyal subscribers, conversion, sales, and higher ranking in Google and others search engines.

2.    Determine your niche market – The act of successful blogging will be very difficult and even unattainable if you do not understand your niche market. Sometimes, some bloggers worried that they’ve done this or that and yet, could not see the blogging light at the blogging tunnel. The simple blogging niche questions they need to find a perfect answers include:

  •      Who are your audience?
  •      How engaging are your blog post?
  •      What is the niche market you want to focus your blogging effort on?
  •      Are you just going to be blogging aimlessly on anything you come across or that come your mind?
  •      Do you think you’re going to be successful diversifying your niche on the same blog rather than concentrating on a specific segmented niche market?

These are just few questions you need to provide accurate answers regarding determining your niche market and audience if you must blog your way to the top.

Blogging success could be difficult until you perfectly figure out your niche market and the audience you are blogging for. This will help you on what to write about, communicate in the right way, be more human, familiar with your audience, and match your products and services in the hands of those that best need them. 

Since generalists do not make money like specialist does, in blogosphere however, it is even more a rule of thumb to target a portion of a segmented niche market that best resonate with you and not just because others are doing it. It is wrong to think that everybody will need your products or services. So you need to specifically have full knowledge of your targeted market audience, their demographics, interest and behavior.

There are various markets and sub niche markets, but you have to choose your niche base on what you love, what you know and have inclination for, such that it would be easy for you to align in continuity without being derail in provision of in line products and services.

The top niche market in the industry to focus your blogging goal includes: 

Make money. 
Self help. 
Pet care. 

3.    Content marketing – Content marketing if done right is a sure way to successful blogging because, content is KING as the general saying goes; of whom without, your blogging effort will be as good as non in existence. Your blog content is one of the best ways to spread the word about your website or blog and as well position you as an expert in your niche marketing field. If your content standout by providing people what they're looking for, you'll definitely lack no visitors, and your website will be a go to area.

You need to constantly update your blog with fresh and quality content so you could escape getting stuck with the problem of writer’s block. You need to constantly post unique and niche related articles that will pique the interest of your readers to comment, keep coming back for more, share your post on social media, subscribe to your mailing list, and even buy your products and services.

Just like search engines love fresh and quality content, so are readers. Therefore, you shouldn’t focus your writing effort writing for search engines, but for your readers so they could find information to act upon, or that help them achieve their aims.

Your content must be well optimized with on-page off-page search engine strategies such that it becomes search engine friendly, that a potential customer finds it easy to get to your blog posts, products and services through specific organic keyword search, which means more traffic with less effort on your part, and possibly increase in sales.

There are more to content marketing than just crafting some words and post on site. Your content marketing effort should be able to interest the readers, engage them, and ignite them to carry out one function or the other right on your site.

Your content marketing for successful blogging must be unique and contain a point that readers can lean on. Readers must be compelled, comment on posts, subscribe to newsletter, and to buy your products.

It must contain image related to the post that help readers, search engines and enhance your content. It must be well structured and approximately 2000+ in word count. It must also contain internal links, error free and a call to action.

4.    Products and services – How do you considered being a successful blogger without personable created products and services? You must have a products you’re offering for sales, and some services you’re rendering to earn cool cash, all integrated right on site for potential customers who might be interested in buying them?

Remember, your products could be digital (ebook, video, audio, software etc) or physical products (phone, wears, books, health supplement etc). In case of digital products, it is better offering different format of products to meet up with different people form of obtaining information such as: ebook – electronic, video – visual, audio – auditory etc.

Although, there are many ways to becoming successful with respect to monetizing a blog, but selling your own personal crafted products or otherwise, affiliate products, private labels right or master resell right, and your own services matters a lot to your online business reputation, trust, brand loyalty, salesmanship, etc, and will go a long way profiting you in your blogging business goal.

Creating your own products isn’t that difficult provided you know what your product is all about. To understand your products means you’ve understood your niche market. Understanding your niche market would give you a head start of figuring out your target audience. Understanding your target audience will give you clarity to match your related content, that pique your reader’s interest, turn them to return visitors, cause them to comment posts, energize the to subscribe to your mailing list, share your posts, trust you, and finally buy your products and services.

A good product sells itself. When your products and services meet your customer’s satisfaction and expectation, it’s likely they are going buy more related products and even recommend it to their friends. Your products should be unique and standout above your competitor’s products. This is a shortcut to presenting yourself as an expert in your field, gain authority and win influence within your niche market.

5.    Traffic – Web traffic is an inevitable aspect of a successful blogger. Just as the popular saying that 'traffic is the life blood of an online business', so be it that without real human visitors viewing your website or blog, you won’t even get averagely seen of the search engines, talk more of anyone’s knowledge of your website, reading your stuffs or to buy from you.

Traffic is to an online business what blood is to human body, and what fuel is to a vehicle. Just as human can die without blood and vehicle stop moving for no fuel, so is even a responsive website or blog can get stuck with no visitors.

Generating traffic to site irrespective of strategies used is normally consisting of two main traffic categories which include free and paid traffic. As a starter or a webmaster with limited capital budget for paid traffic, you can leverage various free traffic strategies for your blog and still be successful, though, this normally takes time. 

While free traffic strategies such as SEO, web directories submission, link building, website submission to webmasters tools, blog commenting etc might takes time to catapults your blogging success to your desired peak, paid traffic however, can give you the desired result in no distance time with sponsored posts, pay per click, premium traffic etc.   

Ensure working on your traffic as it has more to do with the success of your blogging business. The more your website traffic, the more chances of getting loyal readers, email subscribers, blog comments, social media shares, and more of sales. Ranking high by Google and alexa traffic stat will go a long way in building you trust, credibility, brand loyalty, business advertisers, and enables you earn money through your blog.

6.    MonetizationMonetizing a blog is the most successful aim of a purposeful and a professional blogger. It entails various strategies of making money from a blog, but obviously, most bloggers irrespective of niche market thus finds it difficulty monetizing their blogs due to one reasons or the others such as impatient, wrong approach, untargeted niche market, no products and services etc.

It’s worth noting that even when done right; it takes time and consistence effort to blog from scratch to a stage of full blog monetization. The simple reason is because; most blog monetization features and stages are never attainable in a week or months interval. In regard to blog monetization, I do not consider people with one month old website, who bought infiltrated Google adsense into their website as monetizing a blogs. Such act is illegal, and banning isn’t always afar from their reached.

I’m not saying that it’s not easy to run a profitable website neither to monetize a blog; I’m actually saying that monetizing a blog is an in build and ongoing responsibility of a webmaster to meet up with various blog monetization requirements.

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There are various ways and strategies to monetizing a blog ranging from affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, sponsored review, selling products and services, Paypal donation, mailing list, google adsense, selling advert space and more and more of others blog monetizing strategies you need to leverage and integrate into your website or blog to get the juice squeezed.

7.    Leverage social media proof – Leveraging social media proof means conformity of your blog readers under the assumption that your blog articles, products and services meet up with their expectation, which normally takes from feedback, reviews, and approval of other people who have tested your products and services.

Social media ranging from facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, etc is an inevitable webmaster’s tool for increasing blog awareness, building traffic, building brand and loyal followers that every must succeed blogger need to take chances due to their large communities and millions of users with potential quota of getting interest in your articles, brand, products and services, and also share your article, buy your products, and services irrespective of your choice of niche.

Social media as a great business tool will help your business gain more visibility especially, when your articles are unique and satisfied your reader’s interest. They will be happy to share your article, products or services on their timelines or friend’s timelines. This could go as far as reaching other potential prospects and cause them to visit your site, bring you more of traffic with potential sales.

Social media platforms when aligned properly with your business platform will help you rotate and cycle your blogging processes, and general blogging business volatility.

Ensure integrating social media share buttons on your website or blog, so reader could share your interested posts with their friends, helping you in return with lot of armies of fans, blog readers, traffic and more of sales.  

In conclusion, blogging business when cleaved up to the 7 secret of a successful blogging business details above, I'm sure you'll be closer than you think blogging all the way to top.

I hope this article has been of help to you on your mission of blogging and be successful? 

If yes, do kindly share and comment below.


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