Get rid of disappearing html codes in blogger post

Are you one of a tech bloggers who offers how to’s solutions to people by blog posts?

As a core tech blogger, you will agree with me that you’ll definitely have to blog on how to’s solution regarding html codes, CSS, etc such that explain, direct, and prefers solutions on how to carry out a certain function in blog post. 

Most of these tech blogging html and CSS related post includes how to remove, hide, or delete a certain unwanted links from blog; how to add feature to blog, or generally design or redesign certain blog function as the case may be.

On several occasion while trying to make some blog posts where I include certain CSS and html codes that could show my readers and prospective visitors how to carry out one edit or design blog function or the other, I often came across some difficulties of some html or CSS code disappearing when I click preview or hit publish button. Some of those codes do shows while some entirely disappeared.

It is a bulging issue and seems frustrating especially when those disappeared html or CSS codes hold the bases of such blog post. The perfect example is in this blog post “how to remove subscribe to post: comments (atom) from blogger”. Some of the codes offering directives to that blog post show while the skin code blatantly refuses. I had no choice than making a screenshot of the skin code, enlarged and paste and upload it as an image just to get through with my blog post.

On discovering a perfect solution to this problem through a friend and business partner whom I reference so much – Oscar Lee by name, the CEO of, I therefore through his permission, decided making this another blog post, which I certainly believe would go a long way in helping some other tech bloggers out there with similar problems.

Getting rid of disappearing html/CSS codes in blog posts.

It is not quite difficult to get rid of disappearing html or CSS code while trying to make a new blog post either by clicking preview or hitting publish button; the simple fact is that what you don’t know is greater than you. 

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Now, follow the simple outline guidelines to get rid of annoying disappearing html and CSS code while making a new blog post:

1.     Login to your blogger or blogspot dashboard.

2.     Click on new post.

3.     At the right side of the new post page where you normally see label, permalink etc; down the list of the function is option. Click on option so you could see a drop-down consist of ‘readers comment’, ‘compose mode’, and ‘line breaking’.

4.     In that “option” drop-down compose mode, tick “show html literally” and click done.

5.     After you must have been done with setting your post title, body, label and permalink, you can then hit preview or publish your new post.

Finally, it shows that to get rid of disappearing html/CSS code in blog post, you’ll have to click on option >> show html literally >> before publishing your post, of which all html or CSS codes within the post would not be interpreted as html, but as a text.

I hope this post has been of help to you with the problem of missing or disappearing html/CSS codes in blog post? If truly yes, don’t hesitate to share or comment.


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