How to add custom copyright to blogger footer

Custom copyright is a customized blog protection statement that is permitted by Google blogspot service – also known as blogger, that's usually within the blog section called "Footer" in default blogspot or blogger’s template.

Custom copyright is often a legal right of a blog protection statement by the owner, that shows the rightful owner's authority over the blog content, images, and files, with exclusive right of the third party against content duplication and theft.

Custom copyright is one of those blog design tricks and hints that could set your blog apart and makes it look like a pro blog, irrespective of if you are a beginner, intermediate, or pro blogger; order than just a default template source and powered by blogger that usually accompanied default blogger template, within the footer area.

Custom copyright of a blog could be anything. It is normally constitute a copyright, year, company’s link site, navigation shortcut links, and site or author social media's links.

Integrating custom copyright into blogger footer


To simply ensure you customized your blogspot or blogger blog footer to your test, the following procedures must be taken. But before then, I presumed you’ve already created a blog that you want to customize the footer area.

Should in case you’re yet to create a blog, you can read how to setup a blog.

1.     Log into you “blogspot or blogger dashboard” with your login credentials depending on which platform you’re using.

2.     Right inside your dashboard, click on the small arrow pointing down at the right of the ‘post list’ icon and select “Layout” in the drop-down menu would appear. See image below.

3.     Right at the Layout page with different gadget functions, scrolls down the page to locate "Attribution Widget”. Now, click on “Add Gadget”.

4.     A pop up window would appear with the list of Google blogger’ gadgets.  Scroll within the gadgets to locate “HTML/Javascript” gadget. Click on it so another pop up but empty window would appear.

5.     Now, it’s time to add your customized html text into the empty pup up window space. 

It should be noted that, the footer or attribution area is not subject to only copyright. It can be customized to include site copyright statement, social media links, pages, and important sub-pages, which also help improve site navigation.   

6.     Add the following exemplified code to give you a head start, if you’re yet to be familiar with html and coding as appeared in the image below. Remember, you'll have to replace my website url with yours, and my name with your own name. You can go ahead including your pages and social media links, starting from < href=" and must end with "> of the main url, and as a closing hyperlink as seen in the image below.

<p align="center">Copyright @ 2016. All right reserved.
 <a href=""></a></p>

Remember to replace my blog url with yours.

7.     Click on “save”.

So, I guess this tutorial on How to add custom copyright to blogspot and blogger blog footer help you figure out how to do it? If true, simply let me know by commenting.

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