How to create feedburner rss feed subscription box

Feedburner is a web feed management tool that was provided and launched by Dick Costolo (ex twitter CEO), Eric Lunt, Steve Olechowsk, and Matt Shobe in Feburay, 2004. Later on 3th June, 2007, Google bought Feedburner and claimed the ownership of the great tool.

Feedburner is now own by Google, and it provide custom RSS Feeds and management tools to blogger, podcasters and other web-based content publishers.

RSS on the other hand, is refers to Rich Site Summary, which is the format for delivering regular changing web content. As many niche related sites, weblogs and more of online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to users, RSS however solves a problem of people who regularly use the web, by allowing them to easily stay informed, retrieving the latest content from the site they’re interested in.

Google uses feedburner to deliver custom RSS feed of a site to its users. Using feedburner saves time and money, unlike hugely monthly charge web subscription forms provided by other email marketing and subscription services providers out there. It is the easiest way of receiving latest post from your favorite blog, which is done by simple subscribing to RSS using feedburner, or any other feed reader out there such as Google reader, Bloglines, Netvibes etc.

Setting up your feedburner feed

To set up a feedburner rss subscription box so your readers and visitors could subscribe in order to receive future posts directly in their inbox, follow the step by step guidelines below: 

1.     Visit to sign into your feed burner account. It should be noted that you can use your same Google account details to sign into your feedburner account. Therefore, ensure creating Google account if you’re yet to have one.

2.      In order to burn your feed and get your feed url, simply enter the url of your website and click ‘next’ as seen in the image below. Remember to confirm your url, after you hit next.

3.     Once you’ve burned your feed by clicking next, it provide you with your blog feedburner url. Simply click on the name of your feed that would take you to a new page and then click ‘publicize’ as appeared in the image below.

4.     When you click on "publicize", a new page will appear. At the left side of the publicize page, click on "email subscriptions" as seen in the image below.
 When clicked on "email subscription", it will take you to a page where you are expected to copy and paste the generated feedburner subscription code into your blog, which would automatically provide you with an opt-in form for your visitor’s subscription, such that when subscribed, they could receive next and future posts directly into their email inbox.

5.     Therefore, highlight the code, copy and paste it anywhere in your blog (using html function), or in your blog script/HTML Gadget of your blog template. Thereafter, click on save. 

I hope this tutorial help you solve the problem of creating and generating feedburner subscription code? Please, simply comment, let us hear from you. 

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