How to delete facebook fan page

Facebook is no.1 social media site in the world, and a great online business tool.

Whether you’re using facebook for gossip, meet new friends or just for fun, the fact remains that, facebook as a social media platform as two main categories which include personal timeline profile used for contacting friends and family, and business pages used for advertising business and reaching more and more targeted prospects.

As a facebook user irrespective of what you’re using facebook for, you have access to creating personal business pages or groups, which can be accessible with old same registration or login details. 

Creating facebook business page could simply otherwise means the same thing as creating your personal facebook fan page. The simple reason is that, with facebook, a page is a page be it business page created for website, or fan page.

Now, let assume you’d fed up with your facebook business or fan page, where you you be like deleting page to avoid unusual notifications and distraction, the fact remains that you can delete your facebook fan page without altering your personal profile details or contact. You can also “unpublish the page” such that its remains only viewable and accessible to the page admin if in case, you don’t want to delete it entirely from facebook.

Unpublishing facebook fan page

For instant, you are uncertain whether to delete your facebook business page permanently or not, you can simply “unpublish” the page so that it becomes private and viewable to only the admin.

To simply unpublish page, simply align to the following steps:

1.     Login to your facebook account and visit the page you want to unpublish.

2.     Right inside the page, click on “settings” appearing at the top right of the page.

3.     The setting tab will take you to a page with list of facebook tab functions. Look for “page visibility” tab precisely no.2 in the list. Click on "edit" and then tick the “unpublish page” option box.

4.     Thereafter, click on “save.

NOTE: I will like to advise you using desktop/laptop to delete or unpublished your facebook business or fan page. The reason is that almost all mobile phones and smart phones lack the device compatibility of achieving that aim. 

Deleting facebook fan page.

For many reasons no doubt, I know some facebook business page users would want to delete their facebook fans and business pages off facebook. To simply get that done, follow the step by step guidelins below:

1.     Login to your facebook account and click on your page you want to delete.

2.     Right on the fan business/page, click on “settings” tab at the top right of the screen page.

3.     The setting tab will open a new page with the list of different function tabs. Scroll down the bottom of the list option to see “Remove Page”. It is the last option of those tab lists. Click on “Delete your page” or Edit” as appeared in the horizontal line of the “remove page”. See the image below.

4.     The “Edit” or “delete your page” of the “Remove Page” will open a pop up warning note asking you if you truly want to delete the page, of which if clicks “Delete the page”, it will takes you 14 days grace period to either undo your plan or get it permanently deleted.

Within the 14 days grace interval, you still have complete access and control over your page, and if you choose to ‘conceal deletion’, good and fine. But if you stick to deleting the page on elapse of 14 days grace period, your page will be totally deleted from facebook.

 The above screenshot is the cancellation button which will appear at the top of the page screen within the 14 days grace period. You can hit the “Cancel Deletion” to simply revert your Facebook fan or business page to it proper standing.

I hope this post has helped you figure how to delete your facebook page? If yes, kindly share or inform me through the comment box below.

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