How to delete website from Google analytic

In our previous article, we discussed how to edit posted posts titles in blogspot, in our today’s article however we are rightly talking about how to delete website from Google analytic.

Google analytic is a free web analytic service offered by Google that tracks and report website traffic, metrics and general user’s performance.

Having knowledge of how your visitors use your website is the simple idea behind integrating Google analytic code into your website or blog; and it’s a fundamental strategies of improving future online marketing campaign.

At the process of integrating Google analytic, you’ll visit Google analytic panel, add your website or blog, and you are provided with a certain script codes to embed into your website or blog html function, that help track all the site visitors, metrics and general performance and issue out result.

But, the question is, how do you remove your website from the Google analytic dashboard?

Deleting a site from Google analytic dashboard took me a lot of time before I could figure that out. It not quite difficult but, here is the simple procedures:

1.     Go to to log into your Google analytic panel. At the panel, click on “Admin”. There, you’ll see your account panel like it appears in the image below.

1.     Click on the account and select property site you want remove from the drop-down. See image below.

3.     At the same page of the site you’ve selected, check by the right hand side of the page to see “view settings”. Now, click on “view setting”.

4.     View setting will take you to another page where all the site details are entails.
5.     Now, click on “move to trash can” as indicated in the circle area of the above image, that would take you to a next page asking you if you’re sure you want to move view all website data to the trash can.

6.     Click on “trash view”. When clicked, it would show you “success”.

7.     When you come back to “trash can” and click on it, it would show you the very website in the trash bin.

8. This is the trash bin.
9.     Note: not that the website has been permanently removed, it is just there waiting for 35 days period to be completely be removed.  Thereafter, you would receive an email from Google about the website you moved to trash can, with an instruction that if you don’t want to remove the website, you should restore it back or else, it would be finally deleted after 35 days.

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