How to display alexa traffic rank widget in blogger

How to add alexa rank widget to a blog for improving and monitoring website and blog rank is quite simple, but before then, I will like you to know that any smart and success oriented webmaster can never disregard the significant of Alexa as related to providing deep analytical insight of bench-marking, comparing, and optimizing his or her website or blog.

Although there’s always a controversy regarding alexa ranking, Alexa however, as also has fasten up in its proficiency regarding its certified metric measure for accurate estimation and ranking websites. 

Alexa inspite critic emerged as one of the trusted website ranking tool base on it popularity and proficiency in ranking variables like global rank data, country based data, search term query, total number of links to site, and other important information you can leverage onto improving your website traffic and generate sales.

Alexa is a great marketing tool that can help you make better decision, reach targeted audience, grow your business, and discovering new opportunities of improving websites traffic especially when certified website metric by Alexa estimated variables.

Alexa verified meta code for site header.

Perhaps, you might considered integrating Alexa code widget into your website or blog in order to start displaying site traffic flows with links; but remember that there is another important alexa meta code or script you definitely would need to paste right into your website or blog <head> section for accurate tracking and estimation of your section in order to track how visitors use your website and its general performance, which important factor for alexa in delivering accurate estimated website metric.

For you to get this alexa meta tag or script, you’ll need to claim your site and verified its ownership, which is after clicking the alexa monthly subscription plans and prices page through "certified your metrics" tab.

By so doing, you’ll be left with 3 subscription methods of verifying site ownership starting from basic plan.

Alexa also offers 7 days free trials alongside with the 3 subscription method of claiming or verifying your website, which all method simply follows by uploading a file or adding a meta tag to claim and successfully verify your website.

You can choose any method convenient to you but normally, adding meta tag into website seem easier than uploading file to root system. You can pick any of the method.

Two types of alexa codes widget.


Above, I explained important code on site that matter most to your traffic derivatives; that’s however, is by subscribing to alexa monthly subscription plans, or taking advantage of their free trial to get your website or blog accurately estimated. 

Alexa widget when embedded into your website or blog would displays your current alexa rank and links depending if you choose to display only traffic rank or traffic rank and link count, which also will be subject to increasing or decreasing alexa rank and links.

Displaying alexa traffic rank widget especially when your website is highly ranked would go a long way in encouraging webmasters and advertisers for trust and willingness to do instant business with you.

First type:
The first type of alexa traffic counter widget is by displaying it which only “alexa rank”. You’ll have to copy these codes into appropriate place in your website or blog.

<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>

Second type:
The second type of alexa traffic counter widget for your blog is by displaying it with “rank and link count”. Below is the second type of the code.

<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>
While displaying the link(s) of your choice, you’ll need to replace my blog url  with your site url as appeared in both first and second codes the methods above.

 Adding Alexa Code to Blog

To display alexa rank widget on your website or blog, it is as easy as displaying text or image on site, which is normally done through HTML/JavaScript gadget. Follow this steps: 

Go to your Blogger Dashboard >> Layout. Now, click on "Add Gadget" as appeared on each tab and section of the Layout. The "Add Gadget" will open a pop window with list of Google Blogger Gadgets. 

Scroll within the gadgets to locate "HTML/JavaScript" gadget. When found, click on it to add the gadget to Template. When click, another pop up win will open which is where you are to paste the alexa traffic rank widget. Thereafter, click save.

Note: Integrating alexa traffic codes isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get ranked, thought it has a lot to do with amplifying your site ranking. 

Alexa uses certified ranking measure to make their ranking more accurate, which you have to get your website certified through subscribing to their monthly cost plan to get site metric appropriately estimated.

To display your alexa traffic flow widgets on your site, following the above first and second steps as directed with the above codes. 

Remember, for better tracking and accurate estimation of your website or blog metric, ensure your site is claimed, and you are offered the alexa meta code or script, where you are expected to paste and save it in your blog <head> section of your template code editor. section.

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