How to edit posted posts titles in blogspot

Editing already posted posts titles seems very difficult to me, not until I figured it out. But, let me ask you, I’ve you ever made such a silly mistakes with your blog posts titles, where you hit the “publish button” before realizing?

Personally, I made them often while adding content to my blog, and not just left to blog posts title(s) alone. For example, error of misspellings, omissions, and such a likes are similar silly mistakes blogger often makes while blogging. This is not subject to newbie(s) alone.

I remember once, I made a new blog post without including the title. The other time, I hit the publish button omitting some alphabet in the post title. Don’t blame me all that, it could be as a result of many other factors or circumstances.

Most at time, it is not out of blogger sluggishness, but causes could be contributed to detrimental factors like: PC battery almost going off against no availability of charging it, out of desperation of getting it posted, and any other factors personal experience could make you mostly understood.

But, the question is, after publishing and you realized a need for editing the already posted post title due to one reason or the other, how the heck do you get the posted post title edited?

Editing posted post title in blogspot or blogger

To simply edit your already posted blog post title in blogspot or blogger’s blog, follow the under listed procedures:

1.     Log into your blogspot or blogger dashboard depending your platform.

2.     Click on the small arrow pointing down to click on “posts” in the drop-down menu. See image below.

1.     The next page is a page that listed your entire posted articles. Hover beneath the post you want to edit and click “edit”.

2.     The whole post content and title will appear. Remember, if you edit the post title or the post url permalink right there, it may not work. So all you need is to “revert to draft”.

3.     Now, go to the top right of the page and click on "revert to draft" so the post can br move to draft

4.    Now, click on draft so you can edit the post title or it permalink the right way,
and finally, click “publish”.

In conclusion, the good thing about it is that, the same post would maintain its previous posted date entries like: date posted and not dates edited, same number of views and not subject to date title post edited.

Has this post helps you figure out how to edit posted posted title in blogspot or blogger's blog? If it does, I'll love comment below.

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