How to juggle your job and business

Keeping a day job and running a side business is an outstanding quality that differentiates most 20% successful people from the large 80% unsuccessful people (be it employee or self employed). 

It's no doubt that such an advice from all these fly-by-night acclimated self-made and personal development gurus, telling people to quit their job to pursue entrepreneurial venture is simply bad advice, embarrassing, and condescending to those who finds contentment in their jobs, and irresponsible for those who do not have the temperament to run a business; and largely because, job isn’t meant for everyone, neither business a jack of all trade.

While I was trying to correlate the level of increasing unemployment with the rate at which people desperate to secure a job, I was on the other hand considering the reasons behind persistence and increasing employees failures, such that, the golden opportunities of serving your nation or joining the labor market were now terms as “a rat race” by business master-minders.

 After a long research, I finally came to realized that the primary reason why most employees have financial problems wasn’t because of low earnings, but due lack of self discipline and delay gratification to grow monthly income from salary into a huge financial capital base for business and investment purposes.  

Although, some people make quite a legitimate amount of money through the internet, but the real truth is, that is not as easy as some of them claimed; neither is it a get rich quick scheme. You’ll get to work off your ass in the field often overwhelmed with information overload, right from newbie to intermediary level, up to a pro stage of building business exposure, creating and developing products, building brand into trust and credibility, creating sufficient repeat business, salesmanship, referrers and recommendations etc.

These are just few the factors that play into making money in both online and offline business, and you cannot achieve all these when your business is at a kick off level. Also, that’s not enough reasons to quit your day job especially, when equate the short-term decision with a long-term reality; 

There is nothing wrong by running your own slide business when you are off duty.  Your job is your job much like your business your business. In spite your job you need your own business. In-spite of your own business as a poor or a middle class, you need your own job to compliment or supplement it. 

Your business can benefits more when you take on the opportunity of enhancing your career skills while growing in the management leader board of your day job either through taking extra training or volunteering assignments. Practice coming in early and closing late. Being visible and productive at work as well as being contributing meetings, accepting new project responsibility regarding your work accomplishment. 

When you start up a business from scratch, gets a job to supplement your business if you find it difficult getting through especially, the financial process of growing your business. When also working a day job with an assured monthly cash flow, relying all bills and miscellaneous expenses on a single source from your wages or salaries would be like a cage bird that is offered food, shelter, security but no freedom.

Hence, all fingers are not equal and there are differences in income and status quo such as the poor, the middle class and the rich people. It would be eminent to handle your personal career decision with care. So, if to you, it’s thus necessary to work your job and run your slide business  at the same time, then read on.

The Do’s and don’ts of managing job and business the same time.

In order to be on the safe side while juggling your job and side business, the following considerable factors must be met:

1.     The right mindset 

Due to the fact that quitting your job for a entrepreneurial venture appears risky, and staying in your current job or better job seems safe breeds forth the idea of starting your own business while maintaining your part or full-time job. However, this approach of juggling both job and business may not work for everyone due to some critical imitating factors. It’s therefore requires the right mindset, and not mere decision to be able to stick to juggling both job and business as a career choice.

Without the right mindset that come what may and irrespective of your job, you’ll have to start your own business and stick to both, in order to triple-boast your income, it might be very difficult to meet up with the less motivation especially, when you seems exhausted from your 5-to-9, and needed to spend the remaining time with friends and families

The right mindset is what would give you the determination and motivation of waking up late at night or early enough to give your business the required attentions and concentrations it so deserve in order to be successful before checking out to your day time job. It would give you an edge of reasons why you started in a first place, and keep the burning desire and endless passion in you un-quenched, while triggering the action in you to run your business.

2.     Compatible resonated business with job 

It would better to access a business that can align with your job. There are many businesses out there; some are offline and some are online. With a look of things, the age of the internet provides us with many business opportunities that analogue age could not.

Starting a business while working a day job will align better if such a business is an internet based compare to a brick and mortal businesses that often may requires your presence. Although, with offline business, assigning tasks and instituting manager while you generally oversee the business processes and operation could be the best option.

It would be easier and better to run an internet based business as an employee due to the flexibility nature it kind. This is because, you don’t need to be physically presence to attend to your customers, market your products and services. The most important being that, you could be in a cave, plane, or anywhere in the world with internet connection and your laptop, carrying out your business activities and operations with just a click of some button and mouse.

3.     Don’t do it on company’ time 

How dare you taking your entrepreneurial business to your employer’s work place or hours? This would only make your feel less concentrated and unproductive on your employee’s job of which you are paid for. Your employee or executing manager could notice that and if that continue, could burn your major bridge leaving your without a job.

Now let me ask you, if you were the boss, would you permit your subordinate or employee to feature his or her personal business into and within the work premises and environment? Isn’t that going to hamper the work processes and reduce the company’s output? Definitely, I know every disciplined boss or manager wouldn’t want to permit that.

 I’m not saying there’s no personal business that’s being carried out at the work place; but such is often seen in some redundant company, establishment or institution. In contrary, most are allowed during brake time, off duty, etc.

It’s important to have full description of your boss and the ethic of your work premises, in order to ensure if it affect your existence supposed the boss knows about it or not, and if you can work on your business within your job premises of not.

4.     Maximize your time

One of the most drawback of juggling both job and business is the time factor. As a full-time employee, the time factor left to run your business varies of one institution to another. Some may work from 7am-2pm, 7am-6pm, and 7am-7am against the next day entire off duty.

More precisely, irrespective of the perceived time conflict often associated with running a job and a business as a person, a truly diligent and masterminded fellow can successfully path on both. I’m a perfect example; I work with The Nigeria Police Mobil Force (PMF).

In-spite the mobility nature of moving us from one location to another, I became an icon and a model worth of emulate within my job circuit, and within my online business associate, especially each time they discovered I’m a Police officer and at the same time a chronic passionate blogger, internet marketer, and entrepreneur.

The truth is, you don’t necessarily worked 24hours all day, weeks and months. If there is such a job, I haven’t seeing it. In-spite of your time constraints, considering starting an internet based businesses could be a face lift for you.

Secondly, taking hold of the right mindset of working on your business would pop the drives and motivation to move your business forward. I mean such un-quenching desire that almost have respect the time; that wakes you up early in the morning and late at night to give your business the attention and the concentration it does desired.

5.     Work hard and take more responsibility

Focusing on daily imperative is an act of diligent. To be successfully juggling both job and business, you must build constant imperative daily action taking.

Be it a routine of waking up in the morning or late at night, or going extra mile the risk lane to work on your business, it’s up to you of ensuring you give your business the desired and the concentration it requires to be successful.

Considering the limited time you have to share with your job, business, and family, it therefore necessary to make it count by taking responsibility of utilizing it appropriately.

6.     It’s up to you

It’s up to you to decide if you’re to quit your job entirely to depend on your business, quit your business to face your job, or to juggle both job and the business. It is up to you because, the best advice is the one you give to yourself.

And, if I may ask, wouldn’t it be to your own advantage if you stays employed while launching new business ventures such that, it create the mileage of acquiring the necessary traditional career skills that less likely to make you fail in their businesses?

In conclusion, I guess this has helped you you with some take home hints and tips to enable your run your job and business the right way? If true, please, don't hesitate to let me know by commenting.

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