How to monetize your blog

Are you blogging for passion or you are blogging for a purpose? Are you blogging because you love writing, or you’re blogging with the aim of turning it into first or second stream of income?

To me, the stress involving in blogging is far more than just blogging for passion. Nobody would love to keep stretching and grinding in order to bring ‘how to solutions’ to others without nothing in return of reaping the fruit of his or her labor. 

Though, there may be few who are just blogging aimlessly, but I can boldly say that about 80% of bloggers out there are blogging with the aim of making their voices heard, and as well as generating standard income from their blogs. Only 10% blogs with passion, while the rest 10% maybe blogging for government, institutions, and other establishment for administrative documentary purposes.

The onset transition of industrialization age into digitization age breeds forth the orientation behind blogging. Blogging initially and till date, is a mean of sharing information; and fortunately, it has grown in its concept following the advancement of the internet such that, you could now do a lot with it, and most importantly, you can now turn it into a reliable source of income.

Perhaps, blogging isn’t meant for everyone, neither blogging is meant for anyone. It is what you and I can do, but the question is, do you have the temperament to withstand the stress behind blogging? Do you have what it takes to become not just a blogger, but a pro blogger? Reason being that it is only when you grow to pro blogging status; the act of monetizing your blog could be so easy to achieve.

It would be a big mistake to start blogging this month and you start expecting making money from the same blog by next month. The reasons being that it takes time and huge processes to monetize a blog, and there are many factors that would lead to monetizing a blog, which can never be met within a short term.

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There are many ways to monetize a blog anyway but most detrimental factors include the fact that people are often in hurry, and most of them goes about doing it the wrong way in-spite of how much they have spent on their blogs. 

Most people believe that the easiest way of monetizing their blog is by integrating Google adsense. However, they are less regard considering the Google adsense rules and policies just because they believed they could buy infiltrated adsense (whom they bought huge amount) into their website and the money would start flowing. Some of them would go on with all kinds of black-hat practices and the result is often Google banning them and may even blacklist their website.

Some bloggers on the other hand believed its content, so they went ahead feeding their websites with all sort of unrelated niche content. Others in the same vein believed it’s by products, so they worked off their ass to provide products that people need instead of products that people want.

In the nutshell, those concepts are actually part of monetizing a blog, but the fact remains that they are doing it the wrong way, and that’s the reasons they aren’t succeeding. 

It might interest you to know that monetizing a blog requires work, time, and principles. It isn’t just by doing it your own way or by being smart. It is by following the concise rules as required, and by doing the right way.

So, how do you monetize a blog?

1.     Sale your own products – One of the outstanding characteristic qualities that differentiate you from your competitors, and a sure way to monetize your blog is the ability and the uniqueness of your own products created for sales.

Your products would go a long way projecting your brand awareness if it entails top notch tips and aid as solution to solving people’s problems, if market very well. Just like a good product sell itself, providing quality products can triple your monetizing process and foster your brand legacy.

You need your own personally created products so as to diversify your source of monetizing your blog. In the absent of creating your own products may be you are just starting, Private Label Rights, Master Resell Right, and Resell Right are great staring points of monetizing your blog by selling these products.

Your products could be physical products like laptops, phones, etc, or digital products like ebooks, videos, audios software etc. You’ll need different option of serving people your products (mostly digital products) because different people prefers different options of products like electronic – ebooks, visual – videos, tape – audios, etc.

2.     Sell your own services – Sometime, people used to be confused about the different between products and services. Your products is simply something (be it physical or digital) that solves a problem, meet a need, or give directive. On the other hand, your services is a job rendered (be it physical or digital) to someone, of which you are paid for.

Ensure you start selling your own services in-spite you’re selling your own products. Remember, your services could be anything you know how to do in order to get paid. For example, you know how to design or setup a website, you can coach or mentored people, you turn people website into app etc, why not create a dedicated section in your website that showcases these services so your visitors who may be interested in them could seek for your services?

Additionally, there are popular web portals such as, and where you could personally make money rendering services to people, and which you can integrate to your website for prospective customers.

3.     Affiliate Marketing – A smart bloggers and content marketers can never do without affiliate marketing if truly they want to monetize their blog because, affiliate marketing is one of the simplest and easiest way to make money online.

Affiliate marketing which is simply referring customer(s) through a unified merchant link to get paid a certain agreed commission by the merchant each time the customer buy the merchant products; is far easier to place a merchant banner ads on your website, contextual affiliate links, mailing list, social media shares, and more of other strategies of referring buying customers so you can get paid when they buy the merchant products.

To be on the profitable side, it is important to scrutinize affiliate products before venturing into promoting them. Such consideration include the percentage level of the commission for the affiliate products, the merchant or company’s profile or credibility, commission payment options as available in your country, and the quality of the products.

4.     Sell advert space – Have you ever visited a website to see a link that says “Advertise”, “Advertise with us”? Oh, you thought they’re waiting for whom to exchange links, or for people to come advertise for free? It is a paid services my dear.

Offer advertising space on your blog and start getting paid displaying other webmasters, companies or advertiser’s banner ads and logos in your website. By so doing, each time your visitor clicks on them, they are taken to the advertiser’s website, which brings traffics and potential buying customers to advertiser.

The rule of thumb is that, to start selling advert space on your website, your website must already ranked very well in term of traffic stat, and you must constantly receive huge amount of daily traffic to site, and huge amount of page views. This is the only criteria by which advertisers would like consider before accepting paying you to advertiser for them.

Ensure projecting your website to at least first 1,000,000 sites in the world before thinking about running advert space. You can as well pay to display to advertise or let others knows your website is selling ad space using BuySellAds.

5.     Integrate Google adsense – Google adsense is generally identified as blog monetizing tool and the most paying adsense on the globe, though there are other Google adsense alternatives like,, infolinks, adquet etc, all of them geared toward authority sites considering domain name duration, site traffic stat and number of daily page views, site responsiveness and many other factors as may contained in their policies.

It is not doubt that some intermediaries and even some acclaimed pro finds it difficult getting their Google adsense application approved. On the other hand, I often see some beginners who know nothing about adsense but only as a fast sure way to make money, buying infiltrated Google adsense into their website. For example, you are in Nigeria and you buy UK Google adsense into your website or blog. With all black hat practices, you are banned and your website or blog may even be blacklisted.

It is eminent keep to the adsense rulesand policies of which when merited, you’re sure going to be approved and you start generating revenues per each visitor’s clicks on those integrated ads on your blog. Hence, the idea of creating website today and expecting Google adsense income tomorrow doesn’t really match.

6.     Mailing list – Mailing list is still the stone cool method of monetizing a blog because it‘s easier to reach your targeted audience who willingly submitted his or her email address to you by subscribing to your mailing list.

A lot of chances entails that you can turn your list of subscribers into income generating pipeline by automating your list, streamlining actions of time to time send them some free gifts, provide them tutorials with hint and tips that would improve their perceived niche marketing business lives, promote your products and services through links to your website which is another traffic to you if action taken.

The money is in the list is an empirical online business statement that has much to do with your ability to build list, ability to create lasting relationship with your list, your ability to build conversion, and your ability to make sales through your list. However, the size of your list would also go a long way to determine the chances of monetizing your list.

7.     Setup donation button – Setting up donation button tab on your blog is another short and simple blog monetizing strategy. There are people of good will, celebrities and top tides out there who might fortunately be in love with you, your blog, or your entire concept and therefore feel like supporting you to do more with some free donation.

Donation button “Buy Me a Beer” as usually used by most bloggers can make you figures of income a year from generous people. It is a simple invention that it snippet code can be integrated into your blog, using Paypal donate feature.

As a successful mastermind blogger, you should think of integrating this great monetizing feature into your blog because, it is easy and usually accepted by all blogs or website.

Perhaps, donating is a good and specific thing. People will donate to you base on their emotional impulse like compassion, love, pity, gratitude or guilt. So, ensure your website blog evokes these specific emotions to take advantage of this blog monetizing feature.

8.     Sponsored posts – Offering sponsored posts service which also known as promoted entries or sponsored review, is another good and popular way to earn good money from your blog. It is usually an entry posts that contain links pointing to the home page or specific product pages of the website of the sponsor for which the blogger receives compensation in the form of money, product, and service or in other ways.

Think about offering sponsored posts/reviews. I mean offering a blog posts which you are paid to publish on your blog. It may be written by you or by the advertiser. 

In order to be in line with FTC regulations you should always endeavor to cite or mention that it’s a sponsored post, usually at the end of the post with an inscription such as – “This blog post was sponsored by (Brand Name Here)”.  This is also for your own good of retaining trust and authenticity so your readers don’t get disillusion and jaded if you mislead them to the sponsored site.

9.     Create online store – Setting up a website for business without selling or having in stock of products  waiting for buyers do not really sound good of a truly must succeed business and a masterminded business person.

Creating an online store that features all your products (physical or digital) and most affiliate products on your blog, or redirecting visitors to the store would be of your own advantage of sales and profiting.

Like most cases in Nigeria, you can import physical products like phones, laptops, power banks etc, fix your own price, take a good picture of them and list them for sale on your store blog. If customers buy, they can be downloaded if digital and shipped to buyer if physical.

10.     Site flipping – Website flipping is quite cool method of some people monetize their blog though I do not really suggest people doing that, but the true be told, site flipping/selling is fast becoming very popular and lucrative online business monetizing model.

This concept encourages if you base on short term project where you can buy or setup a website, add value to it like adding content, driving traffic, and then sell it at a higher price.

There are no doubts that website flipping if done professionally can result in unimaginable profits, that too with very little or no investment. There are two primary ways of succeeding with the fast growing monetizing business model of flipping/selling website which include creating the website from scratch or purchasing an existing website.

The popular place to sell your website is Flippa and WeBuyWebsite.

 I hope for sure this post has helped you realized more ways you can monetize your blog? If yes, then endeavor to share and comment.

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