How to remove subscribe to post comments (atom) from blogger

Removing subscribe to post comments (atom) link in blogger is one the ticklish aspect of designing a professional looking blogspot or blogger’s blog.

If you’re blogging with blogsopt or blogger, you will agree with me that every blogspot or blogger’s template design comes with ‘subscribe to post comments atom’ that usually appears at beneath blog post close to footer area of the default template.

As a blogger, to blog with a professional blogger’s design template would be thinking far beyond depending on a blogspot and blogger blogger-ish default template. This is because, replying on default blogger’s template without tweaking the template (removing some unwanted features) would simply tell even a novice that you are blogging on Google blogspot or blogger platform.

There are many blogspot or blogger default template features that could easily tell people that you are blogging on Blogger platform. Some of these features include blogger’s navigation tab, powered by blogger, subscribe to post comments atom, etc, which I’m gradually taking on how to do away with them one after the other.  

What is the meaning of subscribe to post comment (Atom)? 


In blogspot or blogger irrespective of template, there are usually two different text link – one is “Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)” and the other one is home page or other page as “Subscribe to: Post (Atom)”.
This is a default feature of blogger representing the post-feed link and appear below comment box or pager (Newer post – Home –Older Posts) link.

Precisely the following links are associated with atom text link, and if visitors click on any of the atom text link, a new window normally appears with some kind of text code usually difficult to understand.

In a real sense, the atom text for the post and comment usually reflect:

A.    Subscribe to: Post (Atom) >> http://yourblogname/feed/posts/default

B.     Subscribe to: Comments (Atom) >> http://yourblogname/feed/posts-url/comments/default

Note: If you had already burned your feed with FeedBurner just like I did, then subscribe to: Post (Atom) link will look like this (or, title in place of blog name), which offers more of options for visitors to subscribe to your post and comment.

Removing subscribe to post comment (atom) link

There are three method of removing or hidings subscribe to: post (Atom) and Subscribe to: comments (atom) text links from your blog.

Method 1:

1      1.   Login to your dashboard.

2.     Click on template.

3.     Customize

4.     Advance

5.     Add CSS

6.     Copy and paste .feed-links {display:none !important;}

7.     Click on applied to blog.

Method 2:

1.     Login to your blogspot or blogger ‘dashboard’ depending on your platform

2.     From your dashboard click on ‘Template’ >> Edit HTML

3.     The template code editor is open; place your cursor on the codes and press ctrl + F for a search box to open.

4.     In the search box, type in this code ]]>

and search it by pressing keyboard enter key.

5.     Once you find the above code in no.4, you are to copy this code .feed-links {display:none !important;} and paste it at above or before the code in no.4.
See image

6.     Click ‘save template’.
I hope this article has helped you removed subscribe to post comments (atom) from your blogger blog? If yes, share it and comment.


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