Why you need JOB and BUSINESS to Succeed

Working a day job and building a slide business is a sure fast, reliable, and best sustainable way for improving better standard of living and achieving financial independence. Therefore, “your job is your job; your business is your business”. In spite of your job, you need your own business.

But wait! Ever heard personal development guru’s claimed he or she never worked for anyone, neither ready securing a job and work 5-9 as often referred by them? In contrary, most of them aren’t really successful as claimed or lavished in the pictured; and are largely contributed to the top 80% people who failed in both online and offline businesses. Why?

Relying only on a small scale business that’s on a kickoff without working a day job has more implications and impediments to reaching a large scale, long-term, reliable, and sustainable stabilized venture. Reason being that, they often lacked the necessary traditional professional career skills, experiences, insight, and constant flow of capital needed to run their business into a long-term, large scale, successful venture.

Perhaps, there are many employed men and women I know with amazing ideas and potentials that they’ve turned them into cool businesses. Most of them didn’t quit their day jobs to depend straight away only on their businesses. They rather worked on both and let their businesses compliment their jobs, while their jobs supplement their businesses. 

Why traditional career skill to succeed in business?

People who stays employed while launching new business ventures are large less likely to fail in their businesses than those who quickly quit their jobs, or, never got employed. The reason is because they mastered the four characteristics of personal career development, through level of activities and attainments

Ordinarily, as stated in the work of Brian Trancy – “No Excuses” page 144, 

“You start off as employee with limited knowledge and experience, then, as you grow, learn and develop the ability to get results, you evolve upward and became a supervisor, with responsibility for the performance and results of other people. As you continue to move up the scale of the supervision, improving your ability to get things done through others from directly overseeing the work of employees, you become a manager, someone who assigns work to people with demonstrated competence in certain areas. Managers have larger view, and this comes with greater responsibility. As you move up the scale of management, becoming more knowledgeable and effective and getting more and better results from more and different people, you reach the highest level, that of a leader. At this stage, you are responsible for determining what, is to be done rather than how it is to be done”.

According to experts, fully 70% of your business will turn out to be wrong in the fullness of time. When you are a new business person or staring a new business, you will be wrong even more often this. 

It is not unusual for an entrepreneur to be wrong 90% of time in the beginning of his business career. That’s the most reason to work a job, get trained through hard work, skills, and experience before delving into running a personal dependable business.
Perhaps, it is pertinent to juggle both job and business, since your job can supplement your business, and your business compliment your job; but must gives an acute consideration of how compatible and resonate is the possibility of juggling both job and business.

Looking at a computerize age with large range of opportunities between you and the internet. There are digital businesses you can build at your own space of time, and the opportunities of showcasing your lurking ideas, skills, and even selling products and services to your targeted range of audiences out there is just priceless. 

Chances entails that you can work on your job full time or part time, gain regular flow of income to drive and thrive your offline or online businesses to a desired and projected height, especially in a society where there are income inequalities such as, the poor, middle class, and the rich people. These inequities affect job and business industries as a whole. 

My ADVICE is, “don’t quit your job”; for most reason, you’ll need the regular paychecks. Your business should be credited proficient in surviving long term profitability, reliability, and sustainability, with triple portion of incomes currently deriving  from your job, before thinking of finally quitting your job for life, to face  your business.

Summarily, in my today’s blog article, I’m going to help you figure out some golden nuggets of why you should keep your day job, and run a profitable business from scratch that would in future, easily helps you attain the financial independence you so desire.

Why you need a day Job and a slide business.  


Just like I told you that “your job is your job and your business your business”, there are many simple-pays-off reasons why you should juggle both job and business for yourself.

There are as follows:

1.     A better way – Working a day job as an employee and at the same time, building your own slide and petty business is simply a better way to boasting revenue because, you have something multiple stream of income to rely on during rainy day.

Running both job and business act as a catalyst to your financial problems and imbalance, by boasting the stability of your living standard as a person. It helps you pay off home bills, business bills, and others miscellaneous expenses while you’re trying to figure out business, investment, and revenue potentials.

2.      Boast living standard – Except your parent gave birth to you with a silver spoon in your mouth – Lol, and you feel like being redundant and lavishing the wealth. In contrary, if you’re a common man on a street like me, daring for better life then, I’m mostly referring to you.

Aligning job and business as a career choice will gives you a secured, assured, and increased monthly income; and better still, offers you substantial powers to aid your slide business from kickoff to a large, reliable and sustainable scale.
3.     Double your cash flow – As a human, the amount of daily, weekly, monthly, and annually incomes that get into your pocket, irrespective of your job or business is what really matter. It is what everyone strives for. This is in a sense that everything revolves around money.

The ability to make money, recreate and retain them is what really differentiates the rich from the poor. The money that is generally regarded as next to God is the most reasons why some people goes into robbery, kidnapping, ritual and selling out souls to become famous, rich, and super stars.

As God fearing entity, setting up a business to support your job, and patching up a job to boast your business is totally, an act of diligence toward increasing personal income base.

4.     Supplement income stream – A supplemental income stream is a sure face lift to boasting financial status, doubling cash-flow, improving standard of living, and fast-lane to wealth.

When diversifying your income source mostly through job and a business, you have chances of building assets the smart way, pay off impending debts and liabilities, aiding lowest expenses and boasting monthly to annual cash flow.

Hence, you could save more to build bigger businesses that resonate with your job, or invest in larger cooperation.

5.     Fast lane to wealth – The differences would be quite cleared, except you are purely unproductive. Making appropriate use of your job and business incoming cash flow would gives you an edge advantage over peers and colleagues with single source of income, either from job or business; and would also propel your financial forces of achieving more.

6.     Instill stability – Securing a job and running a slide business will help you eliminate the chances of failure that would have ordinarily got you stuck in a dust; and thereby, instill a momentum, stability, and the confidence to move your career choice to the next big level.

7.     Long term prospective – Give your business time to work so it can provide you with a full time income. The fact is the most important single attribute of people who achieved great success in life are those with “long term perspective.”

In conclusion, every new start-up business involves a certain amount of financial risk. Staying to you job with a steady salaries put you in a better mind frame to decide what risk are worth taking. Staying employed equips you with the managerial skills, concentration, and the opportunity to carefully make a smooth transition from part-time business, or full-time employee to a full-time entrepreneur.

Finally, do you have any contributory ideas to reasons why working a day job and at the same time running a slide business, the best option for a core employee and a masterminded entrepreneur, for reaching both financial freedom? Kindly add your take on this by commenting.

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