How to change blogger template

Template in Blogger (theme in Wordpress) is one critical factors of determining a must succeed or fail blog on the internet. The reason being that your blog pushes stored information from your blog database through template (theme wordpress), that in turn generate web pages and blog post urls accessible on the web. Your blog template is simply like a central processing unit of a computer.

Blog template or theme hold the whole blog viability from well designed to responsiveness, range of stylishness to appearance, a distinct character to a feel that send out either positive or negative impression to your target readers or visitors.

A well structure template or theme is a well designed, easy to load, easy to scroll, responsive and mobile friendly such that it captured urgently visitors and retain them on site longer than expected. In addition, a good blog template also helps your website or blog rank well on major search engines. 

So now, you’ve created a blog with blogspot or blogger, you’ve added some great amount of content but you don’t really like the look of your blog. Maybe the whole blog and content look creepy, and you’re not satisfied with that. You simply have no option than to change the blog template to any well improved template of your choice. 

Like when I started blogging using this platform, I used default template as my blog template. As I proceeded the course of my blogging, I stumbled on a third party blogger template I considered far more well designed and responsive compared to the default template, and I decided changing for the better.

Since Google keep updating its search algorithms to keep improving it search results and user’s experience, it is pertinent for bloggers to also update their blog template to most search engines friendly templates.

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I am not saying that you shouldn’t use the default template found on the default template designer, I’m actually saying that, if you stumble on a well designed third party template that’s more responsive and SEO friendly, there is no offense in using it.

The truth be told, default blogger templates found in blogger template designer’s panel are not that attractive, responsive and professional compared to some free and premium third party blogger templates out there on the internet.

It also empirically tested that default blogger template are not up-to-date search engine optimized because they were all designed many years back without any recent update meet up today search engine update.

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Remember that you can create and share your own third party or custom blogger template, and can be uploaded into blogspot or blogger as your blog template. 

There is no penalty by Google for creating, uploading and using third party or custom template in your blogspot or blogger blog. The most important thing is your knowledge to build yourself a personable third party or custom blogger template.

3 method of changing template in blogspot or blogger blog.

The first method is by changing the default Google blogger template found in the template designer panel. 

The second method is changing the design using CSS by personalizing your blog appearance, using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).

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The third method of changing blogspot or blogger template is by uploading a third party blogger designed template.

So, in changing blogger template, it depends on what you want. For example, if you just want to change some design by adding CSS, or if you want to use default template, or if you want to use third party designed template all depends on you.

Changing default blogger template

If you have no third party or custom blogger template, or you just want to keep it simply with the default blogger template found in your blog template design panel that include simple template, awesome template, dynamic template and inc template, you can go straight away to choose any by simply following the below guidelines:

1.     Signin to your blogspot or blogger dashboard depending on your platform.

2.     Click on Template.

3.     Under “Live on Blog” click on “Customize”.

4.     The 'customize' tab will open the Blogger Template Designer Page, so you can choose from the in-build default templates that include "Simple Template', "Dynamic View Template", "Picture Window Template", "Awesome Inc", "Watermark", "Ethereal", and more. 

Click on any of the default Templates and click on "View Blog" to see the sample of the blog template you're about to change, as seen on top side bar of the screenshot image above. blogger template designer panel.

5.     Use the left menu in of the above screenshot to customize you’re your blog background, adjust the width, layout, and other settings relating an advance CSS as might best appeal to you.

6.     On the top right of the template designer panel, click on “Add to Blog” if satisfied with your blog template look and respond.

Changing Template Design Using CSS

You can also change and personalized your blog appearance by using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). To simply add custom CSS snippets to your blog template, follow this instruction:

1.     Signin to your blogspot or blogger dashboard depending on your platform.

2.     Click on Template.

3.     Under “Live on Blog” click on “Customize”.

4.     In the left menu of the blogger template designer, click on "Advanced" ans select "Add CSS". See the image blow.

5.     The "Add CSS" tab will open an empty box so your can define or add your Custom CSS code to your blog. 

6.     On top of right of the page after you've added your CSS Code, click on Apply to Blog.

Changing blogger template to a custom designed template

To change your blogger template to a third party custom template, you’ll need to first download the template from the internet which is normally in a xml format, though, can be extracted from a zip file depending on how it was packaged.

There are hundreds of thousands of blospot or blogger template out there on the internet, both responsive and non responsive, SEO friendly and non SEO friendly, which you can either buy or download free. The most important thing about custom blogger template is stumbling on a good one that is well designed, easy to scroll, responsive and SEO friendly.

When you lay hand on a best for you, third party custom blogger template, make sure you save it where you can easily locate it so you can upload it to your blog. Now, follow the bellow guidelines to successfully upload your custom blogger template:

1.     Login to your blogspot or blogger dashboard depending on your used platform.

2.     Click on template.

3.     Click on Backup/Restore button at the top right of the page.

4.     First, you need to download your existing template as a backup. So, click on ‘download full template’ button. (You’re backing up and downloading your existing template so that if anything goes wrong with the third party template, you can go back and upload back your old template into your blog).

5.     Click on ‘Browse’ button to choose the third party custom template file you already saved, that you want to upload to your blog.

6.     Click on the new/third party template you want to upload and click ‘upload’ to upload it.

7.     When the template is fully uploaded, click on "Apply to blog".

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