How to change facebook username

Your Facebook username represent your facebook user ID, and are part of your public profile which helps people or friends able to find you. It is a string of numbers that doesn’t personally identify you but does connect to your Facebook account.

In order to have access to your Facebook username, you’ll have to sign up with Facebook and login to your Facebook account as Admin, so you can create or change your Facebook username.

Facebook username make more sense on how you appear on the search result and major search engines. Can you imagine searching your name on search engines and your social media usernames or profiles are found on the top pages of Google search and other search engines? It’s all based on how you set your social media username profiles.

There are 80% changes that some people out there even on facebook, bears the same names as yours, and that’s why numbers are used or attached to some Facebook usernames that are alike (, in order to differentiate one account user from another.

No facebook username can be used in two different profiles, so mean; you have a discrete Facebook username that cannot be shared. Therefore, choose your username wisely and on time, before someone else claim it from you. 

Characteristic of Facebook username

If you don’t create Facebook username, you still have a user ID. There is little or no different from Facebook username and Facebook user ID. Below are the characteristic of Facebook username and User ID:

1.     Facebook username generate a custom link to your facebook profile like, which can be shared either on facebook, or post on external website.

2.     Username can also be used to access information about you through your facebook username for example, if my username is, someone can simply access my personal information by searching for, which is all about my profile and public information.
3.     Your facebook username or user ID also helps applications personalize your experience by connecting with your facebook account, such that app use your username or ID to access your profile and friends list.

How to change Facebook username/ID

My Advice: think twice before changing your facebook username or ID, and make sure your username has your profile name keyword. Avoid numbers or figure attach to it if possible for better search engine preference because, once changed your facebook username, it cannot be changed or edited again.

There are two method of changing or editing your facebook username. Simply follow below steps to change your facebook username:

First method: ( PC)

1.     Login to your facebook account. I presume you already registered an account with facebook.

2.     Right inside your facebook profile, click on the small arrow pointing down to bring out a drop-down list containing various tasks features including "setting" tab.

3.     Click on the "setting" so you can be able to change or edit your facebook username. See the screenshot image above.Now, the setting tab will open general account setting panel. See image below.

4.     Now, click on the username "edit" tab to set your new facebook username.

5.     There after click Save.

Second method:

1.   Login to your facebook account with your mobile phone.

2.   Depending on where you are within Facebook, but on those tab features (such as Profile, Massage, Notification, Chat, Friends, Pages and Menu), click on "Profile". 

3.   On your Fcaebook Profile Page, click on "edit profile" behind your profile picture. On the opened edit profile page, scroll down to contact detail and then click on facebook "edit" to set your username.

You can equally edit your facebook username on same mobile by clicking on your "About" below your profile picture by scrolling down to contact details >> Facebook >>edit to set your facebook username.

If you find it difficult editing your facebook username using mobile phone, simply employ step in the first method above, using PC. 

In conclusion, you can also get your facebook username set rightly by simply visiting to set your username ID. You will be required to login to your account sometime for account authenticity on unverified device.

I hope this post has been of help to you with regard to changing facebook username?

Please, kindly share. 

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