How to make 3 columns default blogger template

Some bloggers prefers using 3 column blogger templates, believing that it helps them displays advert on both sidebars. Such is an applause idea, but it’s not a final solution because it is not one cap fit all when it comes to blog advert, affiliate marketing, banners and generating referrals.
Blogger template (theme in Wordpress) is a master pages or pre-developed pages layout used to produce web-pages is to your blog what a Central Processing Unit (CPU) is to a computer.

Like in computer, CPU processes the garbage-in information and gives out result. In a website or blog however, it is indifferent because blogger template pushes the stored information (database) and makes them accessible (through template engine) on the internet through web-pages.

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Blogger template is even more critical to blog success considering the age of mobile internet because, it determines the blog mobile responsiveness, the level of new and return visitors, search engine, loading time, site structure and general ranking.
Imaging visiting a website especially on mobile only to discover that:
1.     Find it difficulty scrolling through site.
2.     Unable to read the stacking content.
3.     Differentiate pages from navigation.
4.     Subscription box from related post.
5.     Adsense from banner adverts.
6.     Social media share from footer.
7.     Etc

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Such a sticky website or blog perhaps, is often a product of unresponsive blog template or theme in used, and sometime, the inability of the webmaster to customize the template.
That’s briefly for blogger template, but what about making your blog a 3 
column template?
Although, there are thousands of well responsive and search engine friendly 3 columns custom blogger templates on the internet both free and paid you could stumble and get them downloaded with simply Google search; however, you can turn your default blogger or third party blogger template with 2 columns (main column and a sidebar) into 3 columns (main column and 2 sidebar) template, using blogger template designer.

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On how you can turn in-used default blogger template, or external template with 2 columns into a 3 columns template, simply follow these steps: 
1.     Signin to your blogspot or blogger dashboard depending on your platform.

2.     Click on Template. See image below.

3.     Click on “backup template” as seen in the above screenshot image so it can pop up, “download full template” tab. See image below.

4.     Click on “Download Full Template” to download the original template so you can upload and restore it back should in case anything go wrong with customizing the 3 column template.

5.     After backing up your blog template, click on Customize.

6.     In the left ‘blogger template designer’ menu, click on “Template”.

7.     The ‘Template’ tab will open blogger template column panel with sample of different default template columns.

8.     Click on the 3 column template format for your blog to change to main column (in center) and 2 sidebars (left and right).

9.     Click on Apply to Blog.

10.       You can click back to blogger thereafter to get to your main dashboard. Right in your dashboard, click on Layout.

11.       Now, you can add more gadgets to your blog layout or arrange gadgets to fit the 2 sidebar (left and right), while blog content in the center. 

That all you need to know about changing default blogger template to 3 column template.

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