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I was opportune to first guest posted on writing a new blog post in blogger, even before it is published as you’re reading on this platform. In-spite how common I regarded how to make a new blog post in blogger, the admin site of the guest posted article, though he requested the topic, reported the blog post to be the most current viewed article on his blog.

I had no option than writing on this same topic and get it posted on my blog due to the fact I keep receiving the same questions severally – ‘making a new blog post from my clients precisely on Facebook, though I had done my best then, in referring  them to the guest posted article.
So, if you’re one of those newbies out there, who have made their ways through how to start blogging, and now have the knowledge of how to setup a blog, the fact is, you or some out there could get stuck on what next, or exactly steps to begin the process of successfully making a new blog post.

I was once in the same shoe anyway, especially as a starter, there are a lot of clickable links, shortcut links, and huge of ‘what to’ on the blogging platform site that could make you really confused or overwhelmed. 

The fact remains that “what you do not know is greater than you”. Hence, it is not difficult to add new post on blogspot or blogger; but knowing fully it does seems difficult to you mostly as a beginner, then you have no reason to be worry because that’s what I’m about working you through in this article.

You may have had your way through making a new blog post, but I’ve you considered those that are just starting out?  To them, it could be like a real diamond in a rough, inspite are cheap seems to you acclimated intermediary or pro blogger. Therefore, this article in particular, isn’t for the pros, but to satisfy those (newbies) new in the blogging industry. 

Why must you post?

Making a new blog post is vital to the success of your blogging business, even though you blog as a hobby because, there’s no point of creating a blog without posting a content.

Blog content is what your blog contain, all about, deals on, prescribing, explaining or offering to the readers. Considering this fact, it is therefore important to post on your blog; be it blog post or creating pages.

If you’re a business person, and you have a blog linked and affiliated to the business, or you are into full time blogging, you’ll need to constantly post new and fresh content to keep the blog or business updated. You definitely would need various related and continuous blog content posted on the blog in order to increase the blog readership, traffic, ranking, and information base.

Making new blog post in blogger.

Now that you’ve discovered why you shouldn’t less considered the topic because hundreds and thousands beginners (bloggers) out there do not know it – making a new blog post in blogspot or blogger, and would need such an important information, let go sequentially through the process of successfully making a new blog post.

By now, I considered you’ve already setup your blog, but left with the problem of making a new blog post. In case you’re yet to setup your blog, you can go learn  how to setup a blog, and how to start blogging.
Now, follow the bellow guidelines to begin the process of creating and publishing your new blog post in blogspot or blogger blog:

1.      Login to your blogsopt or blogger dashboard depending on the platform you’re using. In your dashboard, you will see image similar to the one below. Remember, both blogspot and blogger use the same dashboard.

2.     Click on the same arrow pointing down as seen in the circled area of the image above and below.

3.     When clicked on the small pointed down arrow, a drop-down list of your dashboard features and task will appear. Click on “Posts” that seen among the list in the drop-down list. See the image below.

4.     The ‘posts’ tab from the drop-down will open a new page where all your posted blog articles usually listed. That’s where you’ll see your “New Post” tab as seen in the circled area on the screenshot image below.

5.     The “New Post” in your post page will take you to a next page with an empty ‘blog post title’ field, ‘html post design function keys’, ‘blog article entry field’ (all at the center), and label tab, permalink tab, option etc (all at the right) at the same page.

You are to enter your new blog post title, post body or details, set label of your post (category in wordpress), and set your permalink (blog post url) as you so desired, and use the html post design function to make your post as you want like bolding, italic, coloring, excerpt, heading etc.

6.     Once you’re down with entering your post title, post body, designing the post body using html function keys, set your blog label, and your blog post url using permalink, you can click on “preview” to see the sample of how your about posted article would look like when finally published. 

When the preview page load fully, you can determine if you’re okay with that or edit what’s not okay in the post before hit the publish button. On satisfaction with the post preview, you can hit the ‘publish’ button to get your new blog post published on the internet. 

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