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In my similar and related article – how to create feedburner rss feed subscription box, I explained what feedburner is all about, it founder, and how it was bought over by Google in June, 2007. In today’s blog post however, I’m rightly going to work you through how to make excerpt post in feedburner new post notification to your subscribers.

Feedburner as a web feed management tool is one of the most popular method of emailing blog posts automatically to subscribers. It is one of the popuplar mailing list management tool do doubt because, it is a freemium service provided by Google, unlike others list building subscription services or webportals that charges people hugely per month.

With Feedburner for blog posts subscription box, you can get as much subscribers as you can, all free at no cost compared to other mailing list builders services that increases monthly charges as subscribers base increases. I think many bloggers and webmasters are yet to realize Google Feedburner potentials and amazing ways this services can be utilized and maximize their blog readership, sharing, traffic and authority.

Make excerpt post for new post notification

Perhaps, I assume that you already created your feedburner rss feed subscription box, and integrated the code into your website or blog so readers could subscribe to your new further posts such that, when you make a new blog post, they receive the post notification right inside their email box? In case you didn’t, you can read on the link how to integrate feedburner subscription box into your website or blog. 

But if already had the feedburner subscription box on your website, the question is, do you have to email your subscribers the blog post, or are suppose to email them half or one quarter of the post so they could click on a link to read the whole post on your website?

You should know the answer already but in case you don’t, it will really make more of traffic sense to make the except of the post in order to bring more visitors to your site by enticing them with an excerpt or summary of your new blog post, such that they click on a link to read the rest of the post on your website.

Now, follow below processes to setup your Feedburner subscribers new post notification to excerpt or summary:

1.     Visit Feedburner to sign up for your blog feed and subscribers box. Simply register if you’re yet to. Remember you can sign up for feedburner using your same Google account details, but if you’re already setup your feedburner subscription box into your website, you’ll have to login your feedburner account.

Your feedburner account should look like mine as seen in the image below. The circle portion in the image is blog feed title, so remember to click on yours.

2.     When clicked on your blog feed title; it will take you to your main feedburner account dashboard. Right inside your feedburner account, click on “Optimize” as appeared on top of the page. See image below. 

When clicked on the ‘optimize’, it will take you to the next page where you need to click on “Summary Burner”.  See image below.

3.     The ‘Summary Burner’ tab will open a box containing exemplary description of how your excerpt or summary post notification for subscribers should look like. Refer to image below.

On top of the open box is a small box for you to define or determine number of your excerpt post. I guess 200 character as excerpt as normal, but you can set the excerpt character to 100, 150 or more depending how short or long you want your except or summary post notification to appears to your blog subscribers.

Note: there is a provision for ‘read more’ link for readers. It is automatically hyper link after you’ve set your maximum excerpt post character.

What the readers sees in that case, is the short excerpt or the summary of your new blog post, but make sure it is sweet, interesting, captivating and brief with a feeling of wanting more. Remember, tell them click on the post title to read more.

That’s all you need to know about making feedburner excerpt or summary post for blog subscribers. In my next similar and related blog post on this same post label Mailing list, I shall discuss how to setup title and logo in feedburner post notification, and subsequently, “quick link to comments” and “post notification delivery time”.

If you’ve already setup your feed burner rss feed subscription box for your blog subscribers, I certainly hope you’ve discovered how to make except or summary of your feedburner post notification to subscribers instead of full post? But if you’re yet to setup your feedburner subscription box for readers to subscribe, simply reader through link text to learn more.

I hope you’ve found this article interesting, helpful and worthy of sharing and commenting? Kindly do any or both.

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