How to add custom favicon in blogger

Just like branding is vital for a successful blogging business, so is adding custom favicon to a blog an important branding strategy.

If you own a website running a profitable online business but has no custom favicon created to representing you and your brand identity, then this article is rightly for you as a guide on how to create custom favicon in your blogger or blogspot as a case study.
But then, what is Favicon

A favicon icon also known as a website icon or tab icon is a small icon, image or logo that is used to represent, recognize, associate, and identify with a particular website or webpage, usually found next to the site name navigation bar of your browser and in browser bookmark. 

Below images include branded favicon representing different website as their identity .

Normally, all content management systems (CMS) like Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, etc comes with a default favicon to represent their brand. Some blogger are still yet to realize the power behind the use of custom favicon. So you shouldn’t settle for less by using none or any of these blogging platform default favicon irrespective of which platform in used.

Integrating personal custom favicon in a website would instill site usability, user experience, credibility and trust; since favicon is the first impression of your brand identity that gradually gets embedded in the mind of both users and non users. 

Favicon is a great branding and advertising tool since it brings you closer to your targeted audience and prospective customers. It creates the stick around mentality of your site visitors and instills bond awareness of your expertise, brand, products and services.

Favicon do not have exact acceptable general pixel seize, but could be 16X16 pixel minimum, 32X32 pixel, 48X48 pixel or even 180X180 pixel maximum in gif or jpg image seize depending on your platform.

Do you know or ever heard of a website called Wordpress? What do you think is Wordpress number one Favicon? The image below speaks better of Wordpress.

What about Blogger? Do you know Blogger number one Favicon? Okay, see the Blogger branded identity logo below.


Sourcing for favicon.

There are tools for creating and generating favicon for your blog should in case you have no one ready for used. You can do that by visiting or Favicon generator, where you are required to select any image or icon you want to use as favicon, while they convert it to a Window favicon (.ico) and App icon.

You can also consult a qualified graphic designer to create a befitting custom favicon you want to use to represent your brand, provided it resonates with your website domain name. 

Specifically, I am concentrating this tutorial on how to add custom favicon in Blogger.

Adding custom favicon in blogger.

Follow below detailed procedures to simply use your personified image, icon or logo as your blog favicon:

1.     1.  Login to your Blogger or Blogspot dashboard depending on your platform.

2.     2.  Click on Layout.

3.     3.  The Layout template do includes favicon option usually displays at the top of other widgets. Should in case the favicon gadget is not included in the layout widget, you should click on “Add Gadget” to include the favicon to the layout.  

4.     4.  When found or include the favicon in the Layout, click on “Edit” of the favicon widget for a pop up window to appear.

5.     5.  In the pop up window, click on “Browse” to find the image on your computer you want to use as favicon.

6.     6.  Once you locate the image favicon, click on it and then hit the save key of your keyboard. The chosen image favicon will start uploading automatically.  

7.     7.  Thereafter, click on Save to apply the favicon to your blog.

     Finally, I hope this article has been of help you with regard to adding custom favicon to your blogger or blogspot blog? If yes, kindly share by using the social media share buttons below.

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