How to add clickable link in a blog post

How to add a clickable link or a hyperlink in a new blog post is one of those corresponded questions I received from my clients while responding to their various questions relating blogging in particular, as one sure strategy I personally deployed for gaining continuous blog content ideas.

A clickable link, otherwise known as a hyperlink in internet marketing term, is refers to a website chain or sausage of data that the reader can directly follow either by clicking, tapping, or hovering, which can add more value to both reader and the web content. 

Adding a clickable link in a blog post is a great way to inform your blog readers with new exciting business opportunity, diversify your blog content by adding more details, link to another blog, reference cited domain or authority, navigation content resourcefully, and guide the reader with related or similar content.

Clickable or hyper link contributed hugely to your blogging success by improving your content marketing professionalism, article resourcefulness to the readers, credibility, Search Engine Optimization, and helps as a ranking factor of your blog by the major search engines.

Google and other major search engines values and rank higher, a blog content with contextual hyperlinks that act as a reference, citation, or additional information to the information such blog content is trying to convey. 

Google sees and regarded such content with related link as more accurate, and thereby rank it higher than other related content with no reference, citation or external inbound link to supplements the information such blog containing.  

In web coding, programming languages or html, links are known and identified with <a> tag, which the “a” stands for anchor. It attribute href is a value that goes with it, which indicate to the browser that what come next is the hypertext reference – being a webpage. For example, <a href="">okongeorge</a>
If for instant such exemplified link is published in a blog, the word “okongeorge” becomes the clickable link that proceeded to website.

The hypertext is called the text with the hyperlink. The text that is linked is called anchor text or contextual link. The webpage containing the clickable or hyperlink is known as its source page. Remember, you can also use the same link <a> tag to link image by making image clickable in a blog post. 

I personally advice you make w3schools your html school of thought, if actually you want to learn html and SCC the right and easy way.  

Two ways to add a clickable link in blog post

First Method:

1.     Type all your articles you want to post using Microsoft word, and include the needed clickable link right there before copy and paste on your blog for published.

2.      To include the clickable link in Microsoft word of a computer, simply click your cursor next to the text you want to make clickable link and drag for the text to be highlighted.

3.     When the desired clickable link text is highlighted, simply “right click” the mouse of your computer for drop-down list task to appear.   

4.     Now, click on the “hyperlink” in the list of the appeared drop-down task for a pop up empty link url box to appear.

5.     Now, enter the url of the web url you want to use as clickable link. Remember to include the full web url of the webpage you want to hyperlink in the pop up empty link box. I mean something

6.     Thereafter, click “Okay” to successfully hyperlinked the text. At this juncture, the link cannot connect the internet until it’s published.

Second Method:

I presumed you’ve skipped the Microsoft approach of adding clickable link, and want to add it on your website new post page using the website post functions?

1.     On your new blog post page, just note that there’s an html function created to enable you create, design and arrange your blog post as desired.

2.     Now, the first action is to highlight the text you want to make a clickable link. 

3.     To highlight the text, click your cursor next to the text you want to highlight for clickable or hyperlink and drag the cursor for the said text to get highlighted.


4.     Now, click on “Link” as seen on the html/blog design function of your blog for a pop up empty link url space to appear. See the 'Link' circled area in the screenshot image below.

5.      The link tab opens a pop up empty url box. Now, enter the web url you want to create the hyperlink. Remember to include the full web url of the webpage you want to hyperlink in the pop up empty link box. I mean something

6.     You can choose the link to appear in the same window or in the next window before hitting okay. At this juncture too, the link is not workable until such an article is finally published on the internet.

7. Thereafter, click on "Okay" and then proceed publishing your blog post on the internet.

Finally, I hope this blog article as solves and answers your bulging question regarding adding, creating and making a clickable or hyper link in a new blog post?

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