How to add description meta tags in blogger

Description meta tag is another important SEO interface added by Google Blogger other than custom robots.txt, custom robots header tag, custom page not found, custom redirect, no follow, etc to boast search engine optimization that was regarded as major impediment when compared Blogger to Wordprss as best Content Management Service (CMS) platform on the web.

Custom meta tags plays vital SEO role and values because its determines how your website or blog appears in SERP (search engines result page), which contributed to how your potential audience and prospective customers find you, your products and services through organic search, which contributed to working less and getting higher traffic, better ranking and organic sales. 

You may have heard that meta tags are dead or obsolete. The fact remains that custom meta tags are not dead, neither disregarded by the major search engines; but are still utilized by all search engines, and an important search engine ranking factor.

The simple proof of this fact is to remove all meta tags of a certain blog and watch what happens next to the site search engines positioning. A simple trial will convince you that such a site will drop totally in its search engines appearance and almost invisible to the web.

Description meta tag specifically, help search engine crawler find out exact information regarding your blog homepage, pages and posts through meta tags, which serves as a structured meta data of your blog.

Description meta tag plays a significant roles sand values of any site search engines optimization process. Since description meta tag help crawlers about accuracy of your blog information, so does that equally helps your blog ranking.

Description meta tag appears as a fragment in the search results and as description when shared on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. A clearly and concise description for your blog pages or posts has an increasing chances for organic and social media clicks.

Writing quality content alone won’t get you the desired SEO and traffic regarding your blogging success. You have to prime each of your blog pages and posts with at-least basic SEO principles, which include On-page SEO and meta description, though others SEO interface added by Google Blogger are equally prominent, but in most static order.

While meta tags are recommended for all websites especially blogs, bloggers blogging using Wordpress do not have much to worry about description meta tag because, a single plug-in can handle all about meta tag, while Bloggers blogging with Google Blogger platform really have to consider much about blog meta tag due to no built-in plug-in or feature to handle the problem of meta tags. They have to do that manually. 

Adding meta description tag to homepage.

There are various settings for different meta tags provided by Google Blogger. Adding a custom description meta to blog homepage is one of them, In Blogger, your homepage meta description tags is what appears in SERP, when your domain name keyword is searched. This is not only subject to domain name keyword, but with all blog pages, posts and social media share.  

You need meta description tag for homepage to act as additional information to blog title, as a discrete and comprehensive tips and hints of what your blog is all about to search engines crawlers, spiders and bots, which can also affect you’re your blog values and rankings. 

Follow these processes to activate yours:

1.       Sign in to your blogspot or blogger dashboard.

2.     Go to settings.

3.     Click on search preferences.

4.     From Discription >> Edit. Now, enter your blog meta description for homepage to back up your blog title. Note: it should not be more than 150 characters.

5.     Click Save.

Adding meta description tag to posts.

In Blogger, each of your blog posts need it own unique description meta tag to backup your blog post title. This act as a summary of what your post content is all about.  

Aligning meta description tags with title tags does not only helps the search engines understand your content better, but also increase social media clicks when your post is shared, organic search appearance and rankings.

 Now follow these processes:

1.     Sign in to your blogspot or blogger dashboard.

2.     Click on New post. By now, I presumed you’ve already entered the post title, body content, set permalink and Label for the new blog post you want to make? 

3.     Within the new post page, at the right sidebar where you found permalink and label include Search description among other SEO functions. Now, click on Search preferences.

4.     Now, from the opened empty box, it’s time to enter your best description for the post your want to publish on the internet.

Note: the more discrete your post title keywords tags with meta description tags, the more your chances of getting higher search ranking.

5.     Thereafter, click Done.

6.     And finally, click on Published/Update.

Adding meta description tag to pages

The process of adding meta description to individual blog posts is just the same when adding description meta tags to blog pages.

All you have to mindful of is the fact that each of your blog pages needs a unique description meta tag as additional information to your page title, which act as a summary of what your pages content is all about.

1.     Sign in to your blogspot or blogger dashboard.

2.     Click on Pages.

3.     Click on New page.

4.     Unfortunately, there’s no Label for pages. Enter your page title, content, permalink.

5.      Now click on search preferences.

6.     From the opened empty box, enter your description meta tags for your page.

7.     Click on done.

8.     Click on Published/Update.


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