How to certify website with alexa 2016

Certifying website with Alexa simply means placement of Alexa verification code into website html <head> section for accurate tracking and estimation of visitors’ performances, through signing up of for a Basic, Insight, Advanced, or Advanced High Traffic pro subscription.  

What’s the brief Alexa Ranking Company Profile?

Alexa Internet Inc is a global pioneer in the world with rich history of providing analytical insight to benchmark, compare and optimize businesses on the web. 

It was founded in 1996, located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, and now a subsidiary company of

Alexa provides web traffic data and rank website according to the traffic receive by Alexa system globally and nationally. 

In it major keynote, Alexa believes in turning website traffic information into insight, and insight into your outmost advantage.

Why relied on Alexa for website ranking?

There are various digital marketing tools to help webmasters grow and drive business success alternatively to Alexa such as,,,,,,, etc, that can be deployed for estimating website traffic, improving keywords intelligence, and gaining insight of the general performance of your website health, but Alexa still retain and appears to be most viable and go to platform for measuring site performance on the web.

While other web system such as Google Page Rank, Domain authority,  Page Rank,  Moz Rank and Quantcast are also known to be accurate website ranking system, on the other hand, their important regarding traffic rank checker has been decreasing compare to Alexa due to not getting site data updated frequently, and the Alexa preferential advantage of displaying site global rank data, country based data, search term query, total number link to site, and other important information of improving your website, traffic, search engine, and generating sales.

Why submitting and claiming website with Alexa?

The word “submitting” or “claiming” website with Alexa has been retired precisely on May 2016. The only word Alexa knows now is “Certifying Website Metric”, which you can use to get your site traffic directly measured to get more accurate ranking of your website.

Certifying Website Metric with Alexa is necessary for improving Alexa traffic rank of your blog especially if you’re into blogging for better monitoring, improvement and gaining insight of your website traffic data regarding building better authenticity and good impression on advertisers.

Just like in displaying Alexa traffic rank widget on your blog, advertisers will see your Alexa traffic rank, and if they found it impressive, that could be a nice chances of striking it rich, getting into better deal and monetizing your blog.

I have increasing blog traffic, why is my Alexa traffic rank still low?

Imagine, I personally deployed free blog traffic strategies, where I generated free 5,000 US visitors to my blog and another whooping 10000 free blog traffic to the same blog within six weeks interval, and my Alexa rank traffic instead of improving, was  rather in a static pendulum figure. 

There are wide spread speculations, confusion and criticism over Alexa accuracy of ranking website traffic. Alexa traffic system of estimating website traffic seems unfair, bias and jealous because, Alexa only count the visitors which gone through their system.

How about certifying website with Alexa?

Certifying your website with Alexa gives you more control over your website, enable you to make better decisions, prove your results and increase your website traffic.
Certifying your website metrics with Alexa gives you access to providing your site favicon, title, and description and contact details. It’s also an indication of authenticity which both leads to increasing your Alexa ranking. 

Alexa may had been giving it free users access to generating Alexa snippet code into their website for tracking traffic performance; such services is precisely no more applicable for free users, though, they could still track their site rank using Alexa Traffic Rank Widget.

To certify your website with Alexa, you need to :

1.     Submitting, claiming and certifying website with Alexa as taken a different dimension, given only access to free users in their 7 days free trial services of which, at the process you will be required to create an account (enter your name, and email address) and choose your pro subscription plan (entering your credit card details or Paypal email) in order to get through the process of generating Alexa snippet code.

2.     Thereafter, you’ll have to follow the steps and instructions to add the Alexa certify code (Alexa snippet code) directly into every html <head> section page of your website for accurate tracking and estimation of your website traffic performance.

Remember, in Blogger blog, you don’t need to add the Alexa code to all webpages, but only in the <head> section of your blogger template editor.

3.     Thereafter, you’ll be required by Alexa to click on “Scan My Site” button to check if the code is installed or pasted properly.

4.     If the Alexa certify code is installed properly, data will start flowing within some hours.

5.     At this juncture, if you decide displaying your Site Alexa Certified Metric publicly, then you will see a badge on your site’s site overview page, once the certify code is at least 60% verified.

If you already have an account with Alexa but yet to certify your website metric, you would be required to login before proceeding the pro subscription plan either through 7 days free trial or by choosing upgraded subscription plan like Basic for $9.99/month, or Advanced Insight for $49/month, or Advanced High Traffic for $149/month.  All pro plan offered different specified features and benefits.

How do I check my blog Alexa rank?

To simply check Alexa traffic rank of your website or blog, go to your web browser and enter In that url, change yourwebsite .com to your real website name. It could be, .info or anything
There are also other Alexa Rank Checker Tools you can leverage like Rankstore, Smallseotools, Webconfs etc.

How do I display Alexa traffic rank widget on my blog?

Displaying Alexa traffic rank widget on your website helps you monitor your Alexa traffic rank and total links count to your site. It equally helps you build backlinks and improve your search engine result on specific keyword search. 

I’ve already covered this topic in my previous blog articles. You can read it HERE.

Now, I hope you’ve had a total clue of how to verify website with Alexa? If yes, then kindly share or comment below.


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