How to increase Alexa traffic rank

On how to increase Alexa traffic rank, I think I’ve earlier covered “what Alexa is” and “why it’s important to certify your website with Alexa in 2016” regarding monitoring, forecasting and improving your website traffic and ranking.

In order to get your site Alexa traffic determined, which would interpret either increasing or decreasing of your site ranking, you have to certify your website with Alexa for accurate estimation of your unique traffic data provided by users in Alexa’s global panel. Secondly, you have display Alexa traffic rank widget on your website for back-linking, monitoring, and improvement of your Alexa traffic rank.

Alexa traffic rank of a blog are updated daily when the said blog metric is successfully estimated or certified with Alexa, and ranking is based on a combined measure of a unique visitors and pageviews over a rolling past period of 3 months.

Alexa is a great business management tool for increasing traffic and attaining better ranking because, it helps you make better decision, reach targeted audience, discover new opportunities and drive your business success regarding traffic. 

Traffic is this case is a life blood of every must succeed online business out there, and the online market forces relied heavily on the Alexa traffic report for making business judgment and decision.

Taking advantage of your Alexa traffic rank by certifying website metric provides you with the site analytical data and insight of what’s working, and what’s not of your site traffic performances.

By becoming a certified Alexa pro subscriber, Alexa gain access to your website metric and provided you with your website traffic historical data such as: 

1.     Site global rankDetermined how popular is your website.

2. Unique visitors and pagewiews – The number of people who visited the website and the number of pageviews.

3.     Audience geographyThe location of the visitors who visited the website.

4. The level of the site visitor’s engagementIncludes daily page view per visitors, daily time on site.

5 .     Bounce back ratepercentage of visitors that consist of a single pageviews.
6.  Search trafficPercentage of visitors to the site that comes from search engines, and percentage of search keywords that send traffic to the site.

By certifying your website through upgrading to Alexa pro subscription plan, Alexa also provides you with:

1.     A private metric dashboard for your on-site analytics.

2.     A more accurate Alexa rank.

3.     The ability to publish unique visitor and pageviews count if desired.

It should be noted that certifying website for increasing Alexa traffic rank is not applicable to free website like ( or, or sub-domain like ( or except, such sub-domain name is regarded as a homepage.

Improving Alexa Traffic Rank

Since Alexa traffic rank is critical to your online business credence, let look at how you can improve your estimated and certified website metric for instilling trust, credibility, business opportunity and ranking.

1.     Certify website with Alexa – The first step to improving Alexa Traffic Rank of your blog is to certify your website metric with Alexa, which is done by upgrading through Alexa pro subscription plan, by installing Alexa certify code on the pages of your site and chosen to displays your site metrics publicly. 

If you blog using Google Blogger, you don’t need to add the Alexa snippet to all pages of your website, but should be added once in the HTML <head> section of your Blogger Template Editor for accurate measurement and estimation of your website metrics.

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There are various alternative webmasters and digital marketing tools compared to Alexa you need to take advantage for improving your blog, especially if you’re a full time blogger or an online entrepreneur, necessary for growing business success such as Moz, Quantcast, SEOprofiler, SEMrush etc.

2.     Install Alexa tool bar on your browsers – Alexa tool bar is one of the most important tools Alexa use for estimating website traffic, related links and ranking, order than other unique traffic data source and number of pageviews.
Alexa calculate and generate traffic stat of each site through a browsing pattern of a browser with Alexa tool bar installed. Alex tool bar act as a traffic trend watching tool, and signal to Alaxa.

Since Alexa tool bar when installed, send your browsing details to Alexa, now let assume your website get 10,000 unique visitors per day and only 10% of these visitors uses Alexa tool bar, this means that only 1000 visitor’s data would be generated through tool bar. The rest visitor’s data precisely would be estimated using different data source such as number of unique visitors and pageviews.

Alexa toolbar when installed helps you with:

Alexa Traffic Rank: See how popular a website is.

Related Links: Find sites that are similar to the site you are visiting.

Wayback: See how a site looked in the past.

Search Analytics: Find out which queries drive traffic to a site.

You can download the Alexa tool bar HERE.

3.     Add Alexa widget to website – Adding Alexa traffic rank widget to your blog will not only displays your site traffic rank and total number of link count, but will also act as a source of quality back-link and thus, helps improve your Alexa traffic rank.

This makes more sense for building trust, credibility, business opportunity, and make advertisers and webmaster to be on a look out to doing more of business with you. 

Perhaps, if you’re yet to integrate Alexa traffic rank widget code on your website or blog, you should consider doing that because, it thus displays decreasing or increasing site traffic, total number of link count pointing to your site, Alexa backlink of your site and also increases your traffic up to 20%.

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If you add Alexa widget on your site that displays your site current traffic rank, visitors will be entice to click on it and each time a click is done, you get benefited. I have also embedded the widget on this blog to increase my blog visit counter each time a visitor click on it. You can find that down the sidebar or within the blog footer area.

4.     Signup for Alexa Traffic exchange services – There are various of Alexa traffic exchange programs on the internet you can deploy for increasing Alexa traffic rank such as Upmyrank, Alexasurfing, Rankboostup, Exittraffichit etc, all working similarly to other traffic exchange services like Trafficswarm, Easyhit4u etc, but clearly focuses on Alexa.

For Increasing Alexa traffic rank, almost all of these Alexa traffic exchange services works with Alexa tool bar so you are expected of installing the tool bar in your browser, and if not for these services, but for personal estimation and increment of your site traffic data.

By using these services, you installed the Tool bar and then proceed to opening an account with one of more of these programs. Each program may differ from others on it application, but all normally centers on viewing other people to earn credit that in turn, deducted according to the number of visitors viewing your own site.

Each user of these programs must have the Alexa traffic tool installed on their browser to serve as a ranking signal of other users browsing habit for estimating and ranking of a site. Some of these Alexa traffic exchange services also offer affiliate marketing program that pays it member referrer’s commission in form of credit, which can also be use for gaining traffic to your site.

5.     Write quality and regular content – Quality content goes beyond providing simple brochure considering the same information that may be found on huge of other competing sites. You have to give people the reason to spend more time reading your stuffs by offering real value to your visitor whom they can’t find somewhere in terms of quality. 

Although, regular blog content help in improving website ranking, writing quality content does even better because, just as search engine love regular and quality content, so are readers when found huge information to help them solve a problem or meet up a need. Regular quality content keeps you in good terms with your blog readers, makes them a retained and sticks around visitors, and equally increases your traffic over the period of time.  

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When you write continuous fresh and unique blog content that intrigue your readers, your website would become a-go-to-place for quality stuffs that help people solve a need and achieves aims. It would make them to stick around to read more and more of your content, leading to increasing pageviews and time on site, being an Alexa important ranking factor.

There is a popular saying that content is the King; therefore, writing quality content and updating regularly entails escaping the problems associating with the terms – writer’s block.  You should consider updating your blog at-least 3-4 posts a week irrespective of your niche if truly you need an increase in your Alexa traffic stat. 

6.     Share articles on social media network How do you intent increasing Alexa traffic rank of your site especially when keeping it simple, running least cost maximum output without leveraging the online social media presence?

Social media is a great source of reaching targeted audience and prospective customer because it’s flooded with billions of users. You should consider leveraging top social network sites by creating pages for your website like Facebook Business Page; Twitter for business account, LinkedIn groups, Google+, Youtube etc. 

Specifically, there are other social media presences majorly known as social bookmarking site. They include Reddit, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Pinterest etc, that can be used for increasing number of site visitors and clicks on each shared of your published content.

Ensure sharing your content more than once on social networks site so it could trigger a strong reaction since your social media followers are not like RSS subscriber who sees and read every of your posts.

7.     Make quality back-link – You don’t have to wait for people to naturally link to your site irrespective of your content qualities and uniqueness. The reason being that it actually takes longer times like months and years for such natural linking to occur. 

Since back-links are hyperlinks from external site pointing to your site (citation flow), and are important for ranking higher on search engines pages and Alexa ranking, you have to deploy some strategies for gaining more back-links to your site.

Some of these strategies include leveraging questions and answers platforms like Quora, Yahoo answer, and various sub-reddits to contribute to various bulging questions people may be asking. You have to spare some time to open register an account with some of these platforms and follow topics, questions or sub-reddits that are relevant to your niche.

By participating in answering and contributing to threat, the rule of thumb is to make your answers to the threat directly and accurate as possible, and most of your contribution should be answers from your blog articles and in excerpts format so they could click the 'read more' link to read the rest on your website, provided they found it inspiring or helpful, which is more of traffic to you

If you must answer some question without referring people to your site, you should consider adding a link to your article relating to the question, or simply include a signature to your profile such that each contribution you make regarding people’s questions, your link signature is attached. If there gain valuable information from you, they would likely be willing to click on your signature to learn more about you – meaning more of traffic to your site.

8.     Improve search engine optimization – Search engine optimization is a prominent tool for generating lesser targeted audience, prospective visitors, organic search traffic, keyword density and more of organic sales.

Alexa tracks your estimated or certified site ‘search traffic’ and gives out results about the percentage of visitors that came to the site through search engine, and the percentage of search keyword that send traffic to the site. It means that increasing your search engine will have an increasing effect on your site Alexa search traffic results. 

Relying on accurate on-page search engine optimization will have a tremendous improvement in your site Alexa rank. You also know Alexa base it estimation mostly on number of unique visitors, number of pageviews, level of visitor’s engagement and Tool bar. Therefore, optimizing meta tags for improving seo will have a dramatic increase on your search engine optimization, search traffic, CTR and Alexa ranking.

9.     Include Alexa in your content marketing – As a blogger, digital or content marketer irrespective if you’re using a self hosted or any of the content management systems, in order to increase your Alexa ranking, you need to specifically include Alexa in your content marketing arsenal.

You can choose to create various blog posts that include Alexa as a topic, or more importantly, you can create a blog post categories or Label in your website for Alexa. By so doing, it would have huge turnaround effort on your blog traffic and your site Alexa search traffic results. How?

Including Alexa in content marketing effort, mentions and citations will help you because, when people start searching for various keyword terms relating to Alexa on the search engines, your website has the potential of showing up on the top pages of the search engine results – increasing on search traffic, keyword density, CTR and more of organic sales.

Since Alexa also tracks estimated or certified site metrics that include details of search traffic (percentage of visitors that visited your site through search engine, percentage of search keyword that send traffic to the site), writing about Alexa is a sure way of increasing Alexa traffic of a blog. For example, am getting more of traffic just for writing about Alexa in most of my articles. Below are percentage of my blog search traffic, personally tracked by Alexa on some keywords terms relating Alexa. 

10.  Buy paid traffic - Paid traffic is the most simply strategies for increasing Alexa traffic rank of any website or blog. When you buy paid traffic that normally last for 30 days or more, it's certain that the number of visitor to your website or blog will increase exponentially.

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Such an increase traffic to your website as a result of paid traffic will reflect in your site metric, that has been certified and estimated with increase in total number of unique visitors and total number of pageviews. 

Other traffic data resulting from the paid traffic will also be tracks, which includes search traffic, traffic geographical location, bounce back rate and level of users engagement

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Some popular place to buy paid traffic include Maxvisit and Growtraffiic.  

Finally, I'm a strong believer that the above ten principles on how to increase Alexa traffic rank of any website or blog are currently what works, that can deployed and leverage to gain higher rate of return in your website traffic arsenal.

I hope this article  has been of help with regard to increasing Alexa traffic rank of your blog? Kindly do share below, using the social media share buttons.

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