Guest blogging: add or invite author or admin in blogger

The terms ‘writer’s block’ is an inevitable part in the life of a full time blogger. And precisely, bloggers are sometime limited of the required time and attention it takes to lift the blog from grass to grace. Guest blogging by adding or inviting authors could be the best option to facilitating your content marketing effort, just like admin role can help you achieve other blogging success like setting up your blog SEO, creating pages and redesigning your entire.  

As a blogger, you may lack the energy and the motivation to keep to your blogging goal.

If you’re a full time passionate blogger you should know the important of guest blogging with respect to content marketing success because, some time we as bloggers get stuck of content marketing ideas, and without continuous fresh and unique blogging content as a blogger, you surely would lose your blog readers and traffic as a life blood of every successful blogging business.

You have no option than introducing guest blogging, which do not just save you the time, energy and the motivation to keep digging and flood your content marketing effort for increasing blog traffic, search engines and monetization, but also help you in building backlinks, credibility, branding, and blogging success.

Adding or inviting authors and admin into blogger blog only works if the guest bloggers are from the same Blogspot or Google blogger platform. It is impossible to add or invite bloggers using self hosted or other blogging platform like Wordpress, Tumblr etc as an authors or admins in Blogspot or Blogger. 

Articles from external bloggers like Wordpress, Tumblr etc or self hosted website can be submitted to you in document (doc) form or email for immediate publication by you as the blog administrator. Although, you can also design a dedicated author’s bio profile and signature for external guest bloggers from self hosted blog, Wordpress, Tumblr etc.

While adding guest bloggers from the same blogging platform, you can add or invite them as authors or administrators. The best big deal about guest blogging is to add authors from the same niche market with you. You cannot be blogging about Make Money Online and receiving guest blogging on Love and Relationship content.    

Different between author and administrator


Authors have some restricted access to the invited blog. They can add, edit and publish posts right in the invited blog dashboard. 

Author can post right on blog through the post tab or post using email through the setting tab. Authors can also remove themselves from the blog membership.

Administrator can see all of your posts and can even delete them. He can add or remove other authors and administrators from the blog. This means that changing author to administrator, he or she can access to your blog dashboard pages, settings, layout, template and all about of your blog.

Since the invited guest blogger whom you’ve made administrator can have a full control over your blog, he or she can also hack your account and deny you the access to your blog.

The administrator’s role should be only to you as the blog owner, except if you highly trust the guest blogger, or you either hired the admin to work on your blogger template designer, optimize your blog for search engine, design the Layout and other related website logging functions.

Adding/inviting author and Admin in blogger

You should note that adding and inviting author or administrator in blogger, the invited authors and administrators will need a Google account.

Follow the below procedures to add or invite team members as authors or administrators to help contribute to your blogging success either as guest blogger or performing services in your entire blog:

1.     Loin to your Blogspot or Blogger.

2.     Select the desired blog you want to add guest blogger.

3.     In your blogger dashboard, click on Settings >> Basic >> Permissions.

4.     Within the “Blog Authors” section, click on Add Authors.

5.     Enter the email address of the person you want to add as guest blogger.

6.     Click on Invite Authors.

Thereafter, an invitation email will be sent to invited person. After he or she accepts the email invitation by clicking the confirmation link contains in the email, he or she becomes your blog author. You can add as many authors and administrators to your blog, but must not be more than 100.

Changing author to Admin.

Note: When someone accepts your invitation, he or she automatically becomes your blog author. But you can change the guest blogger’s role from author to administrator. To accomplish that, simply go step 5 above being the Settings > Basic > Permission and then click on the menu tab next to the guest blogger's name or email to select Admin from the author in the drop-down.

Removing authors and admins in blogger

Should in case if you are done with the guest blogger and you don’t want him or her to have access to your blogging dashboard anymore, you can simply remove such a person.

1.     Loin to your Blogspot or Blogger.

2.     Select the desired blog you want to remove the guest blogger.

3.     In your blogger dashboard, click on Settings >> Basic >> Permissions.

4.     Within the “Blog Author” section, click on the name or email of the author you want to remove.

5.   Beneath the tab, click on Remove.

That's all I have for you today regarding adding or inviting guest bloggers as author or admin. You really enjoyed the article? Please, kindly share.

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