How to add, edit and delete Labels in Blogger.

Recently in my related article, I discussed exactly what Blogger Labels are and how you should best utilize them to earnest your content marketing and blogging success. In today’s article, I’m rightly going to walking you through how to add, edit and delete Labels in Blogger. For clarity sake, you should see Blogger Labels as Categories or Tags in Wordpress. 

Using Label in Blogger is easy provided you’ve figured out your niche market; you should also be able to optimize your Blogger Labels and identify major keywords surrounding your niche marketing, which would help you better understand how to streamline Blogger Labels with content marketing for improving search engine, navigation, user friendliness and user experience with the content.

Therefore, it isn’t about adding, editing or deleting Blogger Labels that most matters, but utilizing Labels for effective correlation with content marketing, that brought about users experience, customers acquisition, improved search engines, traffic and website ranking.

Your niche market categories should be summarized into blogger labels to serve as a filter to numerous blog posts on different topics. For example, your niche market is about “Love and Relationship” and you’re about writing content on a title “how to last longer in bed”; now, using Labels such as ‘Sex’, ‘weak ejaculation’ will make more sense to your readers and the search engine compared to when used Labels like ‘marriage’ or ‘divorce’.

Adding Label to Post in Blogger.

To add Labels in Blogger means adding Label to post. You can assign or un-assign labels to posts. You cannot add a Label in Blogger without adding it to post and could be either in a save to draft post or published posts. The reason is because, to step on to adding new or existing label in blogger, you must be on a ‘new post’ or ‘edit post page, by which Label is situated at the sidebar of the same page respectively. The following steps for adding labels to blogger post are as follows:

1.     Login to your Blogspot or Blogger draft dashboard.

2.     Within your blogger draft dashboard, click on the small arrow pointed down to step on post tab from the drop-down menu.

3.     The posts tab from the drop-down should take you to your ‘All post’ page where all saved as draft posts, published posts, and guest author’s posts kept and can be sort of editing. Now, you should click on a ‘New Post’ tab as appeared on top left of the page.

4.     The ‘New post’ tab in All post window will open a Now post window so you can enter your new post title, customize your blog post content, apply Label to post, set Permalink and input search description.

5.     So after you’ve done with entering post title, post content, permalink and search description, you shouldn’t forget assigning Labels to your post, which is important for readers, search engine and ranking because it helps visitors, Google and Bing to interpret the subject behind your post content.
6.     By clicking the Label tab as indicated on the New post sidebar, an empty box will open where you are to define or add label to post for immediate publication. After adding Label to post, click on Done to close the Post Label box.

7.     Finally, click on Publish/Update. (It will show Publish for new post and Update for editing existing post).

Adding existing labels to new post

If you had existing Label and you want to add the same Label to new post, simply click on the Label tab right on the new post sidebar for an empty box to appear. Enter the first letter of your desired Label into the opened Label box to display a drop-down list all of your assigned Labels to posts.  From the drop-down list, you can assign one or more of existing Posts Labels to new post.

Blogger Label rules for posts:

1.     Label could be 1 word, 2 words or 3 words at maximum.
2.     Label should be separated by commas.
3.     You should use maximum of 1- 3 Labels per post.
4.     There’s no point assigning Labels to no post.
5.     Labels must be unique, concise and relevant to the keyword in title, description, and on-page content.

Editing Labels in Blogger

It is possible to edit your Blogger Labels. For example, you want to edit existing Label from small letters to capital letter (business – Business), or from 1 word to 2 words (Traffic – Free Blog Traffic), or 3 words to 1 word (Search Engine Optimization – SEO). You can edit your Blogger Post Labels to best suit your niche market and it segmented categories.

There is a trick to editing Label in Blogger unlike Categories and Tags in Wordpress that’s less confusing. Below procedures should be of guides:

1.     Your All Post page displays all your posted posts with lists of labels attached. You should be careful not to used the Bulk checks for all posted posts with different labels, but rather consider All labels tab as the best and only option to navigate posted posts Labels for rename.

2.     If you want to change or rename a certain Label, it means all the posts associating with that Label will also affect with the change and reflect the new assigned Label.
3.     From the ‘All post’ page, at top right is a tab called All Label contain a drop-down list of all your posts labels.

4.     For instant, I want to change my post Label from ‘Blogging’ to Blogging tips, the first thing I need to do is to click on All label as circled in the screenshot above. The All label tab will open a drop-down list of all your post Labels. Now, you can click on any specific label you want to make changes. 

When you click the desired label from the drop-down, it will displays all posts associated with that specific Label, and then you can select the posts filled in that label using bulk action or manually. 

5.     Should in case you have many posts filled in the existing Label you want to rename, so you should select the bulk action check or you can simply manually tick all post associated with the selected Label. By default, the bulk or manually selected posts of the existing label you want to change works better with the selection of not more than 100 post per change or rename, and mostly would generate an error if you try to change or rename Label more 100 posts.  

6.     Click on the Label icon in the New label tab on top of the Label drop-down list, and then click New label for a pop up box to appear, where you are to add your new label.

7.    From the pop up box, enter your new label and thereafter, click OK to successfully add your new label to post. At this point, the old label is till on group posts and yet to be removed.

8.     When you add the new label to the selected group label by bulk or manual, it would join the existing label(s) in the post. For example, you are changing label from 'Selling Tips' to 'Sale Tips', when you add the new label - Sale Tips, it would join the existing label 'Selling Tips'. Now, what you need do is to simply remove the previous label 'Selling Tips' by clicking the same Label Icon beside revert to draft tab for a usual label drop-down list, but at this time, it now containing the previous label and the new added label among all other as usual. Now, simply click on the previous label to remove it from post.

Deleting Labels in Blogger

You cannot directly delete Labels in Blogger. Blogger handles the deletion of unused or previous existed Labels. Labels with no post assigned are automatically deleted by Blogger.

Finally, you should be careful while assigning labels to post because, wrong tag of labels to posts will hinder your user experience, traffic, search engine and ranking. You should always check and recheck your Label to make sure they are well filtered to align with your content before adding them posts. This would help you get more exposure and higher ranking.

I hope you’ve learn how to add, edit and delete label in blogger the right way?
If yes, let’s hear from you. And, don’t forget to share by using the share buttons below.

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