How to add LinkedIn share button in blogger

How to add LinkedIn share button in blogger. I recently shared LinkedIn share button code with my friends on Facebook and equally had it added to my blogger blog on mobile view. I had no option than posting it on my blog because; it’s certainly that other out there would need it.   

Unlike before, LinkedIn had no share button, and you had to deploy some social bookmarking plugins that allow you to share interesting stuffs on LinkedIn. The different is now the case because LinkedIn has joined Facebook and Twitter in creating official social media share bandwagon for its users and other extended webmaster at large.  

LinkedIn as we all know is a professional networking social media site with over 400 million members that makes more sense in many niches to share your valuable information, products and services to your connections.

When visitors stumble on your great content that satisfied their interest, chances is that they would like to share on social media sites, and one of such social media content sharing sites is LinkedIn and it share button.

You need to add this button among other social share button like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to your website or blog if at all, you’ll need to share your content and rank in massive visitors that would also share your content, subscribe to your list, buy your products or take one action or the other on site.

Google Blogger specifically has no LinkedIn share button in all the default Blogger Templates. Adding this great tool to join your social media share buttons in you blogger will have an increasing effect on your blog content and it social media share arsenal, helping you in gaining maximum exposure.

LinkedIn share button among other share buttons are inevitable tool you need as a must succeed blogger or webmaster for increasing blog readership, building traffic, instilling brand awareness and loyal social followers, provided you have a unique content that meet your readers need, it’s certain that they will like, comment and share your content with their connection on LinkedIn and friend on other social media.

There are probably three variation of LinkedIn share code and their visual options for you to choose from while customizing your own Linked social media share button through LinkedIn developer’s page

It is not mandatory you should have an account with LinkedIn to get access to the share button code; so you can head up to integrating LinkedIn share button code on your website, though, you’ll definitely need the LinkedIn account to share any blog content on LinkedIn.

In the code customization page, the url to be shared is optional, so you cannot add the generated code to your site right on page, but would have to copy it and paste in your site source code, at exact where you want it to appear on site. 

I practically added the code to my blog sidebar using Layout>>Javascript and it was awesome. But it makes more sense if you can add it to appear together with other social media share buttons. In that case, you'll have to added it directly in your Blogger Template Editor.

You may find it waste of time going through the customization panel hence it does not requires have a LinkedIn account, so you can simple copy the code below and paste into your blog. 

<script src="//" type="text/javascript"> lang: en_US</script>
<script type="IN/Share" data-counter="top"></script>

Finally, Social media share buttons are a great way for you to generating massive free blog traffic as a blogger or digital marketer, and LinkedIn share button is one of them you don’t need to disregard if you must leveraging the social communities of billions of users by showcasing your information, products and services that match with your niche quota.


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