How to add Labels into menu bar and sidebar in Blogger

Sequentially, I discussed what labels in blogger are, and how to add, edit and delete labels in blogger. In today’s post however, I’m rightly walking you through how to add labels into menu bar and sidebar in Blogger.

Blogger menu bar also known as navigation bar is an important part of your website; by default, it’s situated immediately after the header element for displaying ‘home page’ and other important pages like ‘about us’, ‘contact us’, ‘advertise’ etc.

Since blogger introduction of pages, menu bar or navigation bar has become an highly blogger converting tool because, it gives blogger alternative to create more pages for their products and services, embed most popular labels and get rid of clutter sidebar.

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The act of leveraging Blogger Labels is an act of streamlining segmented niche market with content marketing strategies, and an opportunity to get more of exposure by clearly displaying pages, subpages, external link pages, popular labels etc, in the same page or menu bar, which helps bloggers increase navigation, user experience, search engine, pageviews and blog traffic.

Looking at some amazing Blogger blogs like and, I give a thumb to their respective webmasters because, they choose to leverage their individual blogger post Labels using pages otherwise known as menu bars or navigation menu bar to displaying popular Labels in pages and less popular in sidebar. This is because they need more of blog visitors to read their articles and able to sort more of alternative content they could act upon.  

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In most case, while accessing Blogger blogs in mobile devices, the whole pages are subjected into a drop-down navigation Home menu in a ‘mobile view’, and can only clearly displays pages on phone when on a ‘web view’. However, some large screen smart phones and tablets can clearly display blogger pages for easy sorting. But then, you should think out of the box by embedding subpages, third party link, and most popular labels ahead of the pages element in the blogger template.    

Adding Blogger Labels to pages or menu bar

It is possible to add Blogger Labels and other external links to pages or navigation menu bar in Blogger. The following example should guide you through:

1.     Login to your Blogspot or Blogger dashboard.

2.     Click on Layout >> Add Gadget.

3.     A pop up window containing list of Blogger Gadgets will open. Scroll down to stumble on ‘Pages’ gadget. Now, click on the pages gadget.

4.     The ‘pages gadget’ will open a customization window so you can add labels to pages or menu bar, using the external link tab.

Note: In the pages gadget customization window, only created pages tab are shown, where you can tick the desired pages to appear in Home tab, and then drag added pages to arrange them as desired. To add blogger label to page menu bar, you have to use the external link tab as circled in the same pages gadget customization window above. That also works better for integrating affiliate links or any other third party external links to pages or menu bar.

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5.     When you click on the ‘Add external link’ tab, it will generate new page title and the web url window.  

6.     Now, add the targeted post Label url you to appear among other pages in the menu bar.

7.     Click on Save.

To figure out the url of any label you want to add in external link tab so it could appear on pages or menu bar, such label most have been added to posts; so you should click on a particular post with that label. Beneath the post would display the post label, but mostly on PC or ‘web view’ of mobile devices. Click on the desired label to figure out the label url from the browser window tab.

Adding Blogger Labels to sidebar

It is as well easy to add Labels to sidebar in blogger. This is for improving user experience and readability. Below procedures should guide you through:

1.     Login to your Blogspot or Blogger dashboard.

2.     Click on Layout >> Add Gadget.

3.     A pop up window containing list of Blogger Gadgets will open. Scroll down to stumble on ‘Label’ gadget. Now, click on the Label gadget.

4.     The Label gadget will open a default Label configuration window so you can choose how your label appears on the sidebar.

Note: In the label configuration window, you would have to enter the title as Label or Category or as best known to you. You have to set how the labels appears on the sidebar. You can choose to show all labels or only the selected labels in the sidebar. You can also decide  the labels sorting either by alphabetically or according to post frequency (labels with highest post in hierarchy). Lastly, you have option of displaying Label either by List
or by Cloud.
5.     When done with the setting of how your Blogger labels appears on the sidebar, simply click on Save.

In conclusion, Label are important part of your blogging business because the categorized posts and made it easier for users to clearly identify content from one another. If you have a blogger labels with huge and popular posts, you should think of integrating popular labels into menu bar and less popular labels into sidebar. This would help your readers to get more out of your content marketing.

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