Monetize your blog with PayPal donate button

In my previous article – how to monetize your blog, I discussed how Paypal donation button plays a prominent roles among other strategies for turning your blog into a cash generating pipeline.

Making money online is every digital, webmaster and entrepreneurial dream; and then, it is an imperative fact with Paypal donation button.

In one of my post – turning your passion into online opportunity, I mentioned one inevitable factor being your website (online opportunity – website). So I’m considering how exactly you intent achieving online business success as a savvy entrepreneur, digital marketer, freelancer, network marketer etc without a personable website or blog.

If you understood what is in there for you and the internet, you’ll realize why you need a personable website or blog, be it free or paid.

Paypal button integration works only with a personable website or blog because that’s where you have the full access of designing and configuring anything within your Cpanel of dashboard. 

Most affiliate websites only offers a unique affiliate link, and in-spite you may have a private dashboard in a merchant website, the chances of displaying external codes just like embedding Paypal donation button snippet code are often not available.

In this article, I will work you through on how to integrate Paypal donation payment button for simple blog monetization.

What is Paypal donation button and why is it important?

I’ll like to firstly tell you what Paypal is before explaining Paypal donation button, and why it’s so important regarding blog monetization.


PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.

Paypal was founded in December 1998, by Daniel Schulman in Palo Alto, California, United States.

Paypal is the largest and number online payment option in the world. It is the most widely used payment platform ob the globe, and top notch merchant site regarded Paypal first before any other online payment and transaction platform like  Woocommerce, PayzaGoogle wallet, Authorize, WePay CashU, Ukash etc.

Paypal donation button
Paypal donation button is a creative payment or donation invention for online business personnel. It is an html script code linked to your Paypal account or profile, and any donation made through the button gets directly into your personal Paypal wallet.

You can use your earned or donated cash for further purchase, or you can simply withdraw your donated cash.

Important of Paypal button

Who wouldn’t want to make money from his or her website? Who wouldn’t like to turn his or her blogging hobby or purpose into an income generating venture? We all desire good things in life and everything revolve around money.

Paypal button script code order than generating you a cool cash through donation from friends, people of goodwill, celebrities etc; it also act as an increasing back-link when integrated into your website or blog. Paypal donation button usually used by most bloggers with an inscription – “Buy me a beer” and can make you figures of income from generous people. 

Since donation is a good thing and people can donate to you base on emotional impulse like compassion, love pity, gratitude or guilt, Paypal donation button is an opportunity for bloggers, webmasters and digital entrepreneurs to cleave on leveraging the great tool for the purpose of monetizing their online business effort.

How it works

In-spite you have a website, you won’t have access to Paypal donation button unless you have a verified account with Paypal. You won’t have an access to the Paypal snippet donation code because you only have access to the generated code after you’ve authenticated your Paypal account by login. You may have decided to copy the code somewhere into your blog Javascript/HTML source code as a non Paypal user; the result would be an error in display.

Nigerian precisely was excluded in Paypal payment and transaction gateways due to reasons best known to them, and fortunately, they partially lifted up the banned.

Nigerians can now have a verified Paypal account to compete in the top notch affiliate programs and importing e-commerce web portals that base on Paypal as a major payment and transaction option; and can now earn their affiliate commissions into respective verified Paypal accounts. The only limitation now for Nigerians regarding Paypal is the inability to withdraw cash.

With Paypal donation button, your donations are sent directly into your Paypal wallet, which is where all your earned income and commissions are saved. You can use this button irrespective of if you are a Nigerian or not provided you have a verified Paypal account.

Integrating Paypal Button In Blogger

If blogging for success and making money from your website is your long desired aim, you should consider integrating Paypal donation button into your website for increasing blog monetization strategies.

Note: Integrating Paypal Donation Button (PDB) works on all website, and only accessible if you have a verified Paypal account.

The following procedures will guide you on adding a verified Paypal button into your website or blog:

1.     Click on this link to step on Paypal donation payment button

2.     As Paypal verified account holder, you’ll be required to login. On top right of the page, click on Login.

3.     Your Paypal account is certified and you’ll return to the same Paypal donation code page. Now, you can choose to configure the way the code should look like from choosing the options as appeared in the page or screenshot above.

4.     Now, click on generate code.

5.     A script code of your verified Paypal account is generated. Copy the code and save it somewhere.

6.     Now go to your Blogger dashboard and click on Layout.

7.     Click on Add Gadget. A pop up window is open containing list of different gadgets. Click on Javascript/HTML gadget.

8.     Another pop up window is opened. Now copy and paste the generated Paypal code into the window.

9.     Click on Save.

Note: Paypal donation payment button works in all blogging platforms. All you need is the certified code and the right HTML section to get your donation button display. If you’re good in html, css etc, you can get this code to display anywhere in your website (including posts) for easy blogging monetization other than sidebar.

In conclusion, you should think of integrating Paypal donation button into your blogging monetization arsenal, and as the universe love reacting to positive vibration, you could rank in huge and unexpected amount of $$$ donated to you by celebrities and people of goodwill.

You can choose to strategize more options in order to leverage your Paypal donation button, for getting the juice squeeze out of your blog. It is a personal choice.

Please, kindly share on social media using the share buttons below. Cheer.


  1. I used to add a paypal button on my blogger site but i left that because it doesn't give my any outcomes so i decided to create a woocommerce website add some wordpress product feed plugin into my store. And now i am quite successful.

    1. Congrats then for having the expected and desired monetization outcome with Woocommerce. Paypal donate button still works anyway, but better on strategies in used.

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