Optimizing Comments in Blogger for better SEO

Optimizing Comments in Blogger for better SEO. Although, Blogspot or Google Blogger has greatly came up with new SEO interface for boasting bloggers and search engines experience, which include custom robots txt, custom header tags, custom redirect, custom 404 error page, dofollow, nofollow etc; search engine optimization is the most critical disparities when comparing Blogger to Wordpress as the best CMS; and the general accession is that Blogspot or Blogger is not properly search engine optimized.

Perhaps, there are more or less of must optimized for search engines in Blogger features that deemed cracking blogger template, which include showing posts titles before blog titles (by default, Bloggers shows blog title before post title and is bad for your SEO, CTR and ranking), and optimizing posts title header tags (by default, Blogger use H3 for post title with is bad for blog because it lost the H1 or H2 tag in header hierarchy. 

There are more that needs to be optimized in Blogger that specifically brought about the context of this article, and that includes: 

1. Optimizing Labels in Blogger

2. Optimizing Comment in Blogger 
3. Optimizing Archieves in Blogger
In my recent and previous posts, I discussed optimizing blogger labels for better SEO. So in today’s article I’m rightly walking you through optimizing comments in blogger for better seo

It is a wish of every bloggers to see people continuously commenting on their blog posts, since comments are inevitable factor of any living blog and an important search engines ranking factor for any website. This is quite true, and not just because of the interactivity of your blog with other bloggers through commenting, but also for the sake of backlinks, search engine optimization and traffic, which are all leading factors for improving website ranking. 

When visitors who reads your articles comments, it create a backlinks which is in turn a traffic source, and as well improving fast indexing of your blog since comment are also crawled by search engines, and search engine values both blog posts with comments and the entire blog with huge comments. But then, there is a problem with comments links and search engine robots, which brings us about optimizing comments in blogger blog. 

Why optimizing comments in Blogger?

Just as comments are important SEO and ranking factor of a blog, so can comments links becomes a problem for search engines robots, that may in turn hinder your blog SEO and ranking. 

Quality links in a comment can help improve your post and blog ranking, but irrelevant or spam links comment links irritate search engines robots and spiders, and may leads to de-indexing of your blog or permanently deleted of your blog from search engines. This is the reasons according to Panda, all bloggers and webmasters were advised to tag labels, comment and archieves as nofollow

By tagging comments as nofollow, you instructs search engine crawler not to crawl the link inside the comments, but to only crawl the content of the comments. 

Why it’s necessary not to ignore comment links with dofollow, but to tag comments as nofollow is because, the dofollow instruction to search robot will harm your SEO, reduced PageRank and general ranking of your blog base on the fact that the comment link is external; and can be spammy. For this reason, you need to add this setting to your blogger blog, in order to compete and attain the search engine optimization peak. 

How to optimize comment in Blogger

The simple solution to optimizing comments in blogger blog is to add an HTML attribution to the comment command code of your blog source code. The simple rule of thumb is to tag comments as ‘nofollow’ instead of dofollow, and makes more sense if we as ‘external’ to the nofollow such that it becomes “external nofollow”. 

Why we deploy rel=’external nofollow’ attribute for comments is because its regarded better than rel=’nofollow’ comment links, and sometime you can insert links pointing to other pages of your blog, so they will be followed by search engines as internal links and the rest won’t be followed through. 

On how to get rid of the problem associating with comments links and search engines robots, you have to take the follow the simply procedure: 

1. Login to your Blogger or Blogspot dashboard. 

2. Click on Template >> Edit HTML
3. Press CTRL + F to find the below code: 


4. When you find the codes, simply replace it with the codes below: 

rel='external nofollow' expr:href='data:post.createLinkUrl'

5. Now click on Save Template.

At this time, your blog comment is optimized by instructing search robots to crawl only the comment content and not to follow through or crawl the comment links.

Remember, we use rel=’external nofollow’ attribute for comments because, it is regarded better than rel=’nofollow’ simply because the comment links are external or pointing outward, and sometime you can insert links pointing to other pages of your blog, so they will be followed by search engines as internal links and the rest won’t be followed through because they’re external.

Note: while on the process of altering the Blogger Template Editor by adding the optimized comment html attribution codes to your website, you should be careful not to mess thing up for yourself, and should in case the new optimized external nofollow code as already been added to your blog template as at when searched for the code for replacement, you should then discard making any change to your optimized blogger comment.

Finally, optimizing comments in blogger will help you with backlinks, traffic and search engine optimization to stay above your competitors. I hope this article has been of help? Please, do kindly share.


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