Way to optimize Blogger Archive for better SEO

way to optimized blogger archive for better seo
In-spite the new and advanced search engine interface introduced by Google Blogger, there are more to be optimized in Blogger for better search engine, and few among such inevitable features includes optimizing labels and optimizing comment, all for better SEO in blogger that is generally regarded as not well and properly search engines optimized. In today’s article however, I’m rightly walking you through way to optimize blogger archive for better SEO.

You may be wondering the causes of your blog poor search engine results on specific related keywords search without considering the harmful effect of your blog archives on your search engine optimization SEO. This means that the one commonest bloggers mistakes regarding their search engines optimization SEO is the neglect of optimizing their blog archives pages. 

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Archive is simply a list of snippet of your actual posts from day one you started posting on your blog. Archive pages no doubt, are important to your blog because its entails an in-depth analysis of your blog posts, help you build credibility and as well inculcate reader’s loyalty, but at the same time can cause a lot of problem to your search engine, which as a result could harm your blog. 

By integrating either a custom archive pages in blogger or by using the default blogger archive, you create more chances for readers to sort your content, which leads to increasing amount of time your visitors would spend on your site, leading to more traffic, increasing pageviews and getting to know more of your info gems, products and services, and which eventually would lead to keeping them engage and more loyal to your blog. 

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Archive create pages and links hold the history of your blog post into years, months or even weeks, and can be used to sort out your previous blog post. This archives pages and links urls are usually lists of your previous articles with the time they were published. So, links inside archives are pointing to different posts existing in your blog which were published in the past. 

Archives pages generate multiple links and basically can create a lot of confusion and problems for search engines spider and robots since the rule of thumb is that every existing page or link should have only one unique address for search engines to crawl. By multiple links in archive, search engine spider therefore regarded archive links as spam because it creates duplicate content issue which is harmful for a blog. 

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Archive create another url to a new post original url, making a sort of disturbance to search engine spiders to crawl your blog content because it becomes a duplicate content and that could tarnish your blog and it search engine optimization effort. In order to avoid this problem for search engine, you have to optimize your blogger blog archives pages. 

Optimizing archives in blogger

Optimizing archive pages in blogger means avoiding search engines spider from crawling your blog archive pages. Blogspot or Blogger archives pages is a must optimized for search engine and for avoiding Panda and Penguin penalty.

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Archives no doubt is useful for readers to sort content but create a problem for search engines robots crawl based on the multiple links its contain; so robots and spiders regard them as spam, and therefore, must be optimized for improving search engines. The following steps should guide you properly in optimizing your blog post archives:

1. Login to your Blogger or Blogspot dashboard.

2. Click on Template >> Edit HTML.

3. Place cursor on the code and press CTRL + F of your computer to find this code:

<a class=’post-count-link’ expr:href=’data:i.url’>

4. When you find the code, simply highlight it and replace it with this codes:

<a rel=”archives” class=’post-count-link’ expr:href=’data:i.url’>

5. Click on Save Template.

At this time, you have fully optimized archives pages for your blogger blog because, the additional rel=”archives” attribute to the HTML part of our blog will tell the search engines’ that the link is an archive page and should not be crawled, and search spider will automatically understand it and avoid crawling them.

Finally, optimizing archive pages in blogger will help you in your search engines optimization arsenal, and to avoid Panda and Penguin penalty, and as well keep you above your competitors in search engine preferences.

Note: while making the search for the code, you should be careful not to mess up with the codes in the Blogger Template Editor. And, should in case the rel=”archives” is already in the search code, you should therefore discard making any change to the already existing code.

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