What are Labels in Blogger?

Labels in Blogger just like Categories in Wordpress is an incredible useful tool for bloggers, with respect to increasing user experience, blog navigation, group or related posts, and increasing blog traffic.

Many newbie bloggers are yet to figure out exactly what are Labels in Blogger, and the few that does goes about spamming it. So, in this article I will walk you through what exactly are Blogspot or Blogger Labels and how you can best utilize them.

What exactly are Labels in Blogger?

Labels in Blogger works exactly like Categories in Wordpress. While Categories in Wordpress may be used to organized posts, Labels in Blogger are used to group or categorize posts. 

Labels are related keyword tags that are used to groups or categorized content based on relevancies and similarities, for enabling users with the accurate information about a certain webpage or entire blog and niche content. 

Label could be one word, two words and three words at maximum. For example, one word Label – ‘Traffic’ can be changed to three words Label like Free Blog Traffic, and three word Label like Google Blogger  Tutorial can be changed to two word Label like Blogger Tutorial.

By creating Labels helps bloggers links posts with the same Labels. The linked posts are called related post. You may want to write content about “how to increase Alexa traffic rank”. The right and appropriate Label for that post title should be How to’s, Alexa, and Traffic. 

You may also be posting content on a topic that says “how to make money online” and your next appropriate Label could be “how to’s” and “make money online”.  Now, you’ll discover that the blog post with Label “how to’s” has appeared twice in two different posts; so when visitors clicks on the Blogger Label how to’s, - they are shown with all the related posts posted in how to’s.  

For example, you may want to check all of my related blog content posted in the Label – “how to’s”, you can simply click on Label which contain would displays all the related post in the Label titled how to’s.  So, the Label url should look like this

By introducing Blogger Labels, your blog readers have an alternative to reading more of your content resulting to staying long on site, helping you with increasing pageviews, more of traffic and ranking.

For improving content marketing and attaining successful blogging business, you should properly identify your niche market and create a segmented keyword tags (Labels or Categories) that resonate with your niche, and also easy for the readers to sort through. This practice can be improved by adding blogger label into pages and sidebar, or through blogger post label drop-down menu.

Blogger Label and SEO

For best practice, search engine spiders expect Labels as rel=noindex and nofollow in custom header tags, and Disallow:/search in custom robots.txt, that doesn’t necessarily means that Label do not contributed to improving search engines search. In fact, proper use of Labels or Categories can lead to increasing blog search engines optimization.

Optimizing meta tags for correlating title, description, keywords are important SEO practice, but integrating Label can have massive effect on user experience, navigation, conversion and ranking. 

Increasing Labels also increase related posts. So you should think of using a well broaden keywords (Labels) that related to your niche market to cover your entire niche market segment you are focusing, rather than pointing your entire segmented niche topics (keywords) into a single or few narrow Labels. 

For example, if you’re posting about “make money online with Google Adsense” and you create a Label like Politic or World news, the result is that you miss the main keyword like “Google Adsense” or “Make Money Online”.

By having the right Label for all of your blog content can improves your keyword density of an individual or entire blog posts, which may add an increasing impact on how your content appears on the search engines with specific keyword search term, improve user experience, navigational purpose, and ranking. 

For best utilization of your blog Labels, you should avoid Label with single word and cleave to using Labels with two or three words since Label are separated by commas, and for greater chances of not  missing out important related keyword.

The rule of thumb is to use Label wisely and avoid spamming keyword through excessive keyword stuffing.

Blogger Labels do’s and don’ts

Blogger Labels urls are often in search pattern. For example label/bloggingtips, and whenever you create a new post and attached Label to it, it simply means that the Label page url keeps updating and spider robot hate that. 

For ping spiders to come and crawl the same page again and again is taken seriously as it waste of precious time. So by Label taking robot to a dynamic page, robot has to restrict the page; and that’s why emphasis is made in the last Google Panda update that bloggers should tag all Labels as noindex and nofollow. 

For best practice, you can add as many Labels to your blog for sorting content but should not be more than 20. Your Labels should not be more than 3 words, and as well more than 3 Label per post. There is no point creating labels with no post.

Finally, for best of Blogger Label usage that may lead to increasing user experience, navigation, time on site etc, you should think of adding most popular labels to your blog pages otherwise known as menu tab, and less popular labels to blogger sidebar, both either as default, or through custom blogger post label drop-down menu.

I hope this article as been of help to you with regard to knowing what exactly are labels in blogger and how to use them? Please, do kindly share, using social media share buttons.

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