Blogger Template: what is it and how it works?

Blogger Template, what it and how it works

What Is Blogger Template?

Blogger Template is a set of  frame work, or a customized HTML code in (.xml) format that control your blog appearance on the web. It's also a master pages or pre-developed pages layout used to produce webpages. These templates can be customized to appear based on your own likes, by applying some set of template instruction to your Blogger Template Editor, using HTML, CSS or JavaScript etc, web data protocols.

To understand blogger template, you should see Blogger Templates as Wordpress Themes because, both blogger template and Wordpress themes work the same and only differs in words and CMS platform, which are most important part of your blogging because, there hold your blog source code that control your blog appearances and displays functions on the internet.

Blogger Template is not just a pre-build pattern of your blog displays, but also stand as an embodiment of your blog database for webpages. Blogger work perfectly like theme in Wordpress, and it's simply like a central processing unit of a computer because, it pushes stored information in the blog database that in-turn, generate webpages accessible on the web.

Blogger Template are in most cases in zip file, and you have to unzip it to have access to downloading the (xml) file for installation. To install the blogger template, you have to upload it in it (xml) format into your blog, very simple with no coding required, which changes your blog design, while other existing features remain active. 

In Blogger Template just as in Wordpress theme, there is a Processor (also known as template engine or template parser) that work just like the central processing unit of a computer, being the most critical part of your blogger template and software designed to combine data model with template to produce pages on the web.

Blogger Template or Wordpress theme viability both depends on the level of design, stylishness, responsiveness etc, which can either have a positive or negative effect on your blog. A well structured template or theme is a well designed, easy to load, easy to scroll, responsive and mobile friendly available for search engines.

Order than default Blogger Templates available at the Blogspot or Blogger Template Designer for selection and installation, there are host of Customized Blogger Template that are well responsive, mobile and search engine friendlies available on the web, which you can either download  free or paid for instant blogging. 

Most of these customized third party blogger templates are more perfect and search engine optimized even better than the default blogger templates specified in the Blogger Template Designer’s Panel. The reason because, in Custom Blogger Templates, you design it the way you want it, and customization is unlimited such that, custom blogger template can be made to look like Wordpress site.

Blogger Template Elements

Both Blogger Templates and Wordpress Themes consist of a processing system of at least these primary elements:
  • Data Model: This is a relational database, a source code file such as (XML), or spreadsheet.
  • Source Template: Traditional specification according to pre-existing programming languages, feature of the hosting software application and defined template languages.
  • Template Engine: Responsive for connecting to the data model, processing the specified code in the template source, and generating output in form of result document accessible on the web.

Blogger Template Features

Most Blogger Template provides:
  • Font style
  • Color
  • Page layout (Theme)
  • Widget location
  • 2 and 3 column templates.
  • Style of blog post and archive
  • Overall design or style of your site.
  • etc
Default or Custom Blogger Template

Just like there are quite various free and default blogger templates you can choose to install right from your blogger template designer’s panel, so are free responsive and custom blogger templates on the web. However, just like Premium Wordpress Themes, you can choose from thousands of paid custom blogger templates like my own third party blogger template.

The advantages of custom blogger templates includes pre-customized related posts feature, 3 column template, redesign and the unlimited customized enhancement.
In conclusion, blogger template is the most important aspect or your blog because it garbage-out the garbage-in raw data information, and whom without, you cannot not get blogging, or get your content seen on the web.

In Blogger dashboard however, there is an improves HTML Template Editor that now support line numbering, syntax highlighting, auto-indentation, and code finding to make editing your template much easier. Also, ‘Format Template’ button is one of the latest changes added to blogger template, and also made it easy to search for text or code by pressing Ctrl +F once you’ve clicked into the the template editor.

I hope this article has helped you realize what is blogger template and how it works? Kindly share and comment below.

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