How to add real date and time in blogger

how to add real date and time in blogger
We all know the important of real date and time in our daily lives activities; and, just imagine adding real date and time to your website or blogger blog. Isn’t that making sense?

The current date and time do not just gives you and your blog visitors the real date and time, but also one of the advanced features that should be added to your blog, which can give your blog a professional look, and also also differentiate it from other blogs out there. 

With this simple date and time Javascript code with the help of, you can decide to display the world current date and time any where on your blog as you wish, but works better if you place it in the header section of your blog. In my own case, I choosed to displayed the date and time on the header section of my blog, through my blog Template Layout.

how to add real date and time in blogger1

Although, real date and time for website or blog is not new to some of us, but I’m still yet to see many bloggers adding this great tools to their blogs. Though, real date and time clock may not contribute to any sales on your blog, but constitutes a vital elements regarding your blog design, stylishness and professionalism, which are as well, an important part for blogging.

I know too well that there are many Javascript codes for showing date and time and other HTML generator for website date and time out there on the web, that can displays the real time and date on a website, but I’m sharing with you very simply and reliable javascript code required to put the text clock on your weblog to showcase the world current time and date.

Real date and time in real time zone 

You may live in Africa, Asia, Europe etc and you want to displays the real real date and time on your website to read your time zone, so what you need to do is to register an account with and then login to choose your country, where-after you would be redirected to generating the javascript code for the world current date and time. 

If you live in Nigeria, you can head off straight to generating the code by visiting, or simply follow below processes to get the time and date code pasted on your blog.

Remember, the time and date javascript code works for all websites. What you need is to get the code into your blog HTML page. On that note, I’ll simply head up straight on adding real date and time in blogger.

Adding real date and time in blogger

After choosing your time zone and generated the real date and time code, adding the code to blogger using the Javascript/HTML gadget is very simple as follows:

1. Login to your Blogspot or Blogger dashboard.

2. Click on Layout >> Add Gadget.

how to add real date and time in blogger1

3. In the open list of Blogger Gadgets, click on Javascript/HTML for a pop window to appears.

4. Now, in the pop up window, copy and paste below code.

<iframe allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="19" src="" width="227"></iframe>

5. Now, click on Save.

At this time, refresh your blog and certainly you should see the current date and time accurately displayed on your blog.

Finally, real time and date is a real deal for modern bloggers because it keeps you and the reader updated of the current date and time, add to your blog design stylishness, and increase back-links.

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