How to Backup your Blogger Template

how to backup your blogger template
In the same segmented niche label I discussed “How to change Blogger template”, in today article however I’m working you through how to backup your Blogger Template.

There is a popular saying that “Prevention is better than cure” and same is indifference when it comes to backup your Blogger Template.

Backing up your blogger template means making a duplicate of your entire customized Blogger Template Source Code that include all of your posts, should in case anything goes wrong when trying to change anything in your Blogspot or Blogger Template Design. The backed up or duplicated template is your alternative hope of reverting and restoring back your entire blog content to live.

In the blogging mind-filed constitutes newbies, intermediaries and pros; the newbies or the intermediaries must not have to keep consulting the pros to setup or make every little changes relating to their blog or template design. For that reason, they must have to learn. In order to learn, they must have to attempt making these changes themselves. 

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I was in the same shoe when I first started anyway, and I know what is like attempting altering your Wordpress Theme or Blogger Template. But, specifically in Blogspot or Blogger, Google offers entire Blog Recovery Measure through Backed-up Template that enables bloggers using the same CMS Platform a thousands miles away from the stress of getting lost of valuable blogging features such as blog content, gadgets, widgets, or any ugly circumstances that might result to template error, malfunction, misinterpretation etc, at when attempt to add, edit or delete any code, widget, CSS, HTML attribution etc into or out of Blogspot or Blogger blog.

Since you can backup your blogger template mostly if you’re not sure of doing it right, and so you could revert or restore it back to its previous condition, you are therefore in a better position not to fear thwarting your Blogger template, after all, it’s by attempting you would come to learn and be able to teach others joining the blogging mind field.

In attempt to backup your blogger template while trying to avoid “had I known” of running into any lost of content, features, or unforeseen template result, simply follow below step by step procedures:

1. Login to your Blogspot or Blogger dashboard.

2. Click on Template. On top right of the page, click on Restore/Backup button.

how to backup your blogger template1

3. The “restore/backup” button will open a pop up image like the one below.

how to backup your blogger template2

4. Now, click on “download full template” tab as seen in the circled area in the image above. At this time, the original blog template is being downloaded; so after finishing, you’ll have to save the template in a safe place you’ll always remember for future use, as backup to any altered or lost file. The saved Template is usually in an (xml) format.

How to revert, restore and upload backed-up Blogger Template

For instance, while making changes to your blogger template and eventually, you mistakenly altered or deleted some of your blog template source codes, and then clicked on the “save template” button, the result would be disastrous because the customized template code is altered and the garbage-in garbage-out of your Blogger Template is affected that also may result to your blog malfunction; provided you've made the backup of your Blogger template before attempting the change, you can always revert, restore and upload back your duplicated blogger template to it previous normal condition. 

To simply revert, restore or upload your blog template back to live, the following processes should be of guide:

1. Login to your Blogspot or Blogger dashboard.

2. Click on Template. On top right is Restore/Backup button.

how to backup your blogger template1

3. The “restore/backup” button will open a pop up image like the one below.

how to backup your blogger template3

4. Now, to revert, restore or upload the already backed-up template back to live, click on “Browse” as seen in the image below. The “browse” button will open your computer panel, so you could click on the already backup, downloaded and saved Blogger Template for upload.

5. When you click on your saved  Blogger Template (xml), it will return you back to your blog Template in dashboard. Now, click on “Upload”.

how to backup your blogger template4

Finally, when done uploading you should see all of your blog content and files intact. For the purpose of being at the safer side, it makes more sense to constantly backup your blogger template for protecting important added features like meta tags, widgets, gadgets etc, in the changes made to Blogger Template Editor.

I hope this article as truly helped you figure out how to backup your blogger template and at the same time, revert, restore or upload it back to live? If yes, kindly share and comment.

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