How to fix blogger comment box error in mobile view

How to fix blogger comment box error in mobile view
If you realized the important of blog commenting on search engine and rankings in collaboration with the fast growing age of the mobile internet, then you won’t neglect your blogger commenting system error that usually a case on a web mobile view

If you had finished setting up a blog on blogger and then key into starting a full time blogging for a profitable online business, the simple one shortcut to killing and frustrating your blogging effort is to neglect your blog commenting section; but that’s not your dream as a must succeed blogger; and certainly, you would like to see people commenting on your blog because, comment do not only increase the interactivity of your log, but also increases your blog search engines, fast indexing, back-links, traffic, post and entire blog ranking.
I personally experienced this problem, and I know other bloggers and readers as well experiences this same issue with blogger comment box not showing up under blog post for readers and fellow blogger to comment or contribute to post that could lead to building trust, credibility, relationship with readers, other bloggers, and conversion. 
By default, the only usual option to getting rid of this blogger comment error in order to get access to commenting on a blog post is to click on the “Post a Comment” tab for a full comment box to show up. The fact remains that most readers would not be able to figure that out, and would not know that by clicking “post a comment” would display the full comment box for commenting. Therefore, this becomes a problem and needs to clearly display the comment box for easy blog post commenting.

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Secondly, it doesn’t shows the professionalism of your blog, when a visitor stumble on your blog, read your post and at the end could not see the comment box after blog post. This is also because the comment box adds to the beautification of your blog design and makes more sense to be clearly displays after post without clicking on any tab or “post a comment” tab to displays the comment box mostly in a mobile view.

Two major causes of blogger comment box error in mobile view

There are two major traceable factors that could lead to your blogger comment box error in a mobile view. Two of the traceable causes could be:

This problem could simply be as a result of your blog comment location settings. For example, in default blogger template, the comment box form is displayed when you select your comment location as “Embedded”, and if any other value is set order than “Embedded”, the comment box would not displayed in a mobile view, and would only be available when you click on the “post a comment” tab.

To get rid of blogger comment box error in mobile view and post a comment to ensure your blogger comment box is fully displays under post, simply go to:
1. Login to your blogger dashboard.
2. Click on Settings
3. Click on Post, Comment and sharing.
4. Under comment, select the option as “Embedded” from the drop-down list next to comment location.
5. Now, click on Save.

blogger comment box error in mobile view2

Note: At this time, you can check your blog to see if the comment box is fully displayed. Should in case it’s not showing up, try to make your blog feed settings in full. To simply set your blog RSS feed to full, simply go to:

· Blogger dashboard

· Settings

· Others
· Under “Site feed” section 

· Change feed to full

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This is not a final solution because it may or may not work. However, most bloggers love to show their blog feed as jump break etc instead of the full because of content theft and other personal reasons. So, if you don’t prefer this option or still not show up, then you have nothing to worry about, but to read on as I have a all round solution to fixing Blogger comment box error in mobile view.
The problem of blogger comment box now showing in mobile view could be as a result of your blogger custom template because, some custom templates code settings could hinder the blogger comment box from displaying in mobile view, but to only shows up on desktop version of your weblog. 
So, to get rid of this problem, you have to add some HTML attribution tag to your blog source code so that comment box could show automatically even with zero comment on of the blog post.
1. Go to your Blogger or Blogspot dashboard.
2. Click on Template >> Edit HTML.
3. Place your cursor on your Blog Template Code Editor and press CTRL + F of your computer for a search box to open.

4. In the opened sex box, enter this code 

5. When you find the above code, simply copy the below code and paste it above or before the code in step 4. (ie: copy below code and paste it above or immediately before ]]></b:skin>)

.mobile .blogger-iframe-colorize {
display: block !important;
}.blogger-iframe-colorize {
display: block !important;

blogger comment box error in mobile view4

6. Now, click on Save Template.

At this time, you should see a well and clearly displayed blogger comment box below all of your blog posts. In my own case as a custom template I’m using, only this option solves the whole issue. But, should it not displayed on your blog after you’ve tried this option, you should try the last option, which is adding few CSS code to advanced CSS section your blog. Therefore, what you need at this time is to go to:

1. Blogger Dashboard.

2. Click on Template >> Customize

3. On the top left, click on Advanced >> Add CSS

4. In the opened CSS box, add this code

.blogger-iframe-colorize { display: block !important; }

5. Now, click on Apply to Blog.

That comes to the end of this article. At this time, you should have your blogger blog comment box fully displays in all your post in both web and mobile view. If you still have any problem regarding this issue, kindly let me now.

If this post have been of help to you, or you have any additional contribution to getting blogger comment box error on mobile view solve, I'll love to hear from you.


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